Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and that you are enjoying the weekend. I am so thankful to God for my husband in my life who is my best friend, and my doggies always make me smile. We prepared the food Wednesday night, but waited until Thursday to eat. While preparing the food, the doggies constantly walked  around because of the aromas filled the house. Along with the traditional turkey, we had cooked cabbage, mac and cheese, a Smithfield ham and dressing. We finished it off with apple pie and vanilla ice cream.

We could not go out of town to see family because my hubby had to work today. We still are having a great holiday time. He has not had to work a Thanksgiving Friday in years; but this came up and that’s okay because we have to be thankful for our careers. Even though he worked Friday he’s off Saturday so we get the weekend. Hurrah!

I am not a person who gets up at midnight to catch the black Friday sales. I like relaxing, being at home and seeing what deals may be online. I have not ordered anything so doing pretty good so far. I want to be very sure that what I am buying is a good purchase and not an impulse buy.

JT and Vinny

Would you believe, I won hauteprettypink’s giveaway of Buffalo David Bitton Felow Skinny Jeans on Thanksgiving Day! WOW, this is so cool!

So happy and can’t wait to get the jeans and style an outfit.


Outfit Review

The outfit that I am wearing in the picture is a suede and leather mauve burgundy jacket with studs by Louis del Olio that I adore wearing and it is very comfortable. The silk blouse is a Scholarshop thrift find.

 Pants are from a former HSN.com designer, Terry Lewis. They are really one of my favorite pairs of pants. I purchased the Anne Klein shoes at DSW. They make me want to click my heels and say “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home Aunty Em.” (You know the Wizard of Oz! Doesn’t the color look identical to Dorothy’s ruby red slippers?)  My Italian Lire bracelet was a gift from my hubby, love it.

My Gio see if he can see some squirrels in the dark.

Gio looking out the window

JT in her Living Room

Thank you, Elegant Readers, for your support and subscribing to my blog. My blog is a statement of what I have had a passion for ever since I was a child.

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