Smiling is one of life’s pleasures. If you’re feeling down, a smile can lift your mood. If you’re already happy, it can elevate you. Not to mention that it shows people your shining personality! We all warm more to someone when they’re smiling. Of course, some people don’t have smiley dispositions, and that’s fine. If you want to smile, but don’t, there may be an underlying problem. That’s right – we’re talking teeth! We all want to feel great about our appearance. But, many factors can stop us achieving that goal. Insecurity about our teeth is one of them. So, how can you overcome the fear and start smiling again?

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When there’s something we don’t like about our bodies, we can spend a lot of time avoiding it. But, if you don’t recognize what is you don’t like about your teeth, you won’t know how to fix them. When you’re home alone,stand in front of a mirror and give yourself a grin. Look carefully at your teeth. This may seem strange if you’ve never done it, but it’s important. Acknowledge your initial reaction. How do you feel about what you see? What is it that most puts you off about your teeth? Doing this also has the benefit of getting you used to seeing your teeth. With a bit of luck, you’ll realize they aren’t so bad after all. If you still can’t stand the sight of them, it’s time to take action.


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Dental work isn’t cheap. Even simple work can set you back a fair bit. That’s why it’s important you don’t jump into anything. Yes, you need to book an appointment with your dentist. But, don’t follow what they suggest straight out. Listen to what they have to say, then talk about payment plans. It’s also worth looking into individual dental plans. These could make a huge difference. If none of this appeals, you could discuss pacing the work. Bear in mind, though, that it could be a while before you have a winning smile that way.

Whether you have work done straight away or not, it’s time to lose the shame you feel about your gnashers. If you’re having work incrementally, practice smiling anyway. You can rest easy that your teeth will be the way you want them soon. But, there’s no time like the present for perfecting your smile. Even if you’ve had all necessary work, you may find it hard to smile! Practice smiling in the mirror. Grow used to your teeth. Acknowledge, too, that no one will be as hard on your teeth as you!

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All that work will go to waste if you don’t stay on top of your dental hygiene. Get yourself a high-quality toothbrush, and make sure you brush at least twice a day. Invest, too, in flossing equipment. Food caught between teeth often causes problems! Keeping on top of things will avoid staining and further problems!

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