Once if planned and executed properly, going for a jungle safari is one of the most exhilarating experience one can have in life. Unlike the planned touring trips, you are not able to predict what you are going to experience next inside the deep jungle, which is the most exciting part of it.
However, in order to enjoy this experience of the true nature to its peak, travelers need to be extremely cautious and sensitive to the surroundings and also should practice a high level of patience and self-discipline.

Wildlife in India

India in an amazing country when it comes to opportunities for exploring the wild. Huge diversity of wildlife, variations in climate, and the complex topography of the sub-continent make India an ideal destination for wildlife enthusiasts from across the globe.
There are 10 primary bio-geographical zones in India, which is further divided into 23 biotic provinces. Not all of these destinations are open for public, but there are many interesting jungle safari options at various parts of India.
There are more than 400 species of mammals and about 1300 bird species of birds found in India. This is the only country where Asiatic Lions are seen and it is also home to about 65% of total global population of tigers. India is also home to 5 distinct species of wild cattle, 11 wild goats, and 15 other primates.

Jungle safari in India

A jungle safari is considered as a sojourn to the amazing wild life and there are many packages offered by different wild life sanctuaries in India for this.

Jeep Safari
Majority of the packages like Tadoba Resort jungle safari offer customized jeep rides through the jungle tracks inside the park. The major advantage of jeep rides is that one can cover a large area in shortest possible time, which maximizes the chances of confronting with wildlife.

Elephant Safari
This is another best option to consider which ensures a much closer and personal experience with nature, but limited to certain habitats only. The advantage of traveling on elephants is that that the other wildlife accepts elephants as animals itself and come closer. There is also no noise or air pollution in case of elephant safaris as like a jeep safari.

Trekking at wild is highly discouraged to public and it is rightly so. An average tourist will not be able to survive wild trekking. However, there are specific trekking packages for wildlife experts who got special training to escape danger as to climbing trees, self defense, hiding techniques etc.

Water based safaris
These are offered at certain parks with large water bodies inside the jungle region. This can be quite an enjoyable experience if booked at the right time of the year. It is also the most relaxing and comfortable way of doing a safari. For bird watchers and animal scientists, this is one of the best ways to get closer to certain habitats.

One must be well prepared to enjoy maximum excitement and thrill of a safari. A pair of good binoculars and a professional camera are essentials to carry. A good field guide is also a must, and one should also follow the instructions given by the trip administrators strictly to have an enjoyable and safe jungle safari.

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