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I receive many questions about what I do to keep my hair moisturized and conditioned. For the last several years, I have given my hair a steam treatment before I get into the shower to cleanse it. You may think this is an extra step that does not seem necessary; but for my hair success this process has helped me so much in detangling and the overall strength of my hair has changed.

Steaming: An essential part of my hair regime.

In the early days of my hair journey, I watched many Youtube videos that talked about the steaming process. Many of the Youtubers recommended this step, so I decided to try it. One of the first Youtube videos I watched on steaming was from Hey Fran Hey. She has not published a video in a while; but you can still watch her videos.

It took some time for me to master finger detangling, but eventually I figured it out it. I also use the Denman brush in the shower. After watching Fran’s video I took some of the tips she gave and started the prep before the steaming process. After trial and error I found a process that works best for me.

To prep my hair for the steamer, I use my favorite Wen oils, like Pomegranate and Lavender oils. You do not have to use the Wen oils. You can also use 3 or 4 drops of your own Lavender oil or peppermint oil mixed with a good carrier oil such as olive oil, jojoba oil or ovocado oil.
If you are pregnant or nursing please check with your doctor before attempting to deep condition with oils. Also, if you are allergic to essential oils or cannot use them, you can use your favorite deep conditioner. I have used the Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Sauve Conditioner. I have found that if I deep condition before I cleanse, it has helped my hair to be more moisturized and I have less shedding.

First Step:
I divide my hair in four sections. I go through it and apply the oils or deep conditioner until my hair is fully saturated. Before I had my steamer, I would soak a towel or turban in hot water, put it on my hair and sit under the dryer. I would leave my hair in the four sections when using the dryer. If I use my Huetiful steamer, I will put my hair in a bun because I do not use a towel or plastic cap.  It gets warm under the steamer hood. Unfortunately, Huetiful does not sell the steamer anymore.

I usually sit under the dryer for five to ten minutes, but you can go as long as twenty minutes if you want. With the Huetiful steamer, I go for about twenty minutes.because it has an automatic shut-off.

Third Step:
After I finish steaming, I work through my hair with the Wen cleanser. If I need to add a hair clarifier I will add it only to my scalp. After that I gently detangle with my Quidad hair detangler and clip my hair in four sections and get into the shower. I can rinse my hair and add my favorite conditioner and leave it on for 7-10 minutes while I shower. I gently go through my hair with the Quidad detangler and then slowly go through my hair with the Denman. I have found my hair so soft and detangled and cuts down my length of time in the shower.

This is a good video from CurlyPRoverbz if you do not want to buy a steamer.

I really like my Huetiful steamer, but I had to send my first one back. The second time it worked better, but it still drips so I always wear a towel under the hood. I did not pay full price for it originally. Another Youtuber offered a discount on her page so this was great. I have had the steamer for about 4 years. Even though the Huetiful company doesn’t make the steamer anymore my husband called the company and they gave me a replacement part.

 I have heard great things about the Q-Redew which is a handheld steamer that retails for around $69.95 on Amazon. The reviews seem mixed on the website for the Q-Redew, I have not used it so if you have used it, let me know. Natural Chica did a review, check it out.

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