Happy Sunday,

It’s hot; but it’s a beautiful day.

My hubby came up with this title and it’s so fitting.  No pun intended.

Have you been so hot that you didn’t want to wear a slip? Not too many girls, ladies, women wear slips because fabrics are developed or double lined so they really don’t need to. Well my Mother taught me that I always need to wear a slip, with every dress and every skirt. My Aunt D when I was in high school and college would send me some of the prettiest slips and full length dress slips with the lace and everything, very nice.

Okay this is the talk of the day for me, this slip in my hand. I cannot tell you how many times I look in front of a mirror before I go out the door to make sure everything is where it needs to be.   The skirt below is an Isaac Mizrahi floral print fully lined, no peek-a-boo, skirt.  So what do I do before my hubby and I go off to church? I open the blinds to let the sunlight in and have my husband come in and I say, ‘honey does everything look in place?’  He says, ‘yes you look fine.’  In the back of my mind I hear my mother saying baby make sure you put your slip on, you don’t want anything showing.  I think what should I do? I put the slip in my purse just in case, I can’t leave home without it.

This is very psychological because I know that nothing can be seen with me wearing this skirt, however because my mother told me it was the thing to do I put that slip in my purse.

Well I went off to church and thought I saw a reflection in the skirt with the sun. I was tempted to put the slip back on.


Well, I didn’t put it back on because it wasn’t necessary because everything was fully covered. Every skirt doesn’t need a slip. It just depends on which one I am wearing at the time. Do you have instances like this where you felt an urge to do something even though you know it wasn’t necessary at the time? Well I have to go with what the Holy Spirit tells me and he never steers me wrong.  I feel a lady can be pretty and don’t have to show everything to the world. I don’t have to button my collars all the way up to my neck or go out of the house with no make up on. Sexy to me is leaving something to the imagination and not letting it all hang out no matter what size.  I often hear if you got it flaunt it or if I had that body I would show everything? Really, well I wasn’t brought up that way and that’s not me. I am a blessed woman of  God and I like to look beautiful and healthy.  I exercise and take care of my body because in essence you are what you eat.  Well I know I am rambling; but I just want to say that  you can be modest and still be pretty and sexy.


Back to the slip, a slip is a slip is a slip. So thank you mother for the great advice; but if the skirt is fully lined I do not need to wear a slip.

Morsels of knowledge I learn each and everyday.




Vince Camuto

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