You’ve probably already realized that colourful engagement rings are all the trend, but did you know that one of the most popular among those are pink diamonds? Not only is pink quintessentially feminine, it is also regarded as the universal shade of romance – pretty fitting for a bride-to-be, don’t you think? Fortunately, there are tons of ways to incorporate pink diamonds into your most special piece of jewellery – the engagement ring. From light pink morganite to champagne undertones, and even the blush-hued diamond, the choices are pretty endless.

More About Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds have been regarded as one of the most sought after gemstones for a long time now. These beautiful stones are also one of the rarest of all the gemstones, not to mention one of the most expensive, too.

Pink diamonds are very rare which makes them more costly that other coloured diamonds. They are far rarer than white diamonds and only a small number of pink diamonds are mined every year. That’s why natural pink diamonds are a little more expensive than their white diamond counterparts.

The scarcity and rarity of pink diamonds as well as their higher price renders them out of reach to some jewellery lovers. However, there are jewellers that offer them at a reasonable price. Be sure to check out the amazing range of pink diamond engagement rings by Diamond Jewellery Studio. You may just find the perfect engagement ring for your beloved.

Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

Since pink diamonds are such a rare beauty, they make for a somewhat extravagant choice for some of the world’ most famous celebrities for their engagement rings. Pink diamond engagement rings often carry a higher price tag that appeals more to the rich and famous.

It can be hard to find a pink diamond engagement ring for under $10,000, and are often not available at run-of-the-mill jewellery stores.

However, there is now the option of pink diamonds which are far more affordable for ladies who have their hearts set on a pink diamond engagement ring. You may consult jewellers about this. As previously mentioned, one of the trustworthy jewellers that offers pink diamond engagement ring is Diamond Jewellery Studio. Contact them if you’re interested to view their collection.

What About Pink Diamond Wedding Rings?

While pink diamonds in smaller sizes are still rare, they tend to be more readily available than larger diamonds in pink shades. If you really have your heart set on a pink diamond ring, a wonderful option is a pink diamond wedding ring instead of a lavish and out-of-reach engagement ring. In fact, pink diamond wedding rings with a combination of white and pink diamonds or just all pink diamonds is another amazing way to enjoy the beauty of these rare stones.

If you have the budget, it is well-worth splashing out on a sensational pink diamond engagement ring for the lady in your life. There are some affordable options in store that you can also check out. Make your beloved feel special with a pink engagement ring. It will surely be worth it!

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