You’ve finally decided it’s time to pop the question and you want to find the perfect ring to surprise her with. The pressure mounts as you begin to wonder what she’ll like. Then it hits you, you’re actually not so sure and certain of her taste in this realm.

When it comes to something that carries so much value and price, you don’t want to be feeling around in the dark. Therefore, we are going to suggest some top ways you can find out exactly what she likes so your engagement ring choice will tick all the right boxes.

When you start looking, you will want to search around online and in shops to get a good idea of what’s out there. If you’re struggling on where to start, there are some wonderful custom engagement rings in Sydney with stunning unique designs.

How to get her the engagement ring she likes:

  1. Give her something she wants

It’s all find and dandy knowing exactly how you are going to propose, the location and exactly how you’re going to do it. If the ring doesn’t tick her boxes, the proposal may go downhill. To start getting a good idea of what you like, it’s a good idea to look into her current jewellery collection. This way you will start seeing common design styles she likes, her favourite coloured stones and so on. Ask yourself as you look through whether her style is more traditional, antique, contemporary or quirky? Maybe she loves her yellow gold or silver.

  1. Question how she reacts to other engagement rings

It’s now or never. One of her friends gets engaged and she makes a comment on the ring. You need to start listening out for key things she likes and dislikes about engagement rings to build a bigger picture of what she will love.

  1. Ask close friends and relatives

Asking the people close to her about her personal jewellery taste will be a good thing to do. It’s important however that you completely trust them to keep your secret. This way you will have a good and accurate picture of her preferences.

  1. Find out her size

You’ll also want to get the correct size on the first hit. It’s best if you steal a ring of hers so you can take it to a sizer to get it accurately measured. This way you’ll get her something that is the perfect fit.

  1. Is she really into any eras?

Maybe she is a big antique jewellery fan and loves wearing or viewing items from historical eras such as Georgian or Victorian times. This might also dictate the style of ring you end up going for.

From the stone’s shape to the final setting, you’ll need to consider and cover all areas before finalising anything. Doing your research beforehand and being a detective can really pay off so you get her an engagement ring she loves.

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