Are you hearing the chime of wedding bells? Or perhaps it’s the sound of the jeweller’s cash register? We all know that weddings are expensive affairs, and since the rings can be a substantial part of the price tag, couples may prefer to look for more affordable engagement rings. The good news is, you really can save money without sacrificing the quality of your rings. Below, we discuss a few tips on how to buy an affordable engagement ring that is just as romantic and eye-catching.

  1. Take Your Time Choosing

Finding the perfect ring can take time. In fact, it can take weeks! If you want to find something special for an affordable price, taking your time to make a decision can make a difference. By giving yourself ample time to shop for engagement rings in NZ only at, you will be able to find a style you love and have the time to compare prices and variations.

  1. Shop Online

In general, engagement rings can cost as much as 20% less when you buy them online. Online retailers have far fewer overheads which means they can pass their savings onto their valued customers. What’s more, online jewellery stores have more styles to choose from, as they don’t have to stock inventory for people to come in and view.

  1. Consider a Package Deal

Many engagement rings come with matching wedding bands, and many jewellers tend to offer a discounted price if you buy the entire set at once. Don’t even hesitate to take advantage of these offers, and perhaps even ask if the jeweller will sell you the man’s wedding band at a discount, too.

  1. Get Creative with the Metal

When it comes to engagement ring materials, we all know the classics, but platinum and gold can break the bank for many people, so you might want to consider the budget-friendlier options. Tungsten and titanium, particularly, have grown in popularity because they are more affordable and look amazing. Both metals are scratch-resistant and durable, and titanium is actually hypoallergenic.

If you do want a metal that resembles platinum, consider cobalt chrome or Argentium silver. The silver is sterling silver alloy with traces of germanium which bolsters its durability. The cobalt chrome offers a shimmering silver shade that will maintain its tone without needing to be re-plated.

  1. Shop During the Holidays

Point number one was about taking your time to pick a ring. After all, the more time you give yourself to find a gorgeous engagement ring at a budget-friendly price, the better your chances of shopping at peak discount times.

You no doubt know about Cyber Monday and Black Friday during the month of November, but even Christmas is a great time to shop for engagement rings. Most jewellers run specials and discounts right after Christmas, so be on the lookout for great deals.

These tips should help you on your journey to find the ideal engagement ring at a great price without having to sacrifice quality at all. Happy shopping!

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