My elegant readers have loved my cameo cuff so much that it has inspired me to do a post about  it. I so enjoying wearing all sorts of jewelry; but cameos are my favorites.  Today, I will talk show some of my fashion cameo pieces, the vintage aura about them always keeps me on the look out for a treasure.

How can you tell if your cameo is a fashion piece or not?

Yes, there is a way to know if your cameo is real or not.

Hold it up to any light and if you can see the light through it’s a real cameo. If you don’t see the light, it is a fashion piece. The cameo cuff bracelet below is one of my favorites, the cameo is real and the cuff is made of base metal and enamel so its a fashion piece.  The cuff is sturdy and wears well, it goes with everything.

The HSN  link to purchase the cameo is below:
Amedeo NYC Cameo cuff bracelet

This picture is the Amedeo NYC Lettera D’Amore 3 piece bangle bracelet set. The bangle bracelets looked so vintage romantic to me.  The small cameos are covered with resin so the bangles are very strong. This is a set that will go with everything, I can wear them together or mix them with my other bracelets.

This line Amedeo NYC by Amedeo Scognamiglio is more fashion forward inspired and on trend.  This cuff is timeless because it’s so modern and different.

The cuff below is from Palm Beach Jewelry.

This fashion cuff that I purchased is from Palm Beach jewelry about a year ago. It may not be on its website, but it’s so pretty. The cameo, fan pearls, faux ruby on the cuff are fashion inspirations.

How do I take care for my fashion cameo bracelets?

If the cameo is real I use a small amount of olive oil or canola or vegetable oil and wipe it gently with a cloth. I use a dry cloth for the cuff or bangle part of the bracelet. If the cameo is not real I take a dry cloth and gently wipe it if I see in dust or lint on it.

Cameos remind me of a romantic era in time, every time I look at my cameo cuff it makes me smile.

Next week I will show you some of my real cameos in silver and gold.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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