My hubby is guest writing this post on Memorial Day.

Today, we celebrate Memorial Day. It does not sound right to me when someone says to me “Happy Memorial Day!”. It is not a happy day, but a solemn day and a day of remembrance. Too often we get caught in holidays meaning that we must head to the mall to check out the latest sales; we must be barbecuing the pork steaks, chickens and ribs; and heading off to someone’s house for a party. But let’s take a moment to remember what holidays are really about, not just Memorial Day. Christmas has gotten to the point now where it is all about giving and receiving presents and Thanksgiving is about eating too much, watching football and getting ready for the next day’s shopping adventures.

Today is Memorial Day, the day set aside to honor the men and women who sacrificed their life so that we could live in this country. The foundation of the United States has always been a country where people come to so that they can be free – free from government oppression, free to choose their own religion and free to speak their own mind. Men and women of our armed forces have gone to war to preserve that freedom for over two hundred years. Many of have fought and paid to keep that freedom possible with their life. They gave their life so that you can have a life of freedom. It is quite an amazing testimony to their commitment to what they believed in and to this country. Let us never forget them or their sacrifice.

My wife’s Uncle Fred and Uncle Thedo served in the United Sates Army. I am grateful to them for their willingness to join the Army and preserve my freedom as an American citizen.

Uncle Fred serving in the United States Army

Uncle Thedo in his full Army uniform


Also my father served in the United States Army. He too served to preserve the United States as a beacon of freedom for all the world.

My daddy, also serving in the United States Army


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