Hello Wonderful People!

Today, we celebrate the birthday of a wonderful person we affectionately call MOMMY BERNICE.

Eighty-one years ago today, Bernice Matilda Schulte was born in Freeburg, Missouri. She is the daughter of Henry and Katie (Linnenbrink) Schulte, She is the third of six children. Her life is filled with many wonderful stories of faith and resilience. She makes me proud to be her son. Here are a few stories for you.

When she was only fourteen years old, her father had gotten sick and was unable to work his job at the local MFA feed store. In order for her daddy to keep his job, she had to quit school and work his job. Her brother would also work with her in the store. While her father would recover from his illness and was eventually able to return to work, she was never able to return back to school. However, she didn’t allow the lack of a formal education stop her. She served her family as a wonderful mother; and raised her children well.

After getting married to my father in 1957, she gave birth to nine children, with me being the youngest. Sadly, four of her babies died only days after being born; and a fifth child died at the age of 37. At one point, she lost three premature babies in just four years. Despite these setbacks, she and my father never lost their faith in God and persevered through the hard times. Ultimately, the doctors found the source of the problem, fixed it and then she was then able to have three successful pregnancies. I guess they stopped after having that perfect baby (me)!

During their marriage, my father dealt with many sicknesses; from bleeding ulcers to lung cancer. Unfortunately, he would lose his battle to cancer and his life ended prematurely in 1987. She once again battled through, raising her youngest children on her own. I know it had to be a tough time for her, but she never would let me know it. And if you ask me, I will say she has done an awesome job.

Later in her life, she has overcome her own health challenges, from a broken hip, a broken ankle, and a fractured back (not at the same time); to macular degeneration and rotator cuff tears. But in spite of this, she still keeps her faith in God and maintains a positive attitude. She has been through so much, but I believe it has made her stronger.

Mommy Bernice is wonderful example of Godly woman who maintains her faith despite the circumstances. She is one who is deeply loved and admired by her family and her many friends. I can definitely say that I have not meet any one like her. I thank God for her and want the world to know all about her. We Love You, Mommy Bernice!!! And, Happy Birthday!!!



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