Fashion intricate the use of complex ideas which blends color and artistic design themes to highlight an idea or inspiration, Fashion inspirations or influence come from different sources, may it be from movies, clubs, sports, different cultures, nature or even from the four seasons. It all comes to the designer from which he or she can draw inspiration from. A designer can make the best use of his or her creativity to translate and adopt such inspirations and give it an artistry to fit into the mainstream of making fashion apparel clothing dresses for women.


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The Fashion Inspirations
A varsity jacket for example can have the patch knit work with their specific team or college colors for the representation or the clubs or affiliations can choose their own colors or symbols to identify themselves based on certain qualities or attributes, such representations or the blend of colors have been interpreted and reinterpreted to showcase a unique style.

Denim jeans for example have been reinvented over the years to portray free spirit or willingness, thus it is now a popular fashion trend for the teenagers and have been modified with metal studs, rhinestones, torn up patterns and hand markings. The idea for certain fashion styles become eternal with the representation of an idea or a unique attribute.


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The idea of wearing a black leather jacket can personify dominance, red fit ‘n flare dresses can outline passion and sex appeal and bright colored tunic tops can showcase wittiness and chic personality. Even seasons help to compartmentalize fashion as designers focus on the elements of design with natural aesthetics, color patterns and print textures that translate fashion. Colorful floral embroidery designs by designer Nara Paz have been hugely adapted by fashion icons.

The Four Seasons
Each season can indicate a reference point to draw inspiration from and have an impact on the people, for example, summer is a season of bright colors and brings the thought of an idea for rain or gardens. Winter mostly showcase light dull colors in apparel wears, mostly white, light blue or pink and brings frosty images of snow and ice. Fall season articulate reflections of spring and spring on the other hand brings liveliness of print design patterns from the inspiration of different flowers which blossom during the entire season.


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These fashion timelines balances fashion choices for people and designers because each season that you experience, flows right for your fashion choices. Designers nowadays look for the real creativity and inspiration which does not necessarily change over time, the real creativity is how, when, where applied which is a creative act in itself.

Guest Post Written By Henry Kingston

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