Breakouts. Nobody likes them, but unless you’re one of the lucky few who seem to have been blessed with perfect genes, they’re a part of life or are they? Although there is no 100 percent guaranteed way to ensure that you never get a breakout again, it’s fair to say that health and diet play a huge part in skin health and getting them under control could see you wave bye-bye to breakouts once and for all!

Sound good? Here are some simple things you can do to (hopefully) banish breakouts from your life:

Cleanse Gently
We all know that cleansing is a vital part of maintaining healthy, clear skin, but it’s important that you implement a gentle cleansing routine if you want to avoid breakouts. In fact, if you can, cleanse with natural ingredients like honey, water, and coconut oil to avoid damaging your skin. You should also aim to cleanse no more than twice a day because doing so any more than that could cause your skin to produce too much oil resulting in pimples.

Tone with Vinegar
Toning with apple cider vinegar every morning and just before bed will help your skin to maintain its natural pH levels, which means that it will be much healthier and less likely to suffer from breakouts. This works because apple cider vinegar is filled with potassium, magnesium and a number of other ingredients which fight bacteria on the skin.

Take L-Lysine
If you want to avoid breakouts, promote healthy glowing skin and stop cold sores from forming (if you’re susceptible to them) using l-lysine daily, in supplement form will really help you out. Studies have shown that the supplement is fantastic for curing and reducing the recurrence of cold sores rapidly and great at fighting acne. Some studies even suggest taking it regularly could reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, although more research needs to be done in that area.

Eat Healthy

As I mentioned earlier, healthy skin, at least in part, comes down to our diet. So, if you want to banish breakouts for good, you may need to clean up your diet. If you’re eating a lot of fatty junk foods and sugary snacks, these will be causing your insulin levels to spike, which really isn’t good for your skin. By cutting down on these foods and upping your intake of fresh fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens, you should notice your skin becoming brighter and clearer in a matter of weeks. Keep eating healthy, and it will stay that way.

Hydrate with Healing Face Masks
Hydration is very important to the skin, so as well as drinking plenty of water each day, you should ideally apply a healing face mask at least twice a week. If you can, making your own from natural ingredients like yogurt, avocados, and honey will get you the best results, but buying a store bought mask is better than not applying a mask at all.

Gentle Exfoliation
If you want to avoid blackheads and zits, then getting rid of your dead skin is a must. Exfoliating regularly will clear out your pores and expose your fresh, radiant skin, but you need to do it gently and not too often if you don’t want to damage your skin. Making your own exfoliator with brown sugar and coconut oil is a good way to minimize the impact of exfoliating, while maximizing its benefits. Unless you have very bad skin, exfoliating 2-3 times a week should be more than enough.

Treat with Tea Tree Oil
If, despite your best efforts, a spot does appear on your otherwise perfect skin, treating it with a few drops of tea tree oil mixed with a teaspoon of coconut or jojoba oil should see an instant improvement and get rid of the problem as quickly as possible.

Banish Bacteria with Basil

Basil Oil — Image source

Both sweet and holy basil essential oils have been found to be effective at fighting acne that is caused by bacteria on the skin. In fact, it is better than most of the products you’ll find in the store. So, taking herbal basil tea daily, and perhaps even adding a few drops of the oil to your moisturizer (and you should moisturize twice daily for best results), might be enough to help you wave goodbye to your acne once and for all.

I hope some of these breakouts banishing tips work for you. Do let me know how effective they were if you try any of them for yourself.

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