Cooking for Jeffrey Giveaway!

Hello Beautiful People,

Do you like to cook? Well, my husband and I enjoy it. One of our favorite TV Food Culinary, aficionados, Ina Garten, the one and only Barefoot Contessa is coming to my town in January for her new “Cooking with Peter,” book tour.  And thanks to a friend on Facebook we were able to get pretty good seats.

“I like to greet my friends with a delicious drink, a big hug, and great music in the background, because that’s what gets a dinner party off to the right start.”
Ina Garten

If you don’t know who Ina Garten is, well where have you been?  It’s okay. She is an author and has had a television show called, The Barefoot Contessa,” on the Food Network for many years.  Her husband of 48 years, Peter often appears on the show. One thing I found quite intriguing that she was a former member of the White House Office of Management and Budget.

This month’s giveaway is sponsored by Katherines Corner and Katherines Corner Shop and Hosted by some of Katherines sweet bloggy friends.

One winner will receive a signed copy of Ina Garten’s new cookbook, ” Cooking for Jeffery”, provided by Katherine


AND $75 Cash or Amazon gift code provided by Katherine and some of her bloggy friends too! ( winners choice)


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Good Luck In The Cooking for Jeffrey Giveaway!


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Feel Refreshed with Citrus Clear!

Greetings Beautiful People!

We all have to take care of ourselves and have some “me” time. Easy right? If you are saving money for that trip to Italy or getting totally out of debt, how do you have any fun? You have heard of a “stay-cation”? Well, what about “a spa-cation”?  Yes, you can pamper yourself at home.

Hear are four ways to feel refreshed and invigorated with Citrus clear products:

Focus on your face

Light one of your favorite candle scents

1.Wash your face with your favorite cleanser


Citrus Clear pore & blackhead extracting mask

2. Exfoliate: I use Citrus Clear Pore & Blackhead Extracting Mask. I apply the mask to my face and leave it on for four to eight minutes, until it dries.  After it dries I rinse with warm water.  It is a good idea to exfoliate to extract dirt, oil, and blackheads from your pores, making them small, smooth and clear. My skin feels refreshed and energized after doing this once or twice a month.

 Citrus Clear pore & blackhead extracting mask

Citrus Clear pore & blackhead extracting mask

3. Apply your favorite moisturizer- Sensitive Moisturizer Pink Grapefruit from Citrus Clear is a great choice if you have sensitive skin. The moisturizer is gentle but does not feel greasy. The moisturizer is hypoallergenic, gentle, and chemical free.

4. Lastly, I like to add a couple of drops of Argan Oil to the palm of my hands, rub them together and apply it to my face. I like to massage my face because my skin feels soft when I finish.

I recommend the Citrus Clear products if you want to have that at-home spa treatment. My skin has never felt smoother or looked more supple. The routine is simple, but therapeutic, wiping away the toxins in your skins.


FTC Disclaimer:
Bubbling With Elegance and Grace received the Citrus Clear Pore and Blackhead Extracting Mask and the Pink Grapefruit Sensitive Moisturizer in order to write this review. We received no monetary compensation and all opinions are our own.

Revive Your Cowboy Boots With King Ranch Leather Conditioner

Hello Beautiful People,

On a lovely fall day, there is nothing better than putting on a nice polished leather pair of boots.

I know this because my husband must of started wearing boots when he was a itty bitty baby. He looks great in them and wears boots everywhere.

JT hubby

JT’s hubby

However, if they are not cleaned and polished on a regular basis, the boots will show the dust and dirt. Leather polishes and cleansers can sometimes be messy or not clean as well, so finding a quality product can be difficult to find. My hubby has been looking for a polish for this vast collection of boots. We had the opportunity to try a leather conditioner by King Ranch. 

My hubby wanted to try the conditioner on one of his favorite pair of boots because as you can see in the picture below the boots have been worn quite a bit and need some sprucing up. Well, let’s see what happens?
Before Using the King Ranch Leather Conditioner

Black leather cowboy boots

Black leather cowboy boots

He followed the directions exactly as stated on the back of the bottle.

1.Clean off surface dirt and dust with a damp cloth (an old T-shirt works well) or brush. Surface may darken due to dampness.
2.Allow to dry completely and return to its original color.
3. Shake bottle of conditioner thoroughly before using. (I always clean and polish my shoes in a ventilated area. The fumes are not strong, but I like to have an open area.)
4. Test conditioner on a non-visible part of upholstery, leather of boot or handbag, etc.
5. Squirt on a dry cloth and rub in until conditioner disappears into the leather.
6. Let conditioner dry and wipe off film with a dry, clean cloth.

After King Ranch reveal

Leather Cowboy boots after using King Ranch Leather conditioner

Leather Cowboy boots after using King Ranch Leather conditioner

Look at the boots now! He is ready to go to work or two-stepping the night away. The boots look brand new. The leather has been conditioned and even have a matte shine to them.

My Earth Origin Leather Boots
In the picture below is one boot with the conditioner and one boot without.

Earth Origin Leather boots

Leather boot on the left without conditioner — boot on the right after using the King Ranch Leather Conditioner

The difference is quite amazing. The boot on the right looks as if I had just purchased from the store. It makes the untreated boot on the left look worn and dull.
The boots dry and feel smooth and the transformation makes me and my hubby believers in the King Ranch Leather Conditioner.

Do you have cowboy boots in your closet that you have not worn in years because the leather has lost its shine? It is time to purchase a bottle (or two) of the King Ranch Leather Conditioner. One bottle costs only $9 and there is enough conditioner to polish several pairs of boots or other leather shoes. But another awesome thing about this leather conditioner; you can use it on other leather products, like your favorite handbag or the headboard of your bed frame.

Taking good care of your boots should not be rocket science. I have included some helpful tips to keep your boots look brand new, courtesy of King Ranch:



FTC Disclaimer:
Bubbling With Elegance and Grace received one bottle of the King Ranch Leather Conditioner to write this review. We received no monetary compensation and all opinions are our own and sincerely honest.

RoadTripping with JT: 4 Must Haves For Your Vehicle

Hello Wonderful People,

Are you in the ready for a road trip?
It may be a weekend getaway to see the fall colors in the mountains. It may traveling to watch your favorite football team play one of its away games. Or it may be your anniversary and this is the time of year that you get away with your spouse. Whatever the reason, a road trip is more enjoyable if you take a little time to plan for it. When packing your suitcases into your vehicle, be sure to keep a few items close at hand.

A Smart Phone
When road tripping, whether for business or pleasure, having a smart phone is the most essential item to take with you. For our recent road trip to Utah, we had the opportunity to take use the Motorola Droid Maxx 2, courtesy of Verizon Wireless. We loaded up the phone with several travel apps that proved to be quite helpful. We used one app to track our hotel reservations; and another app to check on gas prices and the distances to the station. The Google-powered GPS kept us moving in the right direction. All of this was done with a high-powered battery that lasted throughout the day. The phone provided great reception even when we were traveling through the Colorado mountains and the remote regions of Utah. I recommend the Droid Maxx 2 for anyone who needs a powerful travel-friendly phone; but also will work for them in their everyday life.


The Droid Maxx 2 leading the way to Oakley, KS

A Lightweight Jacket
One thing that I know about the weather is that it can be very unpredictable. This is especially true if you are traveling during a transition period between the seasons or if you covering a long distance in one day. In these instances, a lightweight jacket is a must for any traveler. During our recent road trip to Utah, Colorado and Kansas; we had found out very quickly that having our jacket proved to be very much needed. Let me give you an example. We traveled in early September; as summer was coming to an end; and we covered many miles in one day. On the morning we left Moab (Utah); it was a balmy 80 degrees. We arrived in Breckenridge (Colorado) for lunch and it was a cool and breezy 60 degrees. After leaving Breckenridge and making our way through Hoosier Pass and the high elevation of the mountains, we experienced a sleet-snow mix with temps in the 30s. We continued on our way through Colorado Springs (Colorado) before ending our day in Oakley (Kansas), late at night with rain and temps now in the 50s. If you are in and out of your vehicle often during the day and are experiencing temperature changes like this, you want to have that jacket close at hand so that you are ready for that next stop.

A Snack Bag
Whether you are traveling with your family or by yourself, having a snack bag filled with goodies is a good idea. If you are traveling during normal eating times, but you cannot stop for a full meal because you are trying to keep to a schedule; having the snack bag will keep you on track. Fill a bag with granola bars, peanut butter crackers or maybe some fresh fruit. Whatever your choice, they will make a good substitute for a full meal. You can also eat the goodies whenever you get a little hungry. If you are traveling in a part of the country that has a limited services, you cannot always stop when you normal have your meals.

A snack bag is a must have for your vehicle.

A snack bag is a must have for your vehicle.

A Pillow
A pillow is a must have for any road trip, especially when travel times interrupt normal sleep times. Typically on the first day of our road trips, we leave out early in the morning and spend most of the day in the Jeep. For our last trip, my wife and I woke up at 3am and left home just before 5am; and then we spent thirteen and a half hours on the way to Denver. Having a good pillow was essential for my wife to be comfortable and get some rest throughout the day.

Keeping these items within arms reach in your vehicle will make your trip more enjoyable for everyone. What’s on your must have list? Let me know.

FTC Disclaimer:
Bubbling With Elegance And Grace received the Motorola Droid Maxx 2 for one month in order to write this review. We received no monetary compensation and all opinions are strictly our one. At the end of the month, the phone was returned to Verizon.

Travelling The Trans-Siberian Railway – 4 Things To Consider

Are you keen to travel on one of the most famous trains in the world? No doubt you have heard about the Trans-Siberian. It is the longest single-service railway line and spans nearly 9,300 kilometres, connecting Vladivostok and Moscow. The train passes through no less than seven time zones and takes a week to complete.

Image by Durandi2 via Flickr

Image by Durandi2 via Flickr


That’s the most popular route, but there are connecting services that will bring you from Asia, through Europe from Beijing to Moscow. There is also the Tran-Manchurian which bypasses Mongolia.

There’s a lot to consider when choosing an express tour package. Here are our top 4 tips.

Booking Your Tickets

If you’re going to take a Russian train, you can book your tickets directly online. This is a good option if you are comfortable with the DIY route, but if you’d prefer a more organised and definite trip, The Trans-Siberian Travel Company specialises in Trans-Siberian express tours and holidays and can help you plan a memorable trip.

A few things to note when booking your trip include:

  • The train times – Russian train times are listed in Moscow time
  • Departure/arrival station – There are several different stations in Moscow, but they aren’t very far apart. Be sure to note which one you are arriving at or departing from so you don’t miss your train
  • Check the box for linen and sheets. You will need to pay extra for this
  • Seating allocation – Not all seats are the same, choose carefully or let your travel agent advise you

Seating and Classes

There are three class choices on the Trans-Siberian railway: spalny vagon, kupe and platskartny. The first class is a private cabin for two with higher-quality facilities. Second class offers a cabin for four people and third class is an open carriage with dozens of beds, arranged into four-berth spaces.

You’ll find that first class is full of tourists. If you’d like to interact with the locals, and you may be on a budget, book a second or third class ticket. You may want to avoid the side berths in third class as these run along the corridor and offer less privacy with people walking past.

Besides the different berths and classes, different train numbers and names have different facilities and take different lengths of time to get you to a fantastic location.

Border Crossings

Chances are, you will complete international border crossings during your trip. This can be laborious as visas are checked, custom forms have to be filled in, and even the cabins are inspected. Often, you can get off the train, but sometimes you are not permitted to. Be sure to check the stopping schedules so that you know what’s permissible.

The Facilities and What to Pack

  • Food – You can buy food from the restaurant car. Some of the higher-end tickets include meals too. But, it’s a good idea to bring a few supplies along. Some of the stops are long enough to pop to a shop or the kiosk on the platform.
  • Hot water – This is provided so you can make things like pots of noodles, but cold water isn’t provided, so make sure you take drinking water with you. You may also want to take a mug to make your soups in. Tea and coffee is provided at a price.
  • Electrical outlets – There is no access to outlets unless you are in first class. There are a few communal ones in the corridors but are quite inconvenient.
  • A few other things to take along include a pocket knife for opening food packets and cut food up, wet wipes, toilet paper, and sandals.

We hope that these tips could help you with your Trans-Siberian tour. If you’ve travelled via the Trans-Siberian railway, feel free to share your experience in the Comments below.

Prince Tribute Concert at the Saint Louis Powell Symphony Hall

Hi Beautiful People,

What a great evening full of fun, singing, and dancing.

The Saint Louis Symphony at Powell Symphony Hall conducted by Brent Havens, and Windborne Music performed a Prince Tribute with artist Jason Tenner. This was a sold out show that St. Louis was anticipating. I saw so many people in the audience with their purple on in various different styles. My hubby and I wore purple.When I walked into the door the lady took our tickets and said when you walk out you can leave your sweater at the door because that’s my color. I smiled. The sweater, designed by Bob Mackie, had sequined details that makes it look stunning.

JT at the Prince Tribute concert

JT at the Prince Tribute concert

Some may come close to imitating Prince, but there is only one and he was in a class of sound all his own. It appeared that at times during the performance Tenner did not know which song was next on the playlist. Tenner has been doing a tribute show in Las Vega for over twenty years. But this was his first performance with the Symphony. I suspect that they had been only rehearsed together for a short time before Sunday night’s show. However, in spite of the few glitches, it was a good show and the crowd enjoyed it as well.

The night was magical and Tenner performed many of Prince’s well-known hits, from Delirious to When Doves Cry. The background singer (whose name I didn’t get) did an awesome job singer with Tenner. Windborne Music keyboardist, Justin Avery did a fantastic job with How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?

Some of the crowd stood up and danced in the aisles and at their seats. By the time Tenner performed 1999 and the finale Purple Rain, people were on their feet. After the show end, some of the people shook Tenner’s hand and one guy that was sitting next to me gave him the purple jacket that he wore to the show.

Jason Tenner after the Prince Tribute Show

Jason Tenner after the Prince Tribute Show

Jason Tenner’s Las Vegas show is called Purple Reign and includes costumes and wig changes. That sounds like a must-see show.



Hi Beautiful People,

I was invited to attend a #MOTOZFASHIONNIGHT BY #VERIZON, at Laurie Solet. The Laurie Solet store was closed to the public for this special event. I found out more about the new New Moto Z Device and accessories; available exclusively to Verizon Wireless. I also was able to learn about Verizon’s Hopeline program.

It was an awesome night and I had the privilege of meeting the Verizon representatives in person, and seeing some familiar faces and a great group of bloggers who blog about various genres from Fashion to mom-hood.


Motorola Droid Z

The Moto Z Droid Phone is one of the thinnest phones I have seen and very lightweight. Verizon representative, Megan gave a demonstration of how to use the phone. The Moto Z has a battery that can last a full day and includes the turbo drive charge that can charge your phone for eight hours of use in only fifteen minutes.  The snap on interchangeable Moto Mods that attach to convert the phone into a projector and speaker.

Moto Droid Z

Moto Droid Z

I was amazed how the Moto Droid Z projected the image onto the screen up to 70 feet. I can envision friends and family showing photo galleries at get-togethers. It could also be used for presentations at work if the presentation was downloaded on your phone.If I get the opportunity to try out the phone and the snap mods I will do an in-depth detailed review on my blog.



 The night included some great shopping, I and the other bloggers received a Laurie Solet gift card. The store has beautiful women’s apparel and jewelry that are perfect for fall and winter. The designs are from local designers and the styles are relaxed and laid back.



What I thought was most important was learning more about Verizon’s Hopeline program. Megan gave a presentation that shared some of the Hopeline facts. If you have old cell phones or devices, Verizon will collect them and either give them to people in need or recycle them an a environmental manner.


Did you see in the chart that 1 in 4 Women, 1 in 9 men, and more than 3 million children are affected by domestic violence in the USA.

Please watch William Gay’s story.

The color purple represents Domestic Violence Awareness month. In the gift bags were the Mophie power station charger and a pair of LG Tone Pro headphones.


On each box of a Verizon purple product for Domestic Violence Awareness Month reads:



“Support victims and survivors of domestic violence by going purple. For every purple product purchased for Domestic Violence Awareness Month , Verizon- through its HopeLine program will make a $3 donation to Camp Hope America. Your purple purchase will help victims and their children gain access to valuable services to help them heal, survive and thrive.”

Thank you Verizon for inviting me to this event. Great opportunity to learn and support Domestic Awareness Month.

JTwisdom signature

JTwisdom received a Laurie Solet gift card for attending the event; and a Mophie Powerstation and the LG TonePRO in the gift bag in exchange for writing about the Hopeline Program. This blog is my honest and heartfelt review of the event.

Masterworks: Unpacking Fashion Exhibition

Hello Beautiful People,

Fall is in the air and as the leaves are changing colors, I am thinking about fashion.  Not only what I would like to wear, but also a new exhibition opening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York entitled, “Masterworks: Unpacking Fashion.”

“The Costume Institute’s Fall exhibition, Masterworks: Unpacking Fashion Exhibition Dates: on view in the Anna Winter Costume Center from
November 18, 2016 to February 5, 2017, will feature significant acquisitions of the past 10 years. The show, curated by Assistant Curator, Jessica Regan with support from Curator in Charge Andrew Bolton, will explore how the mass department has honed its collecting strategy to amass masterworks of the highest aesthetic and technical quality, including of iconic works by designers who have changed the course of fashion historians advanced fashion as an art form.”

“Our mission is to present fashion as a living art that interprets history, becomes part of the historical process, and inspires subsequent art,” said Mr. Bolton. “Over the seven decades since The Costume Institute because part of The Met in 1946, our collecting strategy has shifted from creating  a collection of Western high fashion that is encyclopedic in breadth to one focused on acquiring a body of masterworks.”   

This is definitely a different direction in fashion exhibitions and quite refreshing to show masterworks from key designers of each period that represent various changes.

“The exhibit will showcases sixty different masterworks from the 18th century to the present which The Costume Institute has acquired since its last acquisitions show in 2007.”

  I wanted to share some exquisite highlights of objects that will be included in the exhibit.

This gown by Viktor rolf is part tutu, part ballroom gown. When you first look at the gown, I know you are saying, How did they do that? The gown looks like a sculpture but gives off a romantic appeal at the same time. A must see?

BallGownViktorRolf Spring2010


The Robe Volant French 1700s brocade gown looks so regal. However, the gown looks very comfortable because it is unstructured in detail. The pleats on the back of the dress commands a standing ovation.

Robe Volante French

Robe Volant French

The Jean Philippe-Worh ball gown is structured and accentuates the neckline, shoulders, arms and waist. The dress is beautiful and looks like a fairy tale with the butterflies embroidered on the fabric as if they are flying effortlessly around the dress.



The Raf Simons for the House of Dior ensemble commands and second head turn for attention. The embroidery along the cuffs and front of the jacket is jaw-dropping gorgeous. How many hours did it take to do the embroidery? This ensemble fit is tailored to perfection and very slimming.



My last highlight is from John Giliano, the detail of the lapel and the pleating of the lower part of the jacket is always in style.

Ensemble John Galliano

Ensemble John Galliano


I can’t wait to see this exhibit because the pieces are timeless and go beyond all boundaries.

I want you to be completely fresh when you go so I will only list some of the designers that will be featured in the exhibit.  Some of the designers include Gilbert Adrian, Geoffrey Beene, Christian Dior, Tom Ford, and you will have to go to the exhibit to see the surprise designer objects.


*Exhibition information from Metropolitan Museum of Art Masterworks Unpacking Fashion press release.

That’s A Winner! Vino Labs Vitamin C Moisturizer Giveaway

Hello Beautiful People!

We have a winner!

Vivo Per Lei Vitamin C+ Amino Day Moisturizer

Vivo Per Lei Vitamin C+ Amino Day Moisturizer

I recently had the opportunity to sample the Vino Labs Vitamin C Moisturizer. My full review can be found here. I want to say “THANK YOU!!” to Vino Labs for the chance to try one of their many fine products. Vino Labs has also been so gracious to give me a second bottle of the moisturizer to give to one of my wonderful followers. The giveaway ran here on the blog and on my YouTube Channel during the month of September and it is now time to announce the winner.

There were a total of 12 entries between the Blog and YouTube. I arranged in order of the time that the entry was received. I used to determine the winner.


Congratulations to Chimee A. You Are A Winner!! I will be in contact with you shortly!

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway. Looking forward to the next one!


Hanging Water Garden Giveaway!

Hi Beautiful People,

This month I recently celebrated my sevententh wedding anniversary with my hubby in Colorado and Utah. And I also had the pleasure of celebrating my hubby’s birthday.  Very thankful to God for a wonderful time.

My hubby and I saw many beautiful rock formations and awe inspiring scenery that made us really want to incorporate more plants inside our home and around the yard.  Certain plants promote great air quality and are very calming. I found on wikipedia that the NASA Clean Air Study said that the Peace lily, Boston fern, Rubber plant and Spider plant are some of the greenery that promote good air quality.

This is why I am so excited about this Hanging Water Garden and $50 Giveaway! What better way to relax after a full day at work or just winding down after a busy day. Seeing this Hanging water garden in your home will put you in that peaceful mode.

This month’s giveaway is sponsored by Katherines Corner, Katherines Corner Shop and Simple Nature Decor. The cash prize is provided by Katherines Corner and some of her bloggy friends ( listed below).

One winner will receive this beautiful hanging water garden from Simple Nature Decor ( this prize is valued at $65)

AND $50 via PayPal or Amazon gift code ( winners choice)!



PayPal and Amazon are not sponsoring nor do they have any connection to this giveaway

Your Hostesses for the Water Garden Giveaway are



Katherine from Katherines Corner

Maria from Simple Nature Decor

Marilyn from Marilyns Treats

Diane from Mamal Diane Keeping Life Simple

Tamaki from Bubbling with Elegance and Grace

To enter please log into the entry form using your email address or facebook log in

Please remember to follow your sponsors and all of the hostess so you can get all of your entries!

The Giveaway STARTS today Sept. 30 ENDS October 28

Good Luck In The Water Garden Giveaway!

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