JT in Newport News Dress

Confidence comes from within and projects outwardly in a very positive way. Clothing and accessories can also make us feel good too. I wear this dress often by itself or with a jacket or vest. I will make it casual with boots or I will add some patent clogs to spice it up a bit. I wore this dress to church service and it’s so breathable.I tried my hair a little different using twist outs and it worked really well. I will definitely including this as one of my hair styles I do on my hair. I do not get chemicals in my hair anymore and I love the extra body and the thickness that my hair has after two years of no relaxers.

Leopard bible cover and Miss Tina caged handbag

I feel very confident when I wear this dress and purse. The color red evokes power and good vibes. The Miss Tina shoulder caged bag designed by Miss Tina Knowles (Beyonce and Solanges mother) when she was designing for HSN. This purse is an attention-grabber. I bought this purse in 2008 and still get questions asked about it often.

Miss Tina Caged bag

Miss Tina Caged purse

I love turquoise jewelry so I had to highlight my necklace.

Turquoise necklace

And also the earthiness of my bracelet and ring.

I am loving bright colors on my skin tone because it makes my face look so much more youthful.

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