Hello Beautiful People,

It was 108 degrees this weekend in the Show Me State, but it was only 94 degrees today; so enjoying the coolness inside. Thank God, for air conditioning. When the weather is like this, it is great to wear something comfortable and breathable.

Sheryl Crow has a new line on HSN and her pieces are hip and retro. I liked the new vibes of the rocker-chic style. I purchased the jeans below because it really describes my enjoyment of music and effortless style.
I styled the jeans for a casual Monday at work.

Love Will Save The Day Style Embroidered Jeans by Sheryl Crow

Love Will Save The Day Style Embroidered Jeans by Sheryl Crow

The Missouri History Museum has a Civil Rights exhibition now, so I purchased the T-shirt at the Museum shop; so cool.

Even though I work out hard, I do not always like showing my hips. Word to the wise, body shaming has to stop so here I am in the jeans without the Tommy Hilfiger chambray shirt. On the right pocket is an embroidered star and guitar. These jeans are so unique and out of the box. I think I am singing, I am just looking at my expression. Too funny!

Love Will Save The Day by Sheryl Crow Jeans

On the left pocket of the jeans is , “Love Will Save The Day,” which is a lyric from one of her songs.

Love will save the day lyric on the pocket

Here’s more information about the lyrics

The Song, Love WIll Save The Day by Sheryl Crow.

Here’s an interview she had down earlier this year.

When I wear the jeans, it is not just about a pair of jeans but there’s a meaning behind the clothing. The Sheryl Crow embroidered jeans are on clearance on HSN for $39.95 (Good deal) and please take a look at her collection click here on Sheryl Crow Style.

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