Greetings Wonderful People,

I hope you are having an awesome day.
I wanted to give you a quick update on the 23 and Me DNA test that my wife and I completed back in early December. The test analyzes the DNA in your saliva to determine your ethnic composition; meaning where in world your ancestor come from. To learn more about the reasons why we took the test, click here!

Typically the test is completed in six to eight weeks. Well, we are still waiting on my test results. Tamaki’s results came back in mid-January, without any problems. However, my test is taking a little bit longer.
Apparently, the first attempt to extract sufficient quantities of DNA from my sample was not successful and that my sample had to be reprocessed. So, now they are reading my DNA with a genotyping chip. During this analysis step, they make copies of my DNA so that they have enough to analyze. Then they place my DNA on their genotyping chip and use a computer to read my genotype at each location that they test.

What this means is that I did not give them enough of a sample of saliva to extract the DNA. They told me that it will be another couple of weeks before they complete my test and the results are sent to me. So, we are waiting, patiently, to find out what my test reveals about my ancestors. We wanted to wait and share the results of both tests at the same time.

We will be back in a couple of weeks (or sooner) with the results.
Until then, Take Care! And enjoy the journey!

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