I am finishing up 30 for 30 before I go on my cruise. I will add the rest of my pics tomorrow.  I am glad this is almost done.

Day 18 30 for 30

I really like this outfit because of the bright colors. Color and vibrancy can make you look like you’ve had hours of sleep and very well rested.

Day 19 30 for 30

Temperatures have been all over the place so picking out what to wear has been interesting because you have to constantly keep your eye on the weather gauge to know what to wear that day. This outfit is relaxed work wear for me.

Day 20 30 for 30

This outfit is cool.  I love the hat because it makes the outfit different and not your normal skirt and sweater ensemble.

I have the last set of pics for 30 for 30 to upload and then I will be officially done.  So many times I wanted to throw in the towel because maybe I decided to do this to quickly after I just got finished with the last 30 for 30.  Next time this comes around to do 30 for 30 I am really going to think about whether I want to do it or not. I have so many other clothes in my closet and I miss them. Oh well I decided to not throw in the towel and finish this up.

I do appreciate what I have in my closet so if I do this the next time there has to be another reason.

Also, I have been re-mixing all my life so re-purposing clothing is not a new venue for me.


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