Hi Beautiful People,

The place where I work implemented a new branding with a new logo. I have polo shirts with the old logo that I need to recycle. I was inspired to make three headbands. Today, we had a contest to see who could come up with the most creative way to recycle the old logo shirts.
Below is my hubby and I about three years ago, wearing the polo shirts. We worked on the 4th of July and was celebrating the holiday when we came home.

JT and hubby in Polo shirt

I searched Youtube to find a simple and easy to follow DIY plan for making the headbags. This is the one that I found that I wanted to try.

I used a rotary cutter to cut the shirt into six 1 to 1/12 inch strips on my mat. The cutter worked pretty well but you can also use scissors. The polo shirts has a little more fraying so the rotary strip was easier to maneuver over the fabric. The polo material stretches and creates a tube after it is cut.  The video is easy to follow and after I went over the steps a couple of times to make sure I was following the process. I finished the back of the headband with a glue gun and I sewed the seams by hand.


And this is the finished product. A colleague liked the design, so I gave one of them to her.


Well I didn’t incorporate the logo into my design because I don’t think it would look right and it wouldn’t be as versatile, so I didn’t win the contest. Oh well! However, I feel like I did win because these headbands are well made and they can be worn in a lot of different ways. If you like wearing headbands while working out or you want to keep your hair off of your face, give these a try because they super easy and fun.





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