Body Image: Comparison Trap

Hello Wonderful People!

I am getting deep today, under your skin, to get to the heart of your emotions, to release the beautiful person you are inside.

I know that I am not the typical person someone would see in the fashion magazines.  However, I felt I don’t measure up because I am not a size double-zero. I canceled many of my magazine subscriptions because it was too much clutter and most of them looked the same and had identical ads. Yes, it use to intimidate me to see someone who is thin and tall and when I look in the mirror, I am somewhat tall with hips. Shakira says, “Hips don’t lie!” And my hips are staring right back at me. It seemed like a joke for me to be doing a fashion blog because who would take me seriously when it came to fashion.

Well we have to be comfortable in our own skin. Comparison is a deadly weapon that will do nothing but bring you and others around you down.

Body Image was a battle for me. Even though I worked out hard and ate healthy, I never was stick thin. Well, you know what! I finally had to finally realize that it is not about being stick then its about being healthy.

Should I loose 10, no 20, no 30 pounds?  What’s good enough? It’s never good enough!

Have any of you felt like that?

Stop it! I immediately we have to cast those imaginations down and thank the Lord for who He is in me (in us) and what he has done for us.

I can only speak for myself. If I truly dictated my life on what other people thought I should do, I would not be where I am today.

I came across the Comparison Trap app on my phone. It’s was a jewel that I found.

I listened to the videos by Andy Stanley and saw a devotional was available by Sandra Stanley was available on for $12.52 and on for $10.99. There is also DVD study for women for $15.00. I purchased the devotional and its wealth of information for each of the 28 days.

Comparison Trap

Comparison Trap

Take a look at the Land of ER teaching by Andy Stanley.

Hello Beautiful People

I hope your week has been going great.


Today I want to help you learn about the differences between modern jewelry and vintage jewelry. It many be easy for everyone to know the difference. The two styles can dictate your appearance and presence, because they really add a lot to the wardrobe.
Modern jewelry is what you see most days when you see women adorned in jewelry in public. This category of jewelry usually has a sharp, eye-catching style, and looks good with a professional outfit or paired with a sleek dress for a date night. There is no strict definition of modern jewelry, it’s a subjective term that matches a particular movement or style. With online retailers popping up like Etsy, it’s easier than ever to find modern jewelry that matches your style, because there’s such a wide range of options thanks to the Internet.
image courtesy of

image courtesy of


Vintage jewelry, on the other hand, is a broad category covering styles you may be familiar with like a pearl necklace or a diamond wedding ring. These are the age-old styles that look great at a formal event like a wedding, work party, or if you’re going out with an older crowd. Good vintage jewelry can be harder to find. Oftentimes, it’s handed down by friends, family or a significant other’s family. Many women receive some of their grandmother’s jewelry when she passes for example. There are also retailers, but they can be harder to find. Invaluable is one vintage jewelry retailer that seems to have a great selection.
image courtesy of

image courtesy of

So I want to pose the question to my readers: what type of jewelry do you prefer? Do you own any jewelry? What’s the best way to find vintage jewelry in your opinion?
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Dresswe 2016 Holiday Sales

Hello Beautiful People,

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and friends.

There are actually people out right now in lines at their favorite store to get that great deal on their favorite item they have been wanting to get their mom, dad, sibling or best friend. JTwisdom, the hubby and pups are staying in and enjoying the evening putting up the tree while listening to some Christmas holiday jazz.

Well, you don’t have to run that race if you are shopping online for yourself or someone you care about. I have dresses galore for summer so I was eyeing some deals for the fall and winter season. Black Friday Sales 2016 at Dresswe have their whole site up to 90 percent off.  And free shipping on orders over $100.
This dress speaks fall to me. I can see this dress with tights and my Clavin Klein block heel platform heels.

Vogue Color Block Lace Patchwork dress

Vogue Color Block Lace Patchwork dress Image Dresswe

This maxi dress below would transition from work to a night out on the town with the hubby.

Chic Short Sleeve Print Floor-Length Maxi Dress

Chic Short Sleeve Print Floor-Length Maxi Dress Image Dresswe

This is an up close picture of the lace and the red geometric pattern.

Up and close of the pattern

Up and close of the pattern Image:Dresswe

The Dresswe Cyber Monday Dresses Sale 2016 is going to be special and great if you are looking for a dress for that special Christmas party or New years celebration.

This Vintage A Line 3/4 sleeve lace tea length evening party dress is so classy. I could dance all night in it. Put on some Billy Idol and I am there.

Vintage A Line 3/4 Sleeve Lace Tea Length Evening Party Dress

Vintage A Line 3/4 Sleeve Lace Tea Length Evening Party Dress Image: Dresswe

I have to sit down, there are too many beautiful dresses on the screen. This is great for a party; but I could also see myself wearing this to work.

Vintage Bohemian Long Sleeve Expansion Maxi Dress

Vintage Bohemian Long Sleeve Expansion Maxi Dress

This jumpsuit is simply fantastic — modest but sexy at the same time.

Handsome Beading High Neck Sleeveless Floor Length Evening Pants Dress

Handsome Beading High Neck Sleeveless Floor Length Evening Pants Dress


Vogue Floral Printing Trumpet/Mermaid Court Train Evening Dress

Vogue Floral Printing Trumpet/Mermaid Court Train Evening Dress

Dresswe has so many beautiful dresses and are offering great deals to enjoy the entire weekend, all the way through to CyberMonday.


Happy 100th Birthday Ms. Frankie Muse Freeman

Hello Beautiful People,

Today we celebrate Thanksgiving, a day to reflect and be thankful for what God is doing in our lives.
But today, we also celebrate the 100th birthday of one of the greatest civil rights leaders in American history. Her name is Frankie Muse Freeman and she lives right here in Saint Louis, Missouri. Last month, my wife and I attended a birthday bash for Ms. Freeman. The guest list included Missouri Governor Nixon, Saint Louis City Mayor Francis Slay, Missouri Senators Roy Blunt and Claire McCaskill and about one thousand guests. It was an honor to be have been invited and to witness such a historic event.

Frankie Muse Freeman - Photo courtesy of Missouri History Museum

Frankie Muse Freeman – Photo courtesy of Missouri History Museum

But you may be wondering,
Who is Frankie Muse Freeman? What was her role in the Civil Rights Movement? Why do I need to care? I am so glad you asked.

Born in segregated Virginia in 1916 to William and Maude Muse, Ms. Freeman attended college at Hampton Institute (now University) and Howard University. After graduating with her law degree in 1947, she and her husband moved to his hometown of Saint Louis, where she sought employment at several law firms. When she did not hear back from any of the firms, Ms. Freeman decided that she would start her own law practice, working on divorce and criminal cases. Soon after, she then turned her focus to work as legal counsel for the NAACP, fighting racial injustice in Saint Louis. In 1949, Ms. Freeman fought the Saint Louis Board of Education for equal opportunities for the black students attending Hadley Vocational Technical School. In the video below, we hear in Frankie’s own words, the importance of this case.

In another important case, Ms. Freeman challenged the Saint Louis Housing Authority in 1954 that allowed legal racial discrimination in the city’s public housing. That court case ended the legalized discrimination,and later Freeman worked as a staff attorney for the St. Louis Land Clearance and Housing Authorities. She began as an associate general counsel and later became the general counsel of the St. Louis Housing Authority. She served in these positions from 1956 to 1970.

President Lyndon Johnson nominated Ms. Freeman to be in a position on the United States Commission on Civil Rights in 1964. In the video below, Ms. Freeman recounts meeting Johnson and what it meant to be the first black woman on the Commission, a position she held until 1979. Frankie also served on the Community Services Administration during Jimmy Carter’s administration, and later on the Citizen’s Commission on Civil Rights.

Ms. Freeman’s life has been an inspiration to me and many people in various walks of life.

  • She graduated from law school at a time when it was difficult and almost impossible for black women to go to college.
  • She started her own law practice when no law firm would hire her.
  • She worked with several United States Presidential Commissions to end racial discrimination and improve the country.

Happy Birthday Ms. Freeman!
Thank you for all the work you have done to make this country better for all the people who live here. We wouldn’t have come this far without you.


Do You Know Your Thanksgiving History?

Happy Thanksgiving, Beautiful People!

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

Thanking my Lord and Savior for everlasting life. Thankful for being surrounded by my hubby and my family.

“I thank you from my heart, and I will never stop singing your praises, my Lord and my God.” Ps. 30:12 (CEV)

Thanksgiving Day is a time to reflect back on what I am thankful for. Thank God each and everyday for health, family, abundance of prosperity, and much more.

What about creating a list?
It’s so good to sit down and make a list.  When you make of list of what you are thankful for, you can always go back to it for encouragement and even add more to it.

Thanksgiving is about the food, right?

No, it’s not just about the food. A lot is going on in America and the World right now, and we have so much on our prayer agendas to put before the Lord. I was searching for more information about the protest over the Dakota pipeline, and adding that on my prayer list. Praying for the Indian nation.

With today being Thanksgiving and thinking about the origins of the holiday, I remembered back to what I was taught in history class about the Pilgrims and the Indians. I didn’t know it was the Wampanoags nation, nor did I know much about these encounters. It is a shame that the history books then did not more provide the students with the full story. As a child I would read about that first thanksgiving and would watch cartoons during the holiday that depicted peace and unity.

However, I was not taught that the peace agreement between the Wampanoag nation and the Pilgrims did not last very long. On the Manataka American Indian Council website I read, “The Real Story of Thanksgiving,” the relationship between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag  nation turned from peace to hatred.  There was once peace but it didn’t even last 50 years. the The Pilgrims looked at the Wampanoag nation as teachers who taught them how to sustain the land they came to on the Mayflower, In contrast shortly after the peace agreement the relationship deteriorated in a downward spiral.

As a person of color researching her ancestry, I am disheartened because the story of Thanksgiving is not an entirely happy as some may have thought. Most of the time we only read one side of the story, but it is important that we take the time to read and study the whole story from all viewpoints.

I recently watched an American Experience (PBS) documentary about the Puritans. I don’t want to spoil it for you and give you all the highlights.However, I found it very interesting and thought-provoking. It made me want to learn more. The documentary is an hour and fifty four minutes so grab a cup of tea and let me know what you think afterwards.

Knowledge is power. Thanksgiving is not just another day.

A resource I plan to read:
“Invasion of American” by Francis Jennings on

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving and remember that if you are not with your loved ones or friends remember that Jesus loves you and you are special to Him and to us here at


Girl Gadget: LG V20 Smartphone

Hi Beautiful People,

It has been a little brisk outside the last couple of days. With temperatures hovering in the 40s and 50s, the weather has turned considerably cooler than last week, but it feels great. Fall and Winter are my favorite time of the year. Can’t wait for that first snow of the season. I spent some time in my backyard with my hubby and my doggies, enjoying the cool breeze and bundled up in quilted corduroy jacket.

When outside, I wanted to capture the last of my summer flowers before they fell victim to the frost.


A closeup of the marigolds



The miniature roses.

Do you think I captures these photographs with the latest DSLR on the market?
No, I actually snapped these photos with the LG V20 smartphone, available exclusively at Verizon Wireless.The petals look like you could touch them. The colors are rich and vibrant and appear to be jumping on the screen. I recently had the opportunity to try the phone, courtesy of Verizon Wireless. The picture above of the rose in my backyard looks like a professional image. The rose has been brought to the forefront with the background slightly blurred for intensity.  I didn’t blur the background the camera on the LG V20 did it on its on.  Amazing!

The smartphone retails on Verizon’s website for $672.00 and features

  • Steady record 2.0. No video shakiness.
  • Enjoy crisp, full sound with amazing detail. Hi-Fi Quad DAC playback reduces noise by up to 50 percent and lets you hear audio just the way you recorded it.
  • Wide angle capabilities to have more sharper shots to capture all of the scenic views and include more friends.
  • Record studio-quality audio on the go. Three sensitive AOP microphones capture higher quality sound with a wider dynamic frequency range. Record with lossless audio formats supported by professional camcorders. The Studio Mode allows for mixing vocals over recorded or instrumental music.

My hubby and I are not the only ones who enjoy being outside when the weather turns cooler. Vinny, our trip-collie, enjoys running through the yard and playing with his stick. The video below, captured with the LG V20 Smartphone, shows my hubby playing with Vinny.

The excellent image and sound quality rivals that of any DSLR camera or HD camcorder that I have used. Vinny’s bark is clear and you can hear the stick hitting the concrete far off in the distance.

One the same day we were out enjoying the coolness, the Super Moon rose over the Earth. My hubby and I wanted to see how well the camera would do. It is hard for even the hi-tech cameras to capture quality images at night and especially the moon.
The photo below is pretty good, the LG V20 actually captured the glow around the moon.

Super moon

Super moon

If having a quality camera and video recorder is a top priority when selecting a new smartphone; then you need to consider purchasing the LG V20 from Verizon Wireless. The image and video quality exceeded our expectations. Most people think you would need to carry with you the clunky DSLR camera or weighty camcorder to get these high quality results. Instead, it is all within reach of your smartphone. Your all-in-one media package is now complete with the LG V20 smartphone.


FTC Disclaimer:
Bubbling With Elegance And Grace received the LG V20 Smartphone from Verizon Wireless in order to write this review. We received no monetary compensation for this review and all opinions are our own. After the demo time period was over, the smartphone was returned back to Verizon Wireless.


5 Best Indian Cities to Be Explored by a Solo Traveler

Traveling alone has a lot of practical advantages- planning the trip is a breeze, it’s easier to stick to a budget and you get the required break from all the hustle bustle of your daily life. But apart from these obvious pros of traveling solo, it is also good for your soul. It’s a great way to shut out the noise around you and gives you quality time with yourself. Getting away from your monotonous days at work and taking a time to unwind by yourself makes any holiday special. Whether it’s a beautiful trek or a nice cozy spa treatment you crave, these five cities in India have a lot to offer.

  1. Manali, Himachal Pradesh

Photo by David Bacon, CC BY 2.0

A resort town at the foot of the Himalayas, Manali is a premier destination for hippies and trekkers alike. With countless places to hike and trek, you can spend hours in the wilderness all by yourself. With the Beas river nearby, you can spend some time at the banks, surrounded by the rush of the clear mountain water. Manali is an ideal place for a solo traveler who is looking to unwind. Make sure you charge up your camera, as the captivating views of the Himalayas are sure to put a spell on you.

  1. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Photo by Ana Raquel S. Hernandes, CC BY-SA 2.0

Soak up some culture in this vibrant city with a huge variety of things to keep you busy. Right in the middle of Thar Desert, this city is scattered with picturesque monuments such as Jaisalmer Fort, Tazia Tower and a host of gorgeous Havelis. Apart from these, Jaisalmer is known for great Rajasthani food and the beautiful sand dunes in and around the city. Head to the Jeep Safari and the Camel Safari to get a closer look at the amazing wildlife in this city.

  1. Allepey, Kerala

Photo by Deepthi Tanikella, CC BY 2.0

If you’re tired of the hustle bustle of your everyday life and need a moment to catch up with yourself, then this is the perfect place for you. Rejuvenate your senses at any of the relaxing Ayurvedic spas on Marari Beach which is located very close to Allepey. You could also take an enchanting boat ride in the backwater of Kerala for some much needed ‘me’ time. There are a number of temples in Allepey that should make every tourist to do list.

  1. Pondicherry

pondicherryPhoto by Raj, CC BY 2.0

Take your pick of serene beaches such as the Serenity Beach and Promenade Beach in this French Colonial town. Admire the beautiful architecture of the Church of Sacred Heart of Jesus or immerse yourself in nature in the Botanical Garden. Auroville, an experimental township should be on every travellers checklist. The meditation and yoga sessions offered here are sure to give you some peace of mind which is necessary in today’s world.

  1. Darjeeling, West Bengaldarjeeling

Photo by Jamey Cassell, CC BY-SA 2.0

Known as The Queen of Hills, this is a great place to travel alone to. Filled with many heritage structures, you can explore the town for a long time. With many options of going around to visit the Senchal or Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuaries, you might also catch a glimpse of a few elephants or, if you are lucky, a leopard. Another plus point of visiting Darjeeling is the tea. The numerous tea plantations are a great place to relax and forget about your urban troubles.

India has a place for every solo tourist, be it religious, scenic or filled with animals. Solo travelling is a joy that everyone must experience at least once in their life time. Just grab a few clothes and your camera, and you are set. With such a wide range of places, you are sure to enjoy the holiday alone.

Rohit is a seasoned traveler with a passion for writing and sharing his experiences with the world. Be sure to catch up with him on his blog for many tips on traveling.

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Happy Birthday Gio!

Happy Birthday Gio!

It is hard to believe that it has been ten years since our favorite beagle came running into our life. Back in November 2006; a runaway beagle had been rescued by a friend of a colleague from work. However, the friend and her family could not keep him because they already had three beagles of their own who didn’t like the new addition to their family. The friend was desperate to find a new home for him. She contacted her neighbors, her family and her friends, one of which was our colleague. Our colleague talked let us know that he was available because at the time, we wanted to have a second dog in the family. Not sure how it would go, we met the lady and her family and the beagle. But once we meet him, we knew we wanted to add him to our  family.

On November 15, 2006; Giovanni David – “GIO” – came home with us. Needless to say, our life has never been the same since. Nor has it been quite either.

Happy Birthday Gio!

The many faces of Gio!

The early days with Gio were touch and go. He was a runaway dog from the streets that needed to learn how to love and how to be discipled. He could not be trusted in the house by himself. He would scratch up the walls, he would leave us presents in odd places and he would bark all the time. We recruited the help of a trainer to see what could be done. After she spent only 90 minutes with him, he was now staying in a crate when were gone, he stopped leaving the presents and he started to show us love. Through tough love and discipline, he is now a sweet and lovable; but still very loud beagle. And we would not have it any other way.

True to his beagle nature, Gio is called to the wild and wants to be outside any opportunity he can. No, he is not chasing rabbits, instead he is often in hot pursuit of the squirrels who call our backyard home. Gio is chasing them up the tree, across the yard and any which way he came. He is doing all he can to catch one of them. And I know with his determination that he just might do it.

If being outside is Gio’s number one love, then eating would be a close second. Gio is always ready for food. He often reminds us when it is time to eat. We see him looking at his Snoopy watch; getting ready for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And my goodness, don’t be a minute late from the regularly scheduled meal; he will let you know. He will bark at you, he will nudge you and will not leave you alone until you give him the food. He is also the King of Treats in the house. Once we finish our dinner, he is ready for his treats. It could be one of his biscuits, or it could be baby carrots (yes, carrots) or even nuts. Oh don’t forget the cheese. He loves him some cheese. It doesn’t matter the kind – hard cheese or shredded, Italian or Colby Jack. He will eat it all. He can hear the crinkling of the plastic wrapper in the refrigerator and he will come running.


Gio waiting for a treat (or two, or possibly even three or four).

Gio is a super-excited beagle and has a strong attitude at times. Okay, all the time. When we come home from work or church and we let him out of his crate; it is a barking fest until he gets outside and takes care of his business. He is also in hot pursuit of those squirrels to make sure they get out of his backyard. Then when we come back inside, he knows it is time to eat. And he won’t stop the barking until you give him the food. Sometimes I wonder who is in charge of this household.

Trying to get Gio to focus

Trying to get Gio to focus

Just as much as Gio loves to play hard and also sleeps hard too. When his squirrel chasing duties are done for the day; he will snuggle in bed, cover up in his blankets and snore l louder than any human that I know. It is also so sweet to know, when we go to the living room and read our Bible Chapter; GIo will come up there, laying on the carpet right next to us. And when we finish, he is ready to go back on his own bed.

Gio laying next to us while we are ready our daily Bible chapter.

Gio laying next to us while we are ready our daily Bible chapter.

 Please join with me in wishing Gio a very happy birthday.

RoadTripping with JT: Capturing the Beauty of Moab

Looking for a outdoor adventure for you next road trip?
Maybe taking an adventurous hike through the mountains? Maybe getting an adrenalin rush from an off-roading adventure in a 4×4 vehicle is more your speed? Or maybe a peaceful drive, looking at the panoramic vistas of the rock formations is the way you want to spend an afternoon. But if all three adventures sound great to you, than I suggest that you discover the greatness of Moab, Utah.

Each year, millions of people ascend to this small town of just over 5,000 people in eastern Utah to experience nature at its finest. Moab is jumping off point for two national parks, a state park, and the Colorado River. If you want a vacation where you stay inside all the time, then Moab is not the place for you. But if being outside and experiencing the beauty of God’s amazing creation, then it time set packing and head to Moab and find out what it has to offer you.

My wife and I experienced Moab for four days in early September. We celebrated our 17th anniversary with several hikes, an off-road adventure in Jeep, a jet-boat cruise on the Colorado River and a trip to an outdoor dinosaur museum. I will write in more detail about our experiences in future posts. But today, I want to show you the beauty of Moab and that you must capture in photographs and through videos.

Capturing great the beauty of Moab is essential for any roadtripper. We carried our DSLR camera to capture the panoramic shots. Moab is home to countless majestic mountains, overpowering rock formations and intricate stone arches, with the most famous one being Delicate Arch in Arches National Park. A trip to Moab would not be complete without the three mile hike to see it. A DSLR camera is a must if you need to zoom in and to take a photograph of a landmark that is far off in the distance. A DSLR camera will provide you with greater detail in the photograph that a cell phone or point-and-shoot camera cannot give you.

Delicate Arch in Arches National Park

Delicate Arch in Arches National Park

Stone arches can be found throughout the Moab region with the highest concentration being in Arches National Park. Some arches are close to the roadway and it it easy to get to them. Other ones, like Eye of the Whale Arch, are more secluded in the backcountry and requires an off-road 4×4 vehicle to get you close to them. Where the road ends, you must hike the rest of the way. For our hike to the Eye of the Whale Arch, I used a GoPro Hero 4 video recorder strapped to my chest with the GoPro Chesty. I wanted to use the GoPro camera and accessories, courtesy of Verizon Wireless, to capture the hike because sometimes taking a photograph does not always show the full scope of your adventure.

The video shows my wife and I with our guide Chip and our tour buddies Peter and JY. With the GoPro attached to my chest, it allowed to keep my hands free to get to my water bottle and to keep the camera close by if I wanted a photograph. The GoPro captures stunning high-quality continuous videos at 780p up to 4K and time-lapse videos. The GoPro can also we used as a standard camera, with 12MP photographs captured in single-frame mode or burst mode (multiple images at one time). With other accessories (which I did not use during this demo), the GoPro can be attached to the handlebars on your bicycle; to your the forehead or your vehicle’s dashboard. It is amazing that a device so small and so compact can deliver so much at a great price. Other devices on the market will cost more and will do only one thing well. The GoPro does it all well and exceeded my expectations. I recommend the GoPro to anyone who wants save that memory but needs it to be done in a non-traditional method. Don’t forget the extra memory cards and batteries if you are out and about for a full day adventure.

Have you roadtripped to Moab to experience its beauty? Let me know about your visit? What was your favorite hiking trail? What was your favorite arch? What would you recommend to others planning a visit? Let me know in the comments section down below.

FTC Disclaimer:
Bubbling with Elegance and Grace received the GoPro Hero 4, the GoPro Chesty and the SD Memory Card from Verizon Wireless in order to write this review. We received no monetary compensation and all opinions are strictly our own. After the demo period, we returned the products to Verizon Wireless.

Cooking for Jeffrey Giveaway!

Hello Beautiful People,

Do you like to cook? Well, my husband and I enjoy it. One of our favorite TV Food Culinary, aficionados, Ina Garten, the one and only Barefoot Contessa is coming to my town in January for her new “Cooking with Peter,” book tour.  And thanks to a friend on Facebook we were able to get pretty good seats.

“I like to greet my friends with a delicious drink, a big hug, and great music in the background, because that’s what gets a dinner party off to the right start.”
Ina Garten

If you don’t know who Ina Garten is, well where have you been?  It’s okay. She is an author and has had a television show called, The Barefoot Contessa,” on the Food Network for many years.  Her husband of 48 years, Peter often appears on the show. One thing I found quite intriguing that she was a former member of the White House Office of Management and Budget.

This month’s giveaway is sponsored by Katherines Corner and Katherines Corner Shop and Hosted by some of Katherines sweet bloggy friends.

One winner will receive a signed copy of Ina Garten’s new cookbook, ” Cooking for Jeffery”, provided by Katherine


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Good Luck In The Cooking for Jeffrey Giveaway!


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