Remnants of hurricane Isaac recently brought heavy rains into our area over the course of three days. The total rainfall was over three inches; but we needed it.

After it rains, it seems like the house gets really dirty. Having two dogs that regularly shed is even more of a need to clean the house.  The vacuum cleaner I have now sucks up the dog hair; but after a while, it gets clogged and my hubby or I have to clean it out. I have been looking at different vacuum cleaners.  I came across  a vax vacuum cleaner on the vax website that offered different variations of machines.  Their mascot Gatsby is too cute.

My ideal vacuum cleaner

1. Picks up dog hair
2. Not heavy to lift
3. Cleans hardwood floors
4. Good price for good quality

I just vacuumed my carpet when this picture was taken.

I have carpet on my platform where my baby grand piano is located. To keep the carpet clean I vacuum at least once a week.  The color of the carpet is a blush rosy pink so dirt and pet hair is noticeable. I have a beagle and a collie. Even though they have short and long hair the shedding is quite substantial.  To keep the hair from overtaking the house, my hubby and I have to comb them at least twice a week. After we comb them, it looks like we could almost knit a small sweater. But by grooming them we keep the house looking in tip top shape.  We love are doggies so combing them is also a good time to play with them too.

I was looking at an article from Better Homes and Gardens, How to Clean Carpet. It gives great tips on how often you should clean your carpets and what to look for in finding a vacuum  or steam cleaner. Carpets are in investment so I want to make sure that I am doing my best to keep them clean so they will last for years.

Next Cleaning the House episode I will discuss dusting.

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