Many of your pals probably talk to you about the joy their mutts bring to their humble abode. You might hear about their silly antics, their hilarious capers and be shown untold numbers of photos of their pooches in the most ridiculous positions every time you catch up for a coffee. Lately, you’ve been thinking that you quite fancy getting in on the action. Although you know you want a hound of sorts, you have no idea what kind and you don’t know where to start when it comes to puppy training or obedience classes. Don’t worry – that will come in time. The love and affection you will end up giving to your new four-legged friend will be repaid to you and then some. Take a look at these reasons why you should no longer put off getting a dog.


Dogs Are Good For Your Health
If you’re a bit of a couch potato, then welcoming a dog into your home could result in you becoming much more active. You will be spending your days initially chasing after a puppy with never-ending energy before taking your pooch on long leisurely walks across open fields and through beautiful countryside. While you will be walking more than ever, the fresh air and scenery will also help you to de-stress, alleviate any depression and take a break from the pressures of modern life. Some studies even suggest that owning a dog can be beneficial in lowering your blood pressure, cholesterol and your chances of developing heart problems.

Dogs Give You A New Love
Our beloved pets give us renewed purpose and a focus in life. Dogs are no different. If you’ve come in from a particularly manic and stressful day at work to be greeted by a creature ridiculously excited to see you, jumping up at your lap and licking your face, you won’t fail to smile. The stresses of your day will melt away, and you can relax with your canine pal.

Jay with Gio

Having a pet to focus your attention means that you will do your utmost to ensure they are well cared for and remain healthy. You’ll feed them the most appropriate diet and take care of their health needs. You will ensure that they have a strict monthly anti-flea regimen and encourage them to take their chewable Heartgard tablet to keep them free from worms. Soon, you’ll be caring for your mutt like you would for your firstborn.

Dogs Are Sociable
Most dogs love getting to know the other hounds in the neighbourhood. Because they are such social butterflies, you will find that your social calendar fills up more regularly than ever before. You will meet plenty of like-minded dog walkers on leisurely strolls with your canine buddy. It’s up to you to get talking, arrange some doggy play dates and enjoy spending time with your new circle of dog loving friends.

If you’re thinking of getting a new pet, you should seriously consider the humble hound. A dog will bring you untold levels of unexpected joy and will be your faithful friend through thick and thin.

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