If you feel like you see a new emerging wrinkle every time you look in the mirror, it can become disheartening. You might feel like you are aging quickly and you are looking older than your years. Don’t worry, there are ways in which you can slow down the aging process. This doesn’t mean calling up the local plastic surgeon and going under the knife for all sorts of weird and wonderful cosmetic procedures. There is absolutely no need to take such a drastic step. Aging is part of life. However, this doesn’t make the visual effects any easier to cope with. Instead of worrying about the aging process, it’s important that you enjoy life and grasp every opportunity that comes your way.

While you may feel every new wrinkle is a crushing blow to your self-confidence, don’t wallow in the pit of self-pity. It’s time to do something about it. Take a look at these simple ways in which you can retain a youthful glow.

Although it goes without saying, the key to every aspect of our health is our diet. With an unbalanced diet full of refined sugars, saturated fats and white carbs, we can look bloated, washed out and unhealthy. To achieve a healthier complexion, you need to be eating a more nutritionally balanced diet every day. Up your greens and oily fish portions to ensure your body is full of the iron, omega 3 and antioxidants it requires to retain a youthful glow.

Retain A Youthful Glow In 4 Easy Steps

You need to try and eat the rainbow every day. This doesn’t mean eating a bag of skittles every twenty-four hours. Instead, you should have an array of colorful fruits and vegetables every day to ensure you are giving your body its much-needed nutrients. Red peppers, beetroot, blueberries and bananas each contain vital vitamins and minerals to not only enhance your healthy complexion but also to boost your immune system. You could even add grapes to your daily routine, either with breakfast or as a snack. They contain sorbitol, a natural moisturizer that could stop your skin from becoming dry and flaky.

While you might not feel the urge to head to the gym when you see the crows feet around your eyes becoming ever more embedded, it’s vital that you try to stay active. By being on your feet, heading for daily brisk walks and taking part in fun activities such as dancing or aerobics, you can keep the pounds off. As you get older, it can become more difficult to shift any excess weight. Coupled with the odd niggle and pain that may accompany getting older, you need to ensure that you remain as active as possible.

Exercising is a great way of releasing the happy hormone and endorphins into your bloodstream. These are natural confidence boosters. While the wrinkles may not disappear, you may find yourself feeling less bothered by them and more confident in your own skin as you exercise more. Your cardiovascular fitness will increase, you’ll look leaner and fitter, and you will sleep better, leading to fewer bags under the eyes and a brighter complexion.

If dancing isn’t your thing and the gym leaves you in a cold sweat, why not think back to when you were at school and university. What sports did you love taking part in? If you enjoyed netball why not look for a local club? Ladies soccer is becoming more and more popular as thirty-somethings form five a side teams across the nation. You don’t even have to think of playing in a team sport as exercise, but more of a pastime, hobby and having fun. It’s a great way to meet some new like-minded people, make new friends and expand your social circle. This can help boost your confidence and self-esteem and you will begin feeling better about yourself.

Just because you can feel your chin sagging or your laughter lines developing, doesn’t mean you have to surrender to a fuddy-duddy wardrobe to match your mood. Head to the salon and explore a range of hair color ideas to cover your grays. While some women don’t mind seeing the odd sprouting gray hair, others allow it to knock their confidence. If you feel like you’d like to rid yourself of the grays, why not use it as an opportunity to try out a whole new look. If you’ve been a lifelong brunette, why not go blonde or have some fun as a redhead. You might want to change the style that you’ve had for the past decade. While you might be sad to say goodbye to your luscious locks, a whole new hairstyle could reinvigorate your confidence. Think about a mid-length bob, a pixie cut or some bangs.

When it comes to your wardrobe, you may have to forego the skimpier outfits, the shorter skirts and you may have to be a little more modest in your clothing choices, but you can still look stylish and show off your fashion credentials. Dress sharp, go for the figure-hugging attire and be proud of your body. A trouser suit with a pair of kitten heels looks formal yet fashionable. A pair of skinny jeans with a simple black or white top is a classic combination and can be worn at any age. Wear what you feel comfortable in, but don’t go for the baggy nondescript garments that swallow you up. You need to project your personality and express yourself through your wardrobe.

Lotions And Potions
While there are many miracle wonders on the market claiming to reverse the aging process and return your face to the way it looked twenty years ago, these are fallacies. They use jargon and nonsense words to try and bamboozle you with pseudoscience. Instead, select a high-quality moisturizer, cleanser, exfoliator and toner. Each of these essential bits of kit will allow your skin to remain well hydrated, free from dirt, at a good pH balance and cleansed. Find the creams that are right for your skin type. This may not be the most expensive product on the market; simply go with what makes your skin feel most revitalized.

The hands are the part of our bodies that really show our age. You may find liver spots, wrinkles and protruding veins becoming more apparent on your hands. Invest in a good hand cream with added sunscreen to keep them moisturized and protect them from the sun’s rays that can add years to the appearance of your hands.

Getting older is part of life. It’s inevitable. What can be most shocking is the evidence of this on our faces and bodies. While you may have been confident a decade ago, the wrinkles, sagginess and general appearance of you growing older may have knocked your confidence. You need to learn to embrace your age, celebrate the signs of the aging process and accentuate the parts of your appearance that you are happy with. Get a new haircut, purchase some new garments for your wardrobe and enjoy cooking up some new healthy and nutritious culinary creations. Once you have implemented these ways of retaining a youthful glow, you’ll find that your confidence will be boosted and you’ll feel more positive about your age. Remember, age is merely a number; what’s more important is how old you feel.

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