I really needed some new glasses. I wear contacts and glasses so I split the time between wearing the two. I went to Lenscrafters and they have such a nice selection of glasses.

Looking for eyeglasses try these tips:
1. Are the glasses flattering to the contour of your face?
2. Are the frames heavy? If the eyeglasses are heavy you will not wear them long so need to venture long on a decision with this one.
3. The price and is it really worth it? Do you have insurance that will cover new frames and lenses?
4. Try on a variety of pairs of glasses and then narrow down your decision.

Drum roll please!
I chose the Chanel eyeglasses because I love the way they frame my face and the frame color matches my hair, go figure. One other great item that sold me on these glasses were the real pearls on each side of the frame.

The pearls epitomize the iconic glow of Chanel. I had to have them.

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