Naheem Kahn is a fashion designer that is very popular with celebrities.  He was born in Mumbai, India and started his line Naheem Kahn in 2003. I love his designs because they are simply beautiful.

Michelle Obama recently wore one of Naheem Kahn’s creations at a Governor’s Dinner at the White House and she looked gorgeous.  She could rock the red carpet in a minute.  The dress in the photo below is only shown from the waist up of Mrs. Obama so you don’t see it full length but I know it must be jaw dropping because this photo of her looks so pretty.The bead work is so intricate and detailed and the fabric tie on the shoulder is such a feminine touch.

Michelle Obama at Governors Dinner at the White House

Source of photo: Daily Mail

Mrs. Obama wore this ivory cream color dress with ivory beadwork.   The dresses are so flattering on Mrs. Obama’s figure. I don’t know if Mr. Kahn has actually met Mrs. Obama; but he sure does know how to design beautiful dresses that look striking on her.

Joachim Sauer, husband of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Michelle Obama, Chancellor Merkel and President Obama pose for photos on the North Portico before the state dinner (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

One of my favorite Michelle Obama looks was when she was speaking at a poetry workshop in 2011. The skirt is a conversation piece all by itself, the tank makes the look more casual but dressy casual.  I love that she chose green pumps as a complete contrast  to the overall outfit.  I am all over the jewelry so I love the bunches of bracelets on the arm, I probably would of put on a necklace but she really doesn’t need it because the skirt pops so.

Michelle Obama in Rose tank and Naheem Kahn skirt

Here’s a video that shows how Naheem Kahn brings his creations together. Very inspiring. These beads are sewn on by hand so making a gown takes extensive time.

 Naheem Kahn Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

I had to show some eye candy from Naheem Kahn’s runway shows from 2012 spring/summer and 2012 fall/winter.

The dresses and gowns are so flowing and classy sexy. Spring and Summer 2012 is all about vibrant color, the brighter the better. What’s your favorite Naheem Kahn design Mr. Kahn makes you stand out from the crowd when I see his designs, no carbon copy here.

His fall/winter collection has sequins, beads, flowing fabrics and rich color and textures.

Timeless by Naheem Kahn on

TImeless ny Naheem Kahn Tunic

As high end as he is Naheem Kahn actually had a line on called timeless.  I recently looked at the HSN website and his whole collection is on clearance so if you want to take a look and possibly get a good deal check out

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