May is my birthday month and it has been awesome. One day is not enough for me to celebrate so I have decided to make it a month-long celebration. Part of the this year’s celebration included a day at the Shaw Nature Reserve, about an hour from our house.  We walked four miles through wildflower gardens, prairie lands and wetlands. We had a blast on such a beautiful day. I wanted to share some photographs of the adventure. Even though I am a ‘girly-girl’, I do like to be ‘one-with-nature.’

JT and hubby

We saw a family of turtles as we started on the trail through the wildflower garden.


The Butterflies are so pretty.

Butterfly on coneflowers

Getting a picture outside the Bascom House.

Bascom House


The coneflower meadow was so lovely that we had to take a picture of it.

Coneflower meadow

Walking with my hubby makes me feel so thankful and joyful. When I look at God’s creation I know that I am so blessed to see such beauty.


So green, just beautiful.

On our way back to the Jeep we saw a turtle in the water.


And some beautiful white flowers and, oh my, a bumble bee.

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend and remember it is not about the barbecues, the parties and picnics. It is about the soldiers who gave their life, fighting keep our country free so we can have the barbecues, picnics and parties. Take a moment to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for you and your country.

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