What’s the best gift for a dog lover? That’s a very open-ended question because it matters what the dog’s personality is and what kind lifestyle the owner leads. It can be overwhelming because the market is full of so many different products, all with various designs, functions and price tags. There are thousands and thousands of gifts that could benefit your pooch’s life, but many items are superficial. The best gifts to give a dog lover are some things that will last, work in the real-world, make the lives of both dog and owner easier and stress-free. One thing to keep in mind is that a product that is unique is unique to a situation and not every gift that’s good for one dog is going to be best for someone else’s. If you take a broad aim and answer some questions that could pinpoint a practical solution, that in itself will personalize the gift.

Nitey leash
People have jobs that require them to stay behind and work beyond normal working hours to reach a deadline or fix something that’s malfunctioned. However, dogs need walks regularly, and if they miss their daily strut, they can become agitated, restless and frustrated. Life isn’t perfect, and you arrive home late after the sun has set, the darkness outside will offset any enthusiasm for a walk. A nitey leash is like any other normal leash materially, but inside there are LED lights that light up the leash. This means there’s less chance for your dog to get hit by a car if they wander off while they’re sniffing around. Thus, you can get your daily walk in and not be held back by the lack of light to keep you both safe.

Image by – Silke Dalle-Grave

Snuggles and dreams
Some dogs cherish a children’s soft toy. They carry it around with them, play with them, swing them around, and sleep with them too. A soft toy can console a dog when they’re hurt, tired and feel sad. The toy becomes their possession, and just like humans who attach a personality to an inanimate object, dogs get emotionally attached to their toys sometimes. A cute, soft toy would be a great gift that replaces a blanket for a dog who wants to snuggle with something at bedtime.

The bed or cushion they sleep on is also important. A leather dog pillow bed is a luxurious addition to their life and large enough to allow them to stretch while yawning and not have their limbs hang off the edge. Made from ethically sourced buffalo leather and upholstery fabric, the bed is cozy and pleasant for dogs with different types of fur.

Source – majorvols

Chewing treats
Dogs can suffer from the periodontal disease just like human being, and it’s not something that owners can ignore. If a dog is suffering from inflamed gums, it can lead to the loss of appetite, and it even damages other parts of their body internally if bacteria enters their bloodstream through infected gums. Dental treats provide a source of food that is delicious yet healthy, and the more the dog chews, the more oral benefits are reaped. Buying a pack of treats as a gift will give an outcome of a happier dog and gums that have been cleaned thoroughly.


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