Bible Verse of the Day: John 3:16-17 (NKJV)

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Anyone knows John 3:16. It is probably the most widely known scripture in the Bible and is the the foundation of our Christian faith. You see it everywhere: on billboards, on business cards and at baseball games. But have you taken the time to read and study the scripture to know what it says. When you meditate on these words, you understand know how powerful God’s love for you really is. Yes, God loves you so much and that He loves the World so much that He gave us His son Jesus, to die on the cross. If we believe that Jesus died on the cross and was resurrected, we shall have everlasting life. What an awesome thing!

When most people talk about John 3:16, they do not include verse 17 with it. But for me, I believe that verse 17 is just as important as verse 16. In verse 17, we learn that Jesus came into the save us and to bring us back into right standing with God. The story of Jesus and HIs ministry on the Earth was not here to condemn us or persecute us in any kind of way. Many people think that God does not love us if we have sinned against Him. But to the contrary, Jesus came into this World for everyone. Everyone has sinned in one way or another; and in need of redemption.

If you ever think that God does not love you for any reason, then all you need to do is meditate on John 3:16 and 17. Spend time in the presence of God and think about His love. Think about all that He has done for you. Think about His Son Jesus and the power of redemption through Him. Think and Know that God is Love. Jesus is Love. And God is for you.

Girl Gadgets:The Kate Spade New York Slim Portable Charger

Hi Beautiful People,

Hope you are having a lovely day and getting out there enjoying the summer.
I find that I always need to keep in my purse my battery charger because I never know when I may need it.
If you are traveling or at the office, it is always good to have your techie gadgets fully charged at all times. Whether you need to keep your phone charged to keep track of the road for GPS purposes or to keep the cell phone fully charged to make phone calls, a portable charger is a good item to have in your arsenal.
The kate spade New York slim portable charger is a battery on the go that’s stylish and can fit in your purse or handbag.  If your cell phone is running low, you can use the charger and instantly plug the cable that’s attached into your phone and start charging immediately.

kate spade New York Charger

kate spade New York Slim portable charger

* The style is a slim design gold stripe signature style of kate spade designs – pulling this out of your purse, people would not know if it was a charger or a compact case.
* Over 8 hours of additional talk, text and surf time
* Quick Charging time
* Integrated Lightning connector and Hidden Captive charging cable – when the cable is not in use you can tuck it back into to the resin compartment.

Portable backup has a rechargeable 1500 mph lithium polymer battery for Micro USB devices meaning you can plug the charging cable into your Mac Air or Mac desktop and you can recharge the battery. The battery charger is user friendly and not difficult to use. I had to make sure that the charger is fully charged before I put it in my purse. After my phone or other techie device is fully charged, I removed the charging cable and have it ready for the next use.

kate spade New York Slim portable charger

kate spade New York Slim portable charger

The charger is compatible with  iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6,iPhone 6 Plus,  iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s, iPod Touch (5 generation). I used the charger with my own iPhone 6 Plus. Check with if you have any questions about compatibility.
The retail price is $49.99 which is a very good price. Everyone one should have a charger because you never want to have the battery in your phone to go low and you have no resources  available to get more talk time on your phone when you need it.

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I was offered the opportunity to demo this product for a month and returned item to Verizon. All opinions are strictly and are honest. was not compensated or given a product for this review.


When you are about to get married, you want everything to be just right. A major part of it includes the way you look on your wedding day. You want to be the most beautiful girl in the room. So, here are a few tips to make you look your best on your big day;

Go to skin care parlor
Wouldn’t you want to have the perfect glowing skin before your walk down the aisle? Book monthly facials to really refresh your skin. Get skin massages, scalp and decolletage to stimulate blood circulation and keep your skin looking healthy. Drink plenty of water and snack on naturally hydrating foods like watermelon. Other super foods for your skin include grapefruit, cucumbers, tomatoes and kale.

Valencia Skin Detoxifying Mask

A facial will do wonders for your skin.

Get the perfect hair-do
No bad hair day allowed! If you want to get a hair cut or a color done, do it at least a month before the wedding day. Keep it washed and conditioned regularly. If you’re wearing your hair up, then wash and blow dry your hair the evening before. This will enable more grip and will hold up hair well. And if you are wearing your hair down, wash and style it on the morning of your wedding. To get shiny, healthy looking hair, try shine sprays to give that finished look.

Get a manicure and pedicure
It is important that you start preparing your nails and feet at least a month before the big day to ensure they are looking their best. Moisturize them daily with a good quality creams, packed with vitamins and minerals to solve any problem dryness and ensure hands are silky smooth. Pay extra attention to your hands and nails, as there would be a lot of close up picture, and everyone is going to want to see that bling on your finger.

Hire A Stylist
It’s your big day! And you should totally get yourself pampered. Consider hiring a personal stylist for your wedding. They’ll be able to fix your make up, your hair, and they might even go dress shopping with you. You can start planning the type of look that you want for your wedding, the color and the make-up you might wear.

Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress
Find your perfect wedding gown, depending on your body type and what you’re comfortable in. Pick out cuts and colors that you love.While you might not feel at ease off-shoulder ones, you could feel fab in the same print, just with some more broader straps. There is always a great halfway point between covering up completely and flashing a bit of skin. Make sure you look at a few different boutiques before committing to a final decision. You could also get your get your dress stitched if you want to!

Get the perfect hair-do
The jewelries you wear, must compliment your wedding gown naturally. Do not go for too heavy ones or execs of it as less the newest trend! Do not stress out- Its it very common for anyone to panic right before their wedding. Try diverting your mind away from the stress and indulge in something more relaxing. Go for a body spa along with your partner or your girlfriends. You could also consider storing all of your fashion accessories, ceremony décor and reception items in separate baskets or bins, for your honeymoon. This has done wonders for my stress levels!

And when you get the jitters, simply divert your mind. You could read a magazine or play some free bingo online. Whatever it is, don’t ever panic or get too worked up. Everything will be fine.

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JT Beauty Bag: New York Biology Vitamin C Serum

Hello Beautiful People,

The weather is hot and sticky so when it comes to skincare it needs to work and absorb into my skin.A very important part of my skincare includes Vitamin c. And if you are over 30  Vitamin C is a great for skin suppleness and rejuvenation.

New York Biology The Ultimate cosmeceuticals  Super Vitamin C ascorbic Acid (L) revolutionary anti aging antioxidant formula is a product that I have absorbic been using for about month. The packaging is excellent when it arrived, the stopper was packed separately in the box wrapped in bubble wrap.
New York Biology says that this is the worlds most effective serum, driven by 10% L- ascorbic acid, 3% Magnesium Ascrobyl Phosphate, 0.9% tetrahexyldecyl Ascobate and Tocopheryl Acetate (D-Alpha). Using Triple C technology, the formula has immediate effect, and such effect is long and extensive. It brightens skin , catches free radicals, and helps collagen formation.  The serum really doesn’t have a scent and can be used once or twice daily. Directions: Apply drop  or two of the Vitamin C serum to the face and neck with your fingertips as it absorbs into the skin.
Highlights of some of the other ingredients in the serum
Aqua, Witch Hazel,Vanilla Planifolia fruit oil,orange peel oil, jasmine oil, sandalwood oil, Rosa Damascena flower oil, soybean oil,  Lavender oil and xantham gum. Two ingredients I see a lot in skincare and beauty products in general are Caprylyl glycol and phenoxyethanol. Not two of my favorites but they are at the bottom of the ingredients list so its the least amount on the serum.

Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C Serum

The vitamin C serum contains certified organic ingredients. Really important to me that the serum is made in the USA.  It’s not tested on animals.
I cannot really tell if a product is good for me or not in a week. I have been using it every morning and a little goes a long way. I really like how the serum goes on smoothly and makes my face look radiant. I make sure that I put SPF on because its Vitamin C and you never should go out the house without it because its protection for your skin.

If you are allergic to any of the oils or ingredients that were listed you may be able to use a small, however please check with you doctor first.


FTC Disclosure:
This product was purchased at a discounted price in order to write this review.

What’s the Best Size for Diamond Stud Earrings?

When looking for diamond studs, knowing which size works well is important, and this article will help you know which sizes are best.

Image by cmweldon via Flicker

Image by cmweldon via Flicker

Having a beautiful pair of diamond earrings in your jewellery box is often viewed as a must for every woman. They pretty much go with any occasion and can totally transform the simplest and most elegant of outfits. When you want to add that extra bit of sparkle, wearing your favourite pair of diamond studded earrings can go down a treat.

It can be tricky when it comes to choosing which size to get however. There’s no right or wrong when it comes down to picking the right size of diamond as it really should be considered as a whole. When you think holistically in terms of the Four C’s (the Cut, Clarity, carat weight and colour) as a whole, this really should make your mind up about a purchase. If you want to view a range of diamond stud earrings to get an idea of the sizes available, check out the classy diamond earrings at Serendipity Diamonds.

However, knowing which sizes are available and considering your own features and which sizes suit certain occasions better will really help. This is what we will now discuss. Firstly, let’s briefly look at how the size. The price is affected by the diamonds size.

How the size of a diamond stud affects price
The size of a diamond is essentially decided by how many carats it contains (its overall weight). It works out that 1 carat = 0.02g if you wanted to get down to the finer details. You will find in your search of diamond studs that the bigger they are, the higher price they will fetch. This is usually because the bigger diamonds are particularly unique as mining them is very tricky.

Here’s what to look out for when considering the best size for you…

  • Knowing what they’ll be used for: This really comes down to which occasions you’ll wear them and which outfits you will pair the studs with. Larger studs work well in dressier settings such as balls or formal dinners whereas more subtle sizes (anything below 2 carats in weight) are good for dinners with friends and parties.
  • Knowing your body type: your body shape will dictate which sizes look better on you then others. For example, smaller sizes will suit slender shapes whereas the bigger size stud will stand out more on a fuller figure.
  • Knowing your face shape also counts as smaller and narrower face shapes seem to lend themselves nicely to a lighter carat weight.
  • The choice of setting will impact how big the stud is too. Whether you go for a prong setting or a bezel, it will really help set the stone nicely. If you want to create the perspective your diamond is bigger than it actually is, a bezel setting works wonders!

Now you know a few ways to choose the right diamond size for your needs, you will definitely walk away with a winning pair.

This article is contributed by Katrina Fernandez.

My JD Williams Fashion Wish List

Hello Beautiful People,

How do you feel about your style for summer right now? It is typically rainy and it can be humid in the summer and into the fall; so being chic and cool is a must for me. Are you looking for style and comfort on those warm days? I know I am. If I am looking fierce but feeling miserable because my outfit doesn’t feel right then I am not confident about myself. I have created a wish list from JD Williams. The company focuses on creating great clothes no matter what size or shape you may be.The styles range in UK sizing from 12- 32, and some styles are available in a size 10. I have included some of my favorite fashion finds that not only makes you feel beautiful, but cool at the same time. An added bonus is that each of the selections can be great transitional pieces as we move into fall.

Floral Maxi extravaganza
Floral patterns make me smile and I receive tons of compliments when I wear them. This Lorraine Kelly maxi dress has a beautiful blush and coral tones which compliments my skin tone. The placement of the flowers flatters the body. The flowers are strategically placed and will elongate the body. I enjoy wearing maxi dresses and I like how the belt cinches in the waist. I could also wear my own white belt for a different look. The belt adds a shape to your body and creates a waistline. For a casual day at work, the maxi dress can be coordinated with a jean jacket and flats. For an evening out with your hubby, change out the flats for some heels or metallic block heel.

Style in Floral

Style in Floral

Exotic Prints and jazzy nuetrals
Bold exotic prints are a statement in any season. This dress has a v-neckline which is very flattering on any woman. It can be paired with any color in the dress or it could be with a neutral. I chose this block heel sandal in magenta. The color is striking and brings out the color in the dress. I have accentuated it with a neutral handbag.
Why a neutral handbag? I really want to spotlight the dress and make it the focal point so I opted for a neutral handbag. This dress is great with a light weight cardigan in case you get cold because the air condition may get cranked up in a movie theatre or office. When it is hot outside, but cold on the inside, you will always are prepared to layer. Or as we move into fall, that outfit would be perfect on those cool days.

Bold Prints

Exotic prints and neutral highlights

Accentuate your shoulders
The hot trend of the summer is the cold shoulder. Why am I giving you the cold shoulder? The number one flattering body part on every woman is their shoulders. You don’t have to worry about losing weight from your shoulders or nipping or tuck in anything. I added a tassel necklace because its a classic and gives a pop of uniqueness to the outfit. When I started sewing in high school I made a top that had insets in the shoulders and I like how you get to show some shoulder but you are still covered. The Black floral print cold shoulder dress is sexy and elegant at the same time. The dress can go from work to a date night out with the hubby, having fun at the fair to watching fireworks. The open toe booties add chicness, however flats will work as well.

Cold Shoulder

Copacabana fun!
Let’s dance the night away in this cool dress, go to the beach or add a straw hat to a concert in the park to see one of my favorite bands, Duran Duran. The Beach to the Bar dress has a print so unique and different that you will never be at a loss for styling this dress with a jacket, Tied shirt, shawl, or lovely all by itself.The metallic wedge is a neutral or you can add some color by wearing a paired thong sandal. In the fall a cardigan or cropped leather jacket would stretch the length of wearing this maxi dress to all four seasons.

Copacabana fun!

I wanted to share a few style tips with you, no matter what size you may be please take a look at the JD Williams website. The dresses and accessories are on trend, but are not trendy. You can style differently in the summer months and coordinate maxi dresses with boots when the leaves start to change colors in the fall. Having my wish list in your wardrobe creates a multitude of ideas. You will never again look in your closest and say that you have nothing to wear.
If you are on a budget, your money will stretch for you instead of replacing certain key pieces every year.

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* This is a collaborative post.*

Could Your Love Of Beauty Be More Than A Hobby?

If you’re someone who is beauty product mad, you might be wondering if your love of makeup and bath and body products could be more than just a hobby. Whether you love the idea of reviewing beauty products or creating your own cosmetics, there are lots of ways you can make beauty more than a hobby.

For some ideas and inspiration of ways you can make your love of all things beauty into a career, keep reading.


photo by JTwisdom

Become a makeup artist
If you’re a pro at applying makeup and love trying out new looks, why not consider becoming a makeup artist? This is a fantastic career path that is perfect if you’re a makeup and beauty lover. That being said, it can be expensive to get started as makeup artistry courses can be a little on the pricey side. If, however, you’re willing to work at a beauty counter before becoming a makeup artist, this can be a good route into the industry. Lots of companies, like Clinique and Lancome, offer their staff the chance to train as makeup artists. So although it’s a longer route to the career you want, it could be worth considering.

Make and sell your own makeup
How about creating your own cosmetics line? This might sound like somewhat of a pipe dream, but it is possible, it’s just a case of coming up with a plan and thinking it through properly. If you’ve always loved the idea of creating your own cosmetics, this could be the ideal career opportunity for you. Like all startups it will, of course, take time and money to get started, but it could be a fantastic step to take. All you’ll need are some ideas, suitable cosmetic manufacturers, and a brand name for your business. You’ll then need to decide how you will sell your products – the best option is most probably online via a website and Etsy.

Start your own blog
Another option, if you’re makeup and beauty mad, could be to start a blog. The great thing about blogging is that it gives you the opportunity to test out and review various beauty products. As well as allowing you to collaborate and work with different brands. The great thing about beauty blogging is that if you work on your blog and treat it like a business, it can become one. It might take time, but there’s great potential for your site to become a fantastic income stream. You could even add an e-commerce store to it, selling your own cosmetics products to help boost your income.

Beauty and makeup doesn’t just have to be a hobby; it can be so much more than that. These are just a few ideas, but if they aren’t for you, there are plenty more you can try. Whether you opt to become a beauty blogger and freelance writer or launch your own makeup brand, it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that you find a way that works for you that you can use to make beauty more than a hobby.

FTC Disclaimer:
This is a collaborative post and may contain affiliate links.

Tips on How to Make Your Helicopter Ride Unforgettable

 To be honest, flying by helicopter anywhere is already an unforgettable experience. The sheer fact you are flying so high yet close enough to all the action to soak up the details is something amazing. All good helicopter rental companies will want you to have a five star experience with them. Therefore, they will go above and beyond to provide an unbeatable and tailored service which is great for you.There are certain things that you can do and think about before which makes your experience in the air even more memorable! This article will discuss how you can make the most of your time by giving some top recommendations. For an already memorable helicopter flight, Sydney offers sights that are simply breath-taking at any time of day. So here are some guidelines and basics to try and get you covering all bases before your trip:

Learn about the five ways that help make your helicopter experience exhilarating and exciting.

Learn about the five ways that help make your helicopter experience exhilarating and exciting.


  • Ensure you are comfortable and relaxed throughout. This is a personal one. You want to think whether you get motion sickness on flights in general. This will really prevent you from enjoying your experience as whilst your stomach churns all you can think about is the landing point. Wishing the precious moments in your flight away is not recommended! So if this is something you normally suffer with, stocking up on the motion sickness tablets beforehand is essential. Also, have a good coping mechanism in place such as a steady, deep breathing technique. This way you can remain as calm and well as possible during flight.
  • Make sure you book in early! To avoid all disappointment ensure you book your helicopter ride in Sydney well in advance. There are certainly days and time of days (such as sunrise or sunset) that will be really popular. These dates and times will most likely get booked up quickly so to guarantee you get the time you want, book in early!
  • Think about tipping beforehand. A happy pilot makes for a brilliant flight. Okay, that quote was off-the-cuff but it’s definitely true. Sometimes, you will find that pilots pay for the fuel or maintenance out of their own pockets. So this just shows an extra bit of appreciation on your part. Who knows, the pilot may throw in a few extra minutes or an additional sight!
  • Choose the best route possible. Do some research beforehand and make sure you get the best route which offers the most stunning vistas. This way you won’t be disappointed. Chatting to the company beforehand and pilots plus looking at routes on their websites will give you a better idea of what’s available.
  • Ensure you have a good camera, or opt for a photography package with your provider! Bringing a decent camera to capture the moments and do the sights justice is essential to making your trip truly unforgettable. Having those photos you can remember for years to come will bring the day back to life. Some companies such as Sydney HeliTours offer customisable aerial photography with cinema quality HD footage to capture crystal clear shots. You will be able to look back on the memory and re-live the good times with realistic photos.

Now you have some winning tips on how to make your tour much more memorable, you will not only enjoy your experience but have better chances of remembering it down the line.

This article is contributed by Katrina Fernandez.

Bible Verse of the Day: 2 Timothy 1:7 (NKJV)

Created via YouVersion

Created via YouVersion

Fear is everyone. Evil happenings are all around us and people are more afraid than any point in history. Wars, and the rumors of wars, are being fought on every corner of the globe. Radical extremist groups are capturing, torturing and executing people in the name of their god. Mass shootings are terrorizing people in places once thought to be safe places.

People are paralyzed with fear to the point that it has overtaken their life. They don’t want to get on an airplane or go to the movies because they feel something bad is going to happen to them. They are suspicious of those who look like the people who are doing bad things to innocent people. They are afraid to step foot outside their home.

In 2 Timothy 1:7, we learn where about the root of that fear. It is an evil spirit that works with Satan to attack people. If fear can control someone to the point where it prevents them from doing something, Satan has won that battle. Soon, with more and more fear setting in, the less effective that person is. In this verse, we learn that spirit of fear is not from God. Instead God has given power, love and self-control; or as another version says, sound mind.

It does not have to be the evils of this world that brings fear into our life. It could be the fear of going to the doctor for regular checkups. It could be the fear of stepping out and pursuing a new career. It could be the fear of purchasing the new home of your dreams. If Satan can keep us bound up in fear, we won’t be able to move forward with our life and making the next step. We need to meditate on promises of God, instead of giving place to Satan and allowing him to control our thought process. It is time to break free from the bondage of fear and live the life that God has planned for us. We can’t take that first step forward if we are controlled by the fears. We are no longer a slave to fear, but you are a child of God.

This song from Bethel Music speaks so much to being free.

Your day of freedom is now!!


Hi Beautiful People.

Bee enjoying nectar

Bee enjoying nectar

Today is the first day of Summer. My hubby was telling me that today is the longest day of the year because of the summer solstice. In Missouri we had some cool days to begin the month, but now it is gradually getting hotter and hotter, mixed in with humid.  It was 95 degrees today, with temps topping out at 100 degrees later in the week.
Even though it is hot, the flowers are beautiful and the bees are out ready to pollinate. My hubby snapped the photo above when a bee was feeling drunk in love with our crepe myrtle tree.
With all the flowers so beautifully in bloom, I decided that I wanted to add vibrant color with the dress that I bought on my birthday last month at Ross Dress for Less. In this hot weather, it is the perfect dress to keep you cool. The fabric is 100% cotton and is totally breathable. If you sweet, you won’t see it. This past weekend, hubby and I went to a graduation party and I got quite a few compliments on my new dress. In the picture below, I am in the backyard in front of the crepe myrtle tree. We had two, but only this one survived. I saw how pretty this tree was and I knew we needed to get two for our backyard. The second one never came back after we had a much colder season that normal. I wasn’t sure about this one, but look at it now.  Bellissimo!

JT next to Crape Myrtle tree

JT next to Crepe Myrtle tree

When temperatures reach near 100 degrees, I go minimal. I wear fewer pieces of jewelry. I scale down my handbag. My sandals are neutral and have an one and a half inch heel. I paired the dress with a teal shirt jacket just in case I got cold. You never really know how it’s going to be inside so better to be prepared.

Floral-print dresses are fun, elegant and just right for summer. This dress, by London Times, features hibiscus flowers with greenery to make this dress shine.



A floral dress make me smile and the colors in this dress is vibrant and bursting with joy. Don’t be scared of florals;but embrace them.

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