Bible Verse of the Day: 2 Timothy 1:7 (NKJV)

Created via YouVersion

Created via YouVersion

Fear is everyone. Evil happenings are all around us and people are more afraid than any point in history. Wars, and the rumors of wars, are being fought on every corner of the globe. Radical extremist groups are capturing, torturing and executing people in the name of their god. Mass shootings are terrorizing people in places once thought to be safe places.

People are paralyzed with fear to the point that it has overtaken their life. They don’t want to get on an airplane or go to the movies because they feel something bad is going to happen to them. They are suspicious of those who look like the people who are doing bad things to innocent people. They are afraid to step foot outside their home.

In 2 Timothy 1:7, we learn where about the root of that fear. It is an evil spirit that works with Satan to attack people. If fear can control someone to the point where it prevents them from doing something, Satan has won that battle. Soon, with more and more fear setting in, the less effective that person is. In this verse, we learn that spirit of fear is not from God. Instead God has given power, love and self-control; or as another version says, sound mind.

It does not have to be the evils of this world that brings fear into our life. It could be the fear of going to the doctor for regular checkups. It could be the fear of stepping out and pursuing a new career. It could be the fear of purchasing the new home of your dreams. If Satan can keep us bound up in fear, we won’t be able to move forward with our life and making the next step. We need to meditate on promises of God, instead of giving place to Satan and allowing him to control our thought process. It is time to break free from the bondage of fear and live the life that God has planned for us. We can’t take that first step forward if we are controlled by the fears. We are no longer a slave to fear, but you are a child of God.

This song from Bethel Music speaks so much to being free.

Your day of freedom is now!!


Hi Beautiful People.

Bee enjoying nectar

Bee enjoying nectar

Today is the first day of Summer. My hubby was telling me that today is the longest day of the year because of the summer solstice. In Missouri we had some cool days to begin the month, but now it is gradually getting hotter and hotter, mixed in with humid.  It was 95 degrees today, with temps topping out at 100 degrees later in the week.
Even though it is hot, the flowers are beautiful and the bees are out ready to pollinate. My hubby snapped the photo above when a bee was feeling drunk in love with our crepe myrtle tree.
With all the flowers so beautifully in bloom, I decided that I wanted to add vibrant color with the dress that I bought on my birthday last month at Ross Dress for Less. In this hot weather, it is the perfect dress to keep you cool. The fabric is 100% cotton and is totally breathable. If you sweet, you won’t see it. This past weekend, hubby and I went to a graduation party and I got quite a few compliments on my new dress. In the picture below, I am in the backyard in front of the crepe myrtle tree. We had two, but only this one survived. I saw how pretty this tree was and I knew we needed to get two for our backyard. The second one never came back after we had a much colder season that normal. I wasn’t sure about this one, but look at it now.  Bellissimo!

JT next to Crape Myrtle tree

JT next to Crepe Myrtle tree

When temperatures reach near 100 degrees, I go minimal. I wear fewer pieces of jewelry. I scale down my handbag. My sandals are neutral and have an one and a half inch heel. I paired the dress with a teal shirt jacket just in case I got cold. You never really know how it’s going to be inside so better to be prepared.

Floral-print dresses are fun, elegant and just right for summer. This dress, by London Times, features hibiscus flowers with greenery to make this dress shine.



A floral dress make me smile and the colors in this dress is vibrant and bursting with joy. Don’t be scared of florals;but embrace them.

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Exercise: How To Relieve Symptoms Of Digestive Health Issues

Exercise in any form is almost always beneficial for our bodies. It can improve all sorts of things, from heart health to eliminating joint pain! In the case of those who suffer from digestion issues, exercise can come to the rescue once again! It might not be the only thing you need to consider in order to improve digestion, but it’s certainly one of the most important!. Here’s what you need to do.

Exercise is the key a healthy life

Exercise is the key a healthy life

Get Active
So, the first thing you need to focus on is getting out there and benefiting from exercise. It doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as you have the motivation to do it! Why not go hiking up a hill, or join the local gym? Spend time with friends, play sports together and go on adventures. A regular exercise routine is important to ensure you don’t fall out of the habit. Create a schedule for yourself to manage it effectively.

Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard
While it is commonly believed that exercise is fantastic for digestive issues, that isn’t the case when you push yourself too hard. In fact, an over-abundance of exercise could lead to more problems for those with digestive issues. There isn’t a whole lot of scientific evidence to back this up, but excess exercise is believed to cause stress on your colon.

Merge Relaxation Techniques With Exercise
The type of exercise you choose to undertake is totally up to you. Anything is better than spending all day locked away in a house on the couch! Still, there are a few things you could do to try and ease the issue even further. If you have a feeling that stress is a factor when it comes to your digestive issues, try something like yoga. This not only keeps you active and fit, but it should help to calm your mind.

Eat The Right Foods
Regular exercise is nothing without a healthy lifestyle to match. You need to be willing to eat the right foods in order to get the most out of your new lifestyle. Of course, digestive health is impacted greatly by what you eat. It’s important to talk to your doctor and do research about the types of things you should be consuming. This is crucial if you want to protect your digestive system going into the future.

Seek Advice If You Are Concerned
I’m going to guess that by this point, you’ve already talked to a doctor about your issues. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?! They’ll be able to figure out what’s wrong and try and alleviate the symptoms. You should never let something like this fester, or it could turn into something much worse over time. Get that all-important advice, and you’ll be able to manage your condition a whole lot easier.

We’ve gone a little off track here, so let’s sum this up. Exercise is an incredibly beneficial remedy for so many illnesses. Start changing your lifestyle and getting the right amount, and you should notice a difference!

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Bible Verse of the Day — John 10:10 (NKJV)

Hello Elegant  Readers!!

Today, we are introducing a new feature on the blog. We will be including a category that we call “Bible Verse of the Day”. If you have been following our blog for a while or know us personally, you know that my wife and I are deeply rooted in our Christian faith. We want to live our life based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and the stories found in the Holy Bible. Through the years, certain scriptures have stood out and have made a lasting impact on our life – whether from reading through the Bible passages for ourselves; or listening to our Pastor teach from the pulpit. Whatever the case, we have decided to create a new feature on our blog about some of our favorite scriptures and what they mean to us.
The first scripture that we are spotlighting is John 10:10 (NKJV).

Created via YouVersion

Created via YouVersion

John 10:10 truly speaks to me. As I studied and mediated on it, I learned the reason why Jesus Christ was born into this world. In the first part of the scripture, Jesus speaks about the thief, which we know to be Satan. Satan’s only purpose it to steal, kill and destroy in the Earth realm. But then Jesus speaks of Himself, saying that He has come that we all may have life and have it more abundantly.
Too many times, people want to blame God or Jesus for the evils and the bad things in the earth. For example, when a tornado hits and homes are destroyed; people will say it is an act of God. But if you have studied this scripture, you will know that is not the case. Satan works intently to kill and destroy; and this is one way that he can do it.
Another example, is that when a person has killed in tragic accident or died because of a terrible disease, people want to say that “God took them” or it was “God’s will”. If God spent His time killing people or taking people, why would Jesus be manifested in the Earth realm to give life. Jesus would be doing something contrary to what His Father would be doing. And that is just not possible because Jesus said He came to do His Father’s business.

When I got the revelation of this scripture, it really set me free. When my father died of cancer when I was twelve, I didn’t understand why it happened and I blamed God. I grew up in the Church, but never had the studied the Bible in any kind of way. It wasn’t until later that I began to read and study the Bible for myself and started attending a non-denominal, Bible-based church. John 10:10 was one of the first ones that I remember studying and it lifted a burdens off of my shoulders. I no longer blamed God that my Dad had died. Satan had stole him away in the prime of his life; and left my mother to raise me and my siblings on her own. I was free. Thank You Jesus!!!

Thank you for reading. If John 10:10 is your favorite scripture, leave me a comment and tell me why. Be on the lookout in the future for more scriptures to be added.
And remember that GOD IS FOR YOU!

Dresswe Has The Perfect Homecoming Or Cocktail Dress For You

Greetings Elegant Readers!
Are you in need of a new dress?
I know what you are thinking! If you are a girly girl like me, there is always a need for a new dress. Weddings, homecoming dances and other special events call for a new look. Maybe it is a cocktail dress for an evening out with your hubby. Dresswe can help you find that perfect dress, featuring many beautiful styles at amazingly discounted prices. Whatever the occasion and no matter your budget, you will definitely find the right dress at Dresswe.
If you have a teenage girl in your life, chances are good she will be attending a dance during up the upcoming school year. Dresswe features unique styles sure to please you and your teenager. Something as special as attending a homecoming dance is a big deal for a teenager. You do not want to rely on going to your local department store to find the dress.The department store may have something nice, but there will probably fifteen or more available. Nothing would break your little girl’s heart than going to a dance and seeing a friend wearing the exact same dress. Don’t risk it! Take a look a look at the Dresswe homecoming dresses 2016 and find an unique dress to match her personality.
Sweet Crochet Beading Round Neck Sleeveless Lace-up A-line Short Homecoming Dress -- image courtesy of

Sweet Crochet Beading Round Neck Sleeveless Lace-up A-line Short Homecoming Dress        *image courtesy of

Dresswe features dresses for all occasions. If it is an evening out with the hubby, you may want a fun and flirty romantic dress. If it is a dress for an ‘after-five’ event or for a work party; you may want an elegant and graceful cocktail dress. Avoid going to countless stores looking for something that is overpriced and invokes any excitement. The Cocktail Dresses 2016 at offer the variety and delivers a price that will sure to make you shout for joy.

Vintage Tiered Lace Sweetheart Neck A-line Knee Length Cocktail Dress * image courtesy of

Vintage Tiered Lace Sweetheart Neck A-line Knee Length Cocktail Dress * image courtesy of

No matter what kind of dress you need, you will find the right one at Dresswe. Whether it is a homecoming dress for your daughter, or a cocktail dress for you; you will not find the quality and the value that Dresswe offers anywhere else. Take a look at their selection and see which one is right for you.
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Revealed: Top Tips That Will Help You Finally Stick To Healthy Eating

I know, I know. You’ve tried and failed a million times before, so why should this time be any different?

Seriously, the importance of eating a healthy balanced diet cannot be emphasized enough. If you’re going to make a change for the better, the most important thing is that you ensure that those habits stick. Otherwise, it’ll just be another waste of time and effort. Follow these simple yet effective tricks, and you’ll have far greater hopes of staying on track.

Make Cooking Easy
The easiest way to employ a healthy eating plan is to start cooking yourself. This will instantly make it easier to monitor what you’re consuming. Moreover, you can be sure that you’re staying clear of harmful additives. We haven’t all got hours to waste in the kitchen. Likewise, not all of us have the skills of a restaurant chef. Finding simple recipes like my chili will ensure that you give your taste buds a healthy treat without wasting your entire day to do so. Of course, Crockpots and other kitchen accessories can go a long way to removing some of the stress too. Ahh, perfect.

Reduce The Costs
Alongside the time, you’ll also have a keen eye on the costs. There’s a common misconception that healthy eating has to be expensive. It can be. But only if you let it. The first step is to reduce your grocery bill with smarter decisions. Healthier sunflower oil for cooking is cost-effective while ensuring that your waistline won’t expand. Meanwhile, using coupons and special deals can make a telling difference too.We all enter the new diet with positive intentions. But you won’t keep it up if those new choices start burning a hole in your pocket. Keep it cheap, and you will be more likely to maintain it.

Stop Eating Out
Eating out on a regular basis can get expensive. Moreover, you’re more likely to ditch your healthy living when you’re out. So why not stop eating out? After all, you can have just as much fun at home. Organizing a summer BBQ for your family and friends is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening together. You’ll get all the benefits of eating out, only in a far more enjoyable environment. Furthermore, you can maintain your healthy eating while still allowing guests to eat whatever they want. Besides, any excuse to get out in the backyard is a bonus.

Eating out should be for special occasions, like a birthday or anniversary

Eating out should be for special occasions, like a birthday or anniversary

Don’t Be Too Strict
Even if you don’t enjoy your eating habits,  sticking to them for a few weeks isn’t overly difficult. But nobody should stop enjoying their life. Cutting out the things you enjoy entirely is not a long-term solution. The key is to enjoy things in moderation. If you love pizza, for example, you can make it healthier by making a stone baked version from scratch. It will leave you feeling less guilty while still giving you something to look forward to. This piece of motivation can become your secret weapon. So embrace it.

Homemade cookies are a great treat, but must be eaten in moderation.

Homemade cookies are a great treat, but must be eaten in moderation.

Ultimately, healthy eating is designed to enhance your life. It won’t do if it feels like a constant struggle. And if you do slip up with a few bad days, dust yourself off and carry on.

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5 Things You Need To Do Before You Say ‘I Do’

So your boyfriend has just proposed – it doesn’t get more exciting than that! Now begins a period of careful planning so that you can have the wedding of your dreams! Whether you want an intimate ceremony with just your nearest and dearest or a huge day with hundreds of people, you’ll need to be very organized. Here is what you need to do before you can say ‘I do’!

Get An Engagement Ring
First things first; you need an engagement ring now that you are engaged! Sometimes men like to pick one out to propose with, but these days many couples like to choose a ring together after the proposal. Online jewelry shops have gotten a lot better than they were a few years ago and today many couples buy their Verragio wedding and engagement rings online. While you are browsing for your engagement ring, why not think about your wedding bands as well!

Set A Date
When do you want to get married? You will need to choose a date before you organize anything else. Summer weddings are very popular, so if you are planning on getting married in June, July, or August you will need to book everything well in advance. One new trend that seems to be taking the wedding world by storm is getting married on a weekday. Traditionally, couples wed on Saturdays. But now, as people have less money to spend, they are opting for cheaper mid-week weddings.

Check with your church to make sure the date you want is available

Check with your church to make sure the date you want is available

Send Out Invitations
Once you know your date, it is time to let all your guests know. If you are not getting married for a year or two, send out a ‘save the date’ card first. This way, they will know to keep the date free and request time off work if they need to. Handmade invitations will look extremely cute and are a great way to start adding some personality to your big day. They can also hint at the theme you have chosen for your wedding. However, if you want to save some money, you can always just send out emails to let people know.

Ask Bridesmaids And The Best Man
If you already know who you want to be your bridesmaids and best man, let them know as soon as possible. Then they can keep the date free and start helping you and your fiance with all the important preparations. They will also need to make sure they are free for the wedding rehearsals.

Get In Shape
You will want to look your best on your big day. After all, every camera will be on you in your gorgeous dress! To make sure you look absolutely flawless now is the time to start getting in shape. Hit the gym to tone up your body. Take a look at your diet to see if there are any changes you can make to make it healthier. It is also a good idea to start working on your skin now. Moisturize every day to make it soft and smooth.

Happy planning!

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Tips On How To Eat A Healthier Diet Every Day

Losing weight is easier said than done. We try many fad diets, but can struggle to shift the pounds. But just by eating healthier foods and cutting out certain bad foods you can easily start to lose some pounds and live a healthier lifestyle. Here is how you can eat a healthier diet every day.

Cut out snacking
One of the top ways you can start eating healthier every day and lose pounds is by cutting out snacking. It’s so easy to pick up and consume a snack such as a chocolate bar when you are hungry while you are at work or home. But it can mean you will put on weight that will be hard to shift. To ensure you eat a healthier diet every day, you need to start having more filling meals at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It will mean you will not be hungry at other times of the day as you will still be full. If you do want a snack during the day, stick to fruit and nuts which will help you to maintain a healthy weight. If you still are struggling to stay full during the day, you could start eating five or six smaller meals during the day. It will help you to stop snacking on fattening treats.

Warm roasted peanuts

Peanuts are a great snack to curb your appetite

Follow recipes
Another way you can ensure you are eating a healthier diet every day is by following recipes. If you go by what you think when you are cooking, you will end up cooking way too much which will see you put on weight. Looking for recipes also means you will get a lot more healthy food ideas. A lot of people always make the same things which are unhealthy as they are stuck for ideas on healthy food. By finding recipes, there are some excellent ideas that you will want to try and cook that are not as boring as a plain salad! There are so many recipes online on Youtube that you can follow from different brands. Hampton Creek YouTube Videos will give you a lot of inspiration for healthy recipes including salads and noodles which you can make. You can also buy a chef’s book for some more idea on recipes to try.

Take fruit out with you
To eat a healthier diet every day, you should take fruit out with you to your workplace or even to the shops. Therefore, when you get peckish, you are more likely to consume the fruit, rather than finding a shop for a tasty chocolate bar or a pack of potato chips. It’s often hard to find time to eat the recommended five a day of fruit that you need in your daily diet. Therefore, by taking them with you, you are more likely to eat more in the day.

JT enjoying the shake

A fruit smoothie is perfect for breakfast or for on the go.

Don’t make too much food
Another tip for how to eat a healthier diet every day is to ensure you are not cooking too much. It’s so easy to make too much food and then after eating a normal portion, go and fill your plate up with the leftovers. But it’s so important not to do this. Otherwise, you will end up packing on the pounds. Measure everything out correctly so you know how much to cook when you are making meals. That way, you will only make enough for one meal. It’s fine to make more, as long as you freeze it after and use it another day. If you are finding yourself still hungry, you should be making side dishes to go with your main dinner. Eat some salad with the dish if you are still hungry. Or you can have a yogurt or some fruit after dinner if you’re still hungry.

Try going vegetarian
You will be surprised to know how many people are now vegetarian. As this article reveals, over 7 million people are now vegetarian in the US. It’s become a lot more popular recently because the diet can be a lot more healthy and good for you. When you eat vegetarian dishes, they are normally full of grains which are really healthy for you. You are also eating a lot more vegetables which are essential for a healthy lifestyle. As we discussed previously, by switching to a veggie diet, you can end up losing at least a pound a week. There are so many great recipes you can enjoy if you are a veggie. If you fancy trying the diet but are unsure about whether to do it permanently, you should try it for a week or two to see if you could stick to it. Just make sure you are still getting your essential protein which you would normally get from meat. Or why not consider having a veggie choice when you are out now and again to eat more healthy.

Eat white meat
Another way you can eat a healthier diet every day is by having more lean white meat, rather than red when you are consuming meat. We know how easy it is to stick beef or lamb in the oven as it tastes so delicious. But try and stick to chicken and turkey when you are making a burger or a curry if you want to consume a healthier diet. There has been a lot of research which says you are more prone to cancers and bad heart health if you consume red meat regularly. Therefore, go for white meat which will keep your heart healthy and help you maintain a healthy weight.  If you are not keen on chicken or turkey, you can try eating more fish, which is full of protein. You could also occasionally consume tofu or egg if you want to give yourself a break from red meat.

Consume more eggs
A lot of dieticians are recommending that to have a healthy diet, you should be consuming at least a couple of eggs a day. They are a superfood because they raise the good cholesterol in your body and are full of delicious antioxidants. They are also full of high-quality proteins, vitamins, and good fats. Therefore, you should consume a couple of eggs to have a healthy diet every day. Try and eat one in the morning; you could either have a boiled egg, a fried egg, or an omelet. A tip for consuming more eggs is to use at least three when you are making an omelet. It will make it more fluffy and delicious and will help you to get your recommended intake of eggs.

Limit your bread intake
If you want to eat a healthier diet, you should consider limiting your bread intake every day. Bread is full of so many carbs that it can become quite unhealthy if you eat it more than once a day. Try and think of other healthier foods to enjoy at lunch time rather than a sandwich. Have a delicious salad full of chicken and grains to maintain a healthy weight. Here are some other tasty lunch ideas you can try and make to be healthier. If you want to eat bread still, try and have it only once a day. And you could try other healthy breads such as soya or rye bread.

Eat a healthy breakfast
Another tip for eating a healthier diet every day is to consume a delicious breakfast every morning. We know in the modern world it can be difficult to fit breakfast into your busy schedule. But it’s so important if you want to start the morning in a healthy way. It will ensure you don’t decide to snack part way through the morning on a pack of potato chips. You should cook something filling as well, rather than a small bowl of cereal. Have a delicious omelet or a porridge if you want to stay full for hours.

Always have salad at meal times
If you want to eat a healthier diet every day, you should always serve salad at meal times. It will mean you will be able to have some vital nutrients so you can help to maintain your weight. It will also stop you from getting up and going to get some leftover dinner as you can fill yourself up with salad. Remember to make the salad more appealing by adding a great sauce. Here are some other ways to make the salad more delicious.

Drink more water
You need to ensure you are drinking more water every day if you want to stay healthier. It can help you to maintain a healthy weight. It can also mean you won’t get hungry throughout the day if you are filling up with water. It can help other parts of your body such as your skin if you drink more water.

If you want to eat a healthier diet every day, you should remember to allow yourself to treat yourself now and again. If you don’t, you will end up craving unhealthy food and could end up eating too many fattening foods in one go.

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Number One Way To Massage Your Muscles After A Workout

Hello Beautiful People,

Do your muscles feel a little tight after an intense workout?

I work out regularly, usually three to five times a week. My routines include Zumba, Daily Burn, The Firm, and free weights. With the intensity that I work out, my muscles can get sore and tight. Sometimes I don’t even know that I am tight until the next day or if I use a massage stick on my muscles. I have been looking to purchase a foam roller but I selected the BYCFITness Muscle Roller Stick. This muscle stick has nine spindles that work independently as I roll it up and down the muscle area that I want more stretch. However, the stick can be used for so much more. The stick is plastic and measures 18 inches long and when I roll the stick there’s a good rubber grip on each end. This product has 168 five stars and retails for $19.99 on Amazon.

JT stretching

JT stretching out her thigh with the stick

The BYCFItness Muscle Roller stick details on

    • PEAK FITNESS AND THERAPY TOOL – Highly Recommended by Professional and Amateur Athletes (Marathon Runner, Swimmer, Cyclist, Gymnast, Ballerina…),Personal Trainers,Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Yoga Instructors, Pilates Instructors, and more.
    • DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE to Release Muscle Tension & Tightness, Reduce Work-out Pain & Soreness, and Increase Circulation- Improving Your Overall Flexibility and Mobility.
    • FINALLY RELIEVE PAIN in those Hard-To-Reach Areas in Your Back, Legs, Hamstrings, Calves, Feet, IT Bands, Shoulders, etc. Also Helps Relieve Sciatica, Plantar Fasciitis, Trigger Points, Cramps, and more.
    • SUPERIOR QUALITY AND DESIGN: Nine Individual Pressure-Sensitive Rollers Wrapped Around a Solid Steel Core Create a Durable, Easy-to-Use, Lightweight Tool That’s Perfect for Both Home Use and Travel. Toss in Your Gym Bag and Go!
    • EXTRAS: Free E-Book Included with Purchase – Learn Proper Techniques to Maximize Efficiency and Prevent Mis-Use. *100% Satisfaction Guaranteed* – Backed By Our Free Lifetime Warranty. Save Yourself the Time and Hassle of Going Through Cheap, Flimsy Imitators – Buy Now with Confidence
      JT using roller after Zumba

      JT using roller after Zumba


      When purchasing a muscle stick, you will receive a free e-book that shows you exactly how to use the stick correctly. I highly recommend this product if you regularly exercise with weights or do high-intense cardio workouts. Your muscles are bound to be sore or tight. Your muscles will thank you for it. If you have any questions about your exercise routines or if the stick is right for you, please consult with your doctor first.

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DISCLAIMER: received the BYCFItness Muscles Roller Stick at a discounted price in order to write this review. We received no monetary compensation to write this review. All opinions are strictly our mine.

Is the iPad Pro (9.7 inch) Right For You?

Hello Beautiful People,

Blessings to you!
Recently, I was leisurely spending a Saturday afternoon reading an e-book on my iPad2, when suddenly a pop-up window comes up saying that my storage was full. Super Big Bummer! When that menu appears, I have to do an overview of what I have on my iPad, from the apps, to music and photos. I have to look through everything and delete what is taking up too much space, or delete apps that I don’t need or use any more. Why do you have to do that you say?  Glad you asked! Because my iPad2 has only 16GB of storage and anything over 12GB is too much if I have to do an update on the operating system. Unfortunately, that is my only option I have at the moment.

For about three weeks, Verizon Wireless provided me with an opportunity to demo the new iPad Pro (9.7 inch) with 32GB of memory. I wanted to demo a iPad with at least 32GB to see if made a difference and that I wouldn’t be seeing that annoying pop-up menu and more.

The moment I took the new iPad Pro out of the box, I noticed a difference. The iPad Pro 9.7″ is thinner and slightly smaller than my iPad 2. It is almost light as a feather, weighing at just one pound on our scale; while officially Apple notes that the weight is 15.36 ounces – about the same. The iPad Pro 9.7″, protected in a case, will easily fit into a medium to large purse or tote. There is no concern that this tablet will weigh you down.

iPAD PRO jpg

Weighing in at just one pound, this iPad Pro delivers a powerful punch.

I really enjoy the iPad Pro. Can’t you tell from my expression on my face? Can you see that the iPad Pro is smaller than the case my iPad2 fit in? Again, lighter and thinner, simply genius.

JT not wanting to give the iPAD Pro back after the demo period had ended.

With 32GB of memory, I have sufficient storage to keep all the apps that I want on the tablet, without having to delete any of them when a new update is needed to the operating system. I added several more new apps and still had enough storage to add my music and photos. In addition to the fun things that the iPad can do (music, Siri, photos, and videos), I also have my brain apps to challenge my mind. When my hubby and I bought the iPad2, we thought that 16GB would be enough storage; but we soon found out that this was not the case. And now, the new iPad Pro doesn’t even come in a 16GB option. I guess Apple knows that 16GB is way too little since the operating system continually eats away at the storage amount.

Brain Games on the iPad Pro. It’s not all fun and games for me.

It amazes me that a device so small and so lightweight can deliver with such powerful capabilities. If you have never experience the joy of using an iPad, I recommend that you give this one a try. From the 12MP built in camera,  to the 10 hour battery, to the  newest Retina Display,  to Garageband already installed this iPad does not disappoint. But I was a little (okay a lot) disappointed when I had to return the iPad Pro back to Verizon. I definitely will be in the market to purchase the new iPad Pro with the 32GB or more storage space. And then I won’t have to be struggling with my current iPad and seeing which app I need to delete when the new updates are ready to be installed.

JTwisdom signature

Verizon Wireless provided <> with an iPad Pro (9.7 inches) to demo for 21 days in order to write this review. I did not receive any monetary compensation to write this review or gifted an iPad Pro. All opinions stated in this review are strictly my own and not that of Apple or Verizon Wireless.

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