Happy Independence Day!

This weekend before Independence Day, is time to relax, and enjoy family and friends. My husband and I celebrate Independence Day because it is more than just a date for us. This is a time to thank those men and women in uniform who have fought and are fighting for our freedom for our country, the United States of America. Their sacrifice allows us to enjoy living in the greatest country.

At church this past Sunday, we had a guest speaker, Matt Roever from Operation Warrior Reconnect.

What is Operation Warrior Reconnect?

“Operation Warrior RECONnect is dedicated to rebuilding self esteem, confidence, financial freed country.”

Did you know that on average, twenty-two soldiers commit suicide every day? This staggering number has to stop and Operation Warrior Reconnect is doing an amazing job and making an impact.

Matt and his father, Vietnam veteran Dave Roever, head this organization that is making a change in the lives of so many men and women who have fought for our country. At Sunday’s service, Matt introduced three men who served in the military. They shared their stories from the war and how Operation Warrior Reconnect, with the love of Jesus, helped to change their lives.

I left the service, feeling more patriotic and thankful for the United States military.

In honor of Independence Day, I wore my red, white, and blue. I wanted to style my outfit in a different way. I thought at first this was too much red, white, and blue, however it was just right. I actually received a compliment from one of the veterans who spoke at Church. He said, “That’s a really put together outfit, anchors away baby!”

Red white blue

Red white blue

The Look
Wedges – Skechers (These wedges give height and are so comfortable)
Purse – Carlos Falchi
Chambray shirt jacket – Tommy Hilfiger
Freedom Blue shirt – Church on the Rock
Skirt – Charter Club, Macy’s

My doggie Vinny, has to be in the my pictures with me. Sometimes to he is photobombing behind me.

Pattern of Skirt, photo by Bubblingwitheleganceandgrace.com

This is the pattern of the skirt, see the anchors and the stern.

I do not share 10 or more pictures of the same image on one blog post. My limit is no more than four. I like to share something different and I that is too much of me in the same outfit.
In this collage, I also share my Zuni-inspired real turquoise sterling silver bangle. Turquoise is one of my favorite stones. I wear all year long and it was perfect with this outfit.
I was working out in the yard and accidentally clipped the three star gazer lilies that looked like they wouldn’t bloom. This disheartened me and husband said, “This one has a bud, so lets put it in the stalk in the dirt with the other flowers.” Guess what, it bloomed!! I will bring it inside, and my wise husband said you bloom where you are truly planted; I couldn’t of said it better myself.

Independence Day collage

Independence Day collage photo by Bubblingwitheleganceandgrace.com

If you would like to help the Warrior Reconnect foundation, you can click on Roever Foundation.

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