The availability of various sunless tanning methods like Melanotan peptide injection has made skin tanning convenient and popular. The increasing awareness of the health risks associated with sunbathing has contributed to the increasing popularity of fake or sunless tanning methods. One of the widely used methods of gaining an artificial or sunless tan is the use of Melanotan II injections. The availability of various sunless tanning alternatives raises the question about the most effective and convenient method of tanning.

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The need of sunless or fake tanning
Sunbathing has been preferred way of gaining the perfect skin tan. Various studies conducted on the harmful effects of Ultraviolet radiation which are a principal part of sunlight and susceptibility of various skin types to sun damage led to the search for sunless tanning alternatives. The extended exposure to sunlight can cause skin cancer, premature aging, sunburn, sun poisoning, etc.

One of the earliest sunless tanning innovations were the tanning beds, but its association with an increasing number of skin cancer cases led to the search of other sunless tanning methods. This led to the use of various sunless tanning treatments like lotions, sprays and injections like Melanotan peptide injections. The abundance of sunless tanning treatments raised the question of the effectiveness of the available treatments.

Melanotan II as a tanning treatment
Melanotan II is Melanotan tanning peptide injection that’s used to induce natural skin-tan. It works by enhancing the production of Melanin. Melanin is naturally present in the human body and it’s responsible for the skin tan and it’s instrumental in fighting skin cancer. The Melanotan II injection helps in inducing healthy tan with minimal exposure to the sunlight.

Acquiring and using Melanotan II
Melanotan II can be easily purchased from online pharmacies. It’s a prescription drug, so a doctor’s prescription is necessary to get the genuine product. The Melanotan II injection comes in a vial that contains the freeze dried powder. It needs to be mixed with sterile water before use and then it’s injected into the skin by using a needle.

It needs a sun exposure of 30 minutes at the initial phase. This time can be reduced to 10 minutes after the skin tan is visible. It usually takes 2 to 4 weeks to see the full effect of Melanotan II, depending on the individual constitution.

Other tanning methods
Various other sunless tanning methods apart from Melanotan peptide injections are also available in the market such as airbrush tans, bronze tanners, tanning lotions, etc. The effectiveness of spray or airbrush tans is limited since they fade quickly and they need to be completely dry after being applied or it may damage your clothing or it may fade when exposed to water. Bronze tanners are similar to makeup and it can be effectively used for a short period.

The factors that affect the choice of sunless tanning alternative are

  • The cost of a quality sunless tanning product like the bronze tanner
  • The time one needs to spend it its application
  • The life of resulting tan.

By the above factors, Melanotan II appears to be the most convenient sunless tanning alternative. It just needs to be injected into the skin and it doesn’t need any other ministrations. Once the effects are visible, it can be easily maintained for a long time without any permanent side effects.

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