Hi Beautiful People,

This winter season has been all over the place and mostly mild. I am still believing we will get snow even though it’s going to be in the 60s and 70s the rest of the week until last Thursday.

I decided to wear my military style jacket because it is unique and has personality all its own.  The military style jacket is not a trend but a classic.  I finally was able to find a white ruffled blouse to give my style a feminine feel. I wore my Anne Klein black and white striped pants; but any color of pants would be fabulous. This look is totally kicking back at a London concert listen to my Wham records or getting in front of a microphone singing Little Red Corvette. My hat came from a Chinese Beauty supply store and cost almost nothing; but I get so many compliments on it.

Military style jacket — not a trend a complete classic

I purchased this military jacket about five years ago and it still looks as good the day it came in the mail. The pink Dooney and Bourke bag added color and the was a great deal.

My cross and necklace were gifts.

Fashion is about being unique and having your own style. Your beauty and confidence cannot be put in a box of trends and items that you have to purchase because a celebrity wore it first. Dare to not compare yourself with anyone.  You are in your own league, so run your race.

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