There are a few wants in life that seem to be universal. People want to have security, to feel thrived by what they’re doing in life, and to look and feel great. All of these things are worthwhile, and as such, none of them come easier. When it comes to looking great, there’s one factor that seems to crop up again and again: looking older than you actually are. The good news is that even if you’re looking past your years now, it doesn’t mean it’ll be that way forever. Below, we take a look at thirteen factors that might be contributing to the issue, and how you can get around the problem. Here’s to looking younger!

Your Diet is Terrible
We know you probably know that “you are what you eat,” but there’s a reason you keep on hearing it: it’s true! If you’re looking a little bit lacklustre and older than your true age, it might be because you’re wolfing down too many fast food meals, and not eating enough nutritious fruits and vegetables. It takes a real effort to start eating well; if it’s left on autopilot, then you’ll eat whatever’s most convenient and inexpensive. And those two factors will rarely lead to food that’s good for you. Learn to cook a few simple, nutritious meals, and you’ll be looking your age in no time.

Lack of Sleep
There really is something to be said for getting your beauty sleep. You can’t look or feel your best if you’re continually yawning and wishing for a few more hours in bed. If you’re struggling to get your full 7-8 hours of shuteye a night, it’s worth investigating the reasons why. It might be that your pre-sleep routine isn’t conducive to a restful evening. For example, did you know that having too much screen time before you hit hay will lead to a more disturbed night? Make a vow not to spend hours scrolling through Facebook before bedtime. Instead, read, drink a cup of tea (without caffeine, of course), and prepare yourself for a night of relaxation. You’ll feel great in the morning, and won’t be accelerating the ageing process, either.

Taking on Too Much
And it’s not just your bedtime that’ll affect you. It’s also what you’re doing during the daytime. To look our best, we need to have energy, and if we’re always running around, then we’re going to be sapped pretty quickly – especially if we’re staying up late socialising and then getting up early for a full day of work and more. If you’re feeling a little frazzled, make plans to spend some time at the beach, doing nothing but reading and living the good life. You’ll look younger in no time!

Getting Rid of Grime
You can feel like you’re 25 even when you’re 45; it’s all in the attitude. However, attitude won’t cover up the true giveaway of your age: your skin. As such, it’s important that you’re taking steps to ensure your skin always look refreshed and healthy. If you don’t know where to start, take a read of ‘dead skin cells 101: what causes dead skin to build up?’ You’ll learn some important information about all the small actions – or inactions – that prevent your skin from looking its best. With your new skincare routine in place, you’ll be on your way to taking years off your body.

Your Hair Looks Lifeless
Envious of all those youngsters, who seem to have volume and shine in abundance when it comes to their hair? It’s often overlooked in favor of more obvious factors, but a person’s hair is a big indicator of their age – and can even push them beyond their years. Of course, we’re not just talking about thinning of gray hair (though, that will also age you). We’re talking about dull, lifeless hair; the type of hair that, when people see, assume belongs to an older person.

…And Your Hair Doesn’t Suit You
As well as your hair’s glow, it’s also worth keeping an eye on your hairstyle. It might be that just asking for a different style next time you visit the hairdressers could take years off your look. Everyone can think of a hairstyle that would suit a middle-aged woman, but what if you have one of those haircuts and you’re not quite at that age yet? You’ll be making people think that you’re older than you are, all due to a factor that can easily be changed. Take a look at a few hairstyles that’ll make you look younger, and take them with you to your next hair appointment.

Too Much Sunlight
Now, there’s much to be said for spending long days in the sunshine, soaking up all the best that the summer has to offer. However, though we’ll undoubtedly feel relaxed at the end of the day if we’re not taking proper sun precautions, or we’re spending too many days lounging under a baking sun, then you’re going to age much quicker than a person who limited their time outdoors. It’s one of the fastest “ageing” agents that there is, and also one that people often neglect to give due attention.

You’re Not Your Ideal Weight
Most people don’t look their true age, for one reason: they’re not the weight they should be. That doesn’t just apply to people who have more fat than they should, either; it’s true of people who aren’t eating enough. Moving forward, you should check what your BMI should be, and then take the appropriate steps to ensure you fit into your agreed swing. If your body is as it should be, and you’re living a healthy lifestyle, then you’ll be on your way to looking better.

Exercise and Energy
There is a long list of benefits to exercising regularly, and virtually no drawbacks, other than the time and money it can cost! But really, if you don’t to be prematurely aged, then it’s imperative you’re hitting the gym and making your body the best it can be. This just won’t make you look good: it’ll also give you the necessary amounts of energy. Attitude is a big part of looking young, and if you’re up and mobile all the time, then no one will think you’re older than you are.

Mental Health
Much is asked of us in the 21st century, and it’s no surprise that mental health conditions are on the rise. In fact, things are getting so bad that mental health problems are considered an epidemic. If you’re feeling the strain of life, reach out and get help. While there are more important benefits than looking younger, a clear and healthy mind will give you a zest and spirit that will prevent you looking beyond your years. On a more physiological level, some studies have suggested that depression and other mental illnesses can even actually make you age faster.

Dressing Older
What’s in the wardrobe? Is it the latest fashions, or are they the old items that you know and love, the ones that you feel comfortable in? While there’s something to be said for comfort, those old clothes might make you look older. To stay looking young, you need to have one eye on the latest clothing trends. Though it’s important to note: there is such a thing as dressing too young! As a rule, take a look at what people who are slightly (5-10 years) younger than you are wearing, and copy them – with your own style, of course.

Learning to Relax
Being able to relax is one of the most underrated qualities in human beings. It makes life infinitely easier if you’re body and mind is at peace! You’ll also slow down the ageing process, and get rid of those gray hairs and wrinkles. Of course, “trying to relax” isn’t really advice, because you can’t try to relax: you can just do the things that help you to be ease. If you don’t yet have one of those things, try your hand at the staples: meditation, reading, yoga, long bubble baths, and so on. Once you’re at peace, you won’t care so much about what you look like: but for what it’s worth, you’re likely to have taken a few years off your appearance!

Blame the Parents
Alas, it can’t all be good news. Some things you can change, and some things you can’t. An example of the latter is the genes you inherited from your parents. If they passed on those genes that made you age more quickly, then you’ll be fighting a losing battle. That’s not to say that the advice we’ve offered above won’t help: it will. By taking a proactive approach, you’ll be on your way to undoing that pesky work done to you by your folks!

Final Thoughts
Your appearance isn’t everything; there are much more important things to keep in mind. However, everyone wants to look young and full of life. With the advice above, you’ll be staying looking your fresh best for as long as possible.



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