We all have goals and dreams. For our family, for us, for our friends. The problem is, it’s all good and well having the intention to do good things with your time, but the truth is: there is a price tag associated with making our dreams come true. Whether it’s finally getting the house you’ve always dreamed about, or traveling to some of the world’s best destinations, it’ll be an uphill battle to get the level of money we need. It’s not, however, impossible. Far from it, in fact. Below we offer 5 tips for putting more money in your pocket.

Fund Your Dreams With These Money-Saving Tips / Photo By JTwisdom

Money Out, Money In
There’s one very simple way to have more money. And that is: spend less of it. Easier said than done, of course. Instead of having a general ambition of spending less money, make it specific. For instance, if you’re going out for dinner or drinks once a week, think about making it once a month and then put the difference into a savings account. We’re all guilty of spending more money than we realize on the non-essentials. If we can take control of it, then we’ll be on the right path.

Slash the Household Bills
It’s our homes that end up costing us the biggest percentage of our monthly income. You won’t be able to eradicate these bills entirely, of course, but you can reduce that percentage. The key is to look at where the money is going. If you have an expensive cable bill or are using too much energy, then your bills will naturally be higher than if you lived without them. See where you can trim the fat and your savings account will grow faster than you realize.

Avoid Paying Top Dollar
Some things we simply have to buy, like new clothes, certain electrical items, and food. While you can’t avoid buying these things, you can help yourself by buying them in a smart way. Take a read of the 7 most important tips for couponing, and you’ll soon find that you’re spending much less on your groceries if you incorporate the tips into your shopping habits. If you need to buy clothes, wait until the end of season sales – the clothes are brand new, still in fashion, but will be a fraction of the cost. The same goes for electricals and the Thanksgiving/Christmas sales.

If you want to speed up having the money you need to reach your goal, then you might have to sell some of the stuff you already own. Have a walk through your home and see how many items you have that you no longer use. Once you’ve gathered up all the items, it’s time to start listing them on eBay and other online stores. You might have hundreds of dollars worth of goods just sitting there in your home!

Golden Rule: Think!
Finally, a key rule – think before you buy. If you’re conscious of the money you’re spending, you’ll be in a better position to say no and keep that money in your bank account.

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