Do we always have to show the good side of ourselves?
Is the best video or picture the right one?

This past weekend I did a video perfume review on Fancy  by Jessica Simpson and everything was going great until a bee entered the picture.  I am going to put it out there, I do not like bugs especially ones that sting.  I have heard so many times they won’t bite if you don’t mess with them.  This statement is not true by any means.  When I was about 10 years old I was minding my own business and was stung in the car because a bee happen to get in through the window and landed on me.

Back to the video! Well my hubby and I watched both videos because we had to do an outtake and re-shoot the video because bees were abound.  Insects love our flowers and me for some reason. Well the out take was pretty funny so we included segments of that shoot at the end because it really showed the true me. I love to laugh and have a good time. So why not show it.

And the kicker to this story is that I am outside in 100 degree heat with fruity fragrance.  You would think I could figure out that sweet fragrance and bees go hand in hand. LOL!



Well my hubby and I take quite a few pictures to get the right one for my blog. They often have to be edited.

For example, this picture to me looks like the shot was taken in a dark room and my beagle is looking somewhat fierce (he’s really not but that’s the way it looks).  So in this instance, I would use aperture and edit to make this picture look better. Aperture is a photo editing software that is used with Macintosh computers.  Sometimes I will use more than one photo editing software but that mainly depends on what type of post I am doing at the time.

I uploaded the picture in aperture added some lighting adjustments and vibrancy and the picture is completely different.

Lightened the background of the picture

The edited version to me brings out the warm hues of the dress and the colors in the background.

Picture number two below is dark so it needs some editing.

Picture very dark

Added some lighting elements with aperture.

Better lighting

I make tough decisions on whether pictures make the cut or not on my blog. Even sometimes after I edit the pictures they don’t look entirely how I would like them to. However sometimes I may find a raw gem that has to get put in even though it may not be picture perfect.

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