Wow! to hear that Donna Summer died today at the age of 63 was such a shock.  She is the Queen of Disco and she has so many great hits and is an influence on disco as well as pop music.

As a little child I remember listening to one her songs “Bad Girl,” going around the house saying toot toot hey beep beep.

In this video  “On the Radio,” she looks like she could be singing right now, doesn’t look vintage at all.  She was a beautiful lady.

She really sung her songs like she was weaving a story and you were right there like you were in a movie.

“Hot Stuff,” was a get up and dance song that would have everyone on their feet.

“Love to Love You Baby,” was sung and performed with class. In this video I am loving the gold platform boots and the dress and her hair is fierce. She was the Queen of Disco, big hair and style.

“Last Dance,” was such a grooving get up and move song.

“She Works Hard For The Money” was another favorite of mine.  I remember this video because I knew the words by heart and she had that awesome hair. I love big curly hair and her style on this video was too cool.

Donna Summer’s popularity is worldwide.  She also was an accomplished visual artist.

Donna Summer’s knew Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior so I know she is with the Lord in heaven. Her music will always bring back great memories of me singing with my faux mic in front of my Mother.



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