I call this a modified mandarin jacket because of the collar since it’s not standing up.






















I have worn the jacket open and closed in these photos. I have worn my hair up, down and curly. By the way that’s Gio below, he loves all the attention.

Jacket with my hair in a curly do

JT in modified mandarin collar

Love this jacket and how it looks and is so versatile. I love the hand detailed self fabric buttons; amazing.  I bought this good find at an outlet store and it has paid off many times because it was so reasonably priced. I don’t remember the exact price but I know it was under $12.00.

The mandarin design has been around for decades and it’s interesting to see how designers make variations in the style. This jacket has great detail and the collar is folded over instead of standing up. I like the collar with the mandarin style it gives the jacket a chic look.

My favorite Guess bag (my only Guess bag)

So far I have only worn the jacket with black pants but I am going to try one of the contrasting colors in the embroidery and see how that looks in the near future.
I get a lot of compliments on it and it makes me feel good because I paid very little for it.

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