The new year is when many people make resolutions and try to make goals stick throughout 2012.


For many people, one big resolution is losing weight. I don’t make resolutions because to me it’s a set up for failure. Everyone does not need to know my goals unless they are key people who have my best interest at heart.  “Everyone you tell your dreams to may not necessarily be your cheerleader so you have to be careful,” my mother would tell me.  My mother was a wise woman and she often had great quotes that I stand by today.

I constantly see, in magazines and online, images of women who are sizes zero, double zero, 2 and omg a size 4, which is starting to get a little too big in her britches.   Are these realistic expectations of what we as women should look like?  Of course not.  I have often heard phrases like, “They get paid for how they look, so they have to be that small because the camera adds at least 10 pounds.” Or, “she’s rich so she can afford to hire people to keep her thin.”  These phrases are all myths because if you want to, you can be in movies and be whatever size you are. If you exude confidence and strength, I believe that you can make it. If you want to be a dancer like Ginger Rogers being twirled around by Fred Astaire, than by all means, do it no matter what size you are.

We can easily get caught up in what the so called “they say”; whether it is the media or whoever. However, do not play that game because God made one you and you are special.  Never forget that or be side tracked.

Kate Winslet is the face of St. John Knitwear. She recently did a promotional video that talked about how you do not have to be a size 2. I think that her message is wonderful.  We all were not built to be a size 2.  If you are a size 2, that is awesome. However, if you are not a size 2, you are awesome too. My point is that we are all awesome, no matter what size we are.  That has to be factored into are minds. Please watch the Kate Winslet for St. John behind-the-scenes video and the full video below. I hope more advertisement can come out like this, to push the envelope.

The finished advertisement for St. John. The line looks so fresh and elegant.

I was reading an article from the Examiner, titled, “Kate Winslet Doesn’t Realize She’s Thinner Than The Average Woman.”  Tracey Parece, the author took the article in a direction of saying that “Ms. Winslet is not the average size of the American woman even though she’s not American.”

The average size of the American woman is a 14. I do not know Ms. Winslet’s actual size; but I know that she is a good representative for women all over the world. You do not have to be a 14 or above to have curves. Curviness comes in all sizes, from a size 00 and up.  The key is how comfortable are you with your curves no matter your size. A while back, a friend and I were at Macy’s. My friend was looking for a pair of black jeans in a size 4. But she was having issues finding the right jeans because she said they didn’t fit right in the hips. And you can buy plus size clothing from Curvissa online.

Are you comfortable with your curves?

Being Healthy

It is so great to be walking in good health and feeling good at the same time. If we don’t have our health, we don’t have anything.

I wrote a post in May 2011 entitled, “Are you Youthful at Any Age.”  I focused on feeling young at any age. It may be a cliche; but age and size are only a number. Instead of focusing on the number, I focus on making sure I eat in moderation, get annual checkups, and exercise four to five times a week. My goals are being in the best shape mentally, physically and being the best me that I can be.  We all have different bone structures and body mass. That is what makes us unique. We could be the same size and wearing the same outfit; but look completely different because we do not have the shape.

If we all were the same size, it would not be any fun because we would all be carbon copies of each other. We have to give ourselves a big hug and look in the mirror and say I am beautiful and I look great, God loves me. We have to work at having self-confidence and being our best because no one can do it for us.


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