Once you get a dog you’ll quickly realise that they’ll become everything to you. They’ll look to you as a source of protection and happiness, as will you look to them. You’ll form a bond so quickly that is like no other. So you want to make sure you’re protecting them no matter what. They’ll quickly become like another child to you, except it’s a little harder to protect them. There’s things that will happen to them that will seem out of your control, and they can’t always tell you when they’re ill. But there’s a few things you can do to try and make sure they’re as healthy as possible. Here’s a few of tips for you.

Fleas are just a nightmare for the both of you. Imagine the itchiness of head lice on a human, that is how dogs would feel but on a bigger scale. Not only is it really unpleasant for them, your home will quickly become infected with them if your dog does. It isn’t hard to treat, all you need to do is get some flea treatment and use it two or three times a year to keep them protected. Be careful though, make sure you’re using a brand that has little to no side effects. Some have nasty ones that can be quiet worrying, just read more here to find out. Fleas are usually spread from other dogs, or just on walks from other animals like flies. It is easy to catch them, and easy to spread them. So early prevention is key if you don’t want an infestation on your hand. If you do notice your dog having fleas treat it right away to take out the discomfort. You’ll also need to use a flea treatment on your house as they can be irritable to human skin as well.

Diet & Fitness
Their diet and fitness is just as important as our diet and fitness would be. They need just as much of it as us. In fact, they need a lot more in terms of fitness. What diet they have is ever so important as well. Whether you feel like a good owner or not, a diet full of human food just isn’t any good for them. They’re a lot more sensitive to foods than are. You’ll often find them having a bad belly off of things they’ve ate on the floor on a walk, let alone the food we give them. There’s the obvious things that you can’t give them, such as chocolate. Chocolate really is poisonous to dogs, even the tiniest bit can have them in the vets for days and feeling extremely ill. As for fitness, you want to make sure you’re taking them for regular walks, but don’t overdo it. Whilst dogs are extremely active, they do also need their time to rest. Overworking their joints could lead to problems you don’t want early on.

So there we go, easy ways in which you can protect your pooch in the main areas that might affect them. Love and care for them with all your heart, and they will give it back in abundance.

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