Hello Beautiful People,

With slightly not as hot temperatures; but thick humidity, I have been going solely natural fibers because they are breathable and don’t stick to my body. When I say natural fibers I mean, cotton, rayon, and linen blends. When going through my closet, I realized that a lot of my summer dresses are polyester. I am not going to get rid of them. I  will not wear them right now. Even though Missouri is not a southern state, it feels like it. Maybe it feels even warmer because we had a warm winter. Well when I think about 100 degrees is 100 degrees no matter the way you slice it.

Dooney and Bourke Croco Leather Satchel

Dooney and Bourke Croco Leather Satchel

I styled myself casual and cool for church.  It’s really warm outside but can be chilly in church so I have on long sleeves. My blouse is by Joan Rivers and my pants are from the brand Margaritaville that was on HSN exclusively a couple of years ago. My sandals are from Earth Origins that were purchased from DSW. My glasses were received at a discount from OTTICA.com, and my wing necklace was purchased at JTV.com.

Summer Style


The picture of the flower in the upper left corner of the collage is a Crepe Myrtle that is in our backyard and  bursting with colorful flowers. Bees are getting drunk on the nectar.
The crepe myrtle and the Hibiscus flower were the inspiration for the pants.
I have been hearing that it’s chic to wear neutral colors. That’s fine if that’s what you want to wear. However, I have never been like everybody else, even when I tried to fit in I stuck out of the crowd. I realized that it’s okay being different, peculiar, and not average.

Who wants to be average?

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