Be Encouraged with Lisa Bevere and ‘Without Rival’

Without Rival by Lisa Bevere

Hello Beautiful People,

Do you keep your emotions locked up on the inside? Do you feel like a failure every time you make a mistake?

With Lisa Bevere’s new book, Without Rival, she speaks to these issues that have trapped women for a long time. In her book, Bevere serves as an advocate for women. Through her encouraging words, she inspires women to be all that they can be by stretching them to do more and be more. Bevere herself reads the ChristianAudio version of the book. I enjoy an audiobook the most when the author reads the book because it provides a deeper and more personal connection to the author.

One quote from Lisa resonates with me — “The fact that if you failed doesn’t make you a failure.”

Matthew 25:13:30
“Not about our pace but about how we win the race.”

I agree that, as women, we have to remember we are not too old, too young, too experienced or too inexperienced. We have to watch what we say about ourselves because it is so easy to get caught in to that what everyone else says trap.

There are so many nuggets and even study questions after each chapter. I had to pause and repeat and pause again to get the questions all written down. I advise you to get a notebook so you can write down the questions and notes of what speaks to you.

It was also good to hear her speak about examples of how she is working on herself and talked about her personal struggles.

For example, whatever you do, don’t compare yourself with other people. It’s so easy to wish what someone else has or does for a living. You have heard this before, but the grass is not always greener on the other side. There may be some potholes in that yard.

“Comparison = refuge for the cowardly.”
“Comparison is the thief of joy.” Theodore Roosevelt

Lisa gives scriptural back up in this book, so it is not just your regular self-help handbook.

Another nugget from Lisa:
“Fame is not what makes someone a king.”

This book is full and deep with spiritual revelation. I recommend this book because it is just you and God working through these processes of really, looking at yourself. Each chapter is a Bible Study. This book makes you think and take a look at what really matters.

“Without God, we are nothing; but as we seek him, we find him.”

FTC Disclaimer:
ChristianAudio provided us with this audiobook as a free downloaded in exchange for writing this review. We received no monetary compensation for this review and all opinions and comments are our own.

Four Reasons Why You Need The iPhone 7

Hello Happy People!

Have you ever noticed that there are two types of smart phone users — iPhone users and everyone else. Since the beginning of smart phones, I have been a strong voice for the everyone else crowd. I was not a believer in the iPhone and all the hoopla surrounding it. That was until I had the opportunity to try the iPhone 7. Thanks to Verizon Wireless, we had the opportunity to demo the latest iPhone for thirty days and write this review. Here are four reasons why the next phone that I purchase for myself will be the iPhone.

The iPhone 7

  1. Improvements for the phone
    Apple consistently updates and upgrades its products to always give the latest and greatest technology. We demoed the iPhone 7, the latest in a long list of iPhones that have been on the market. With that commitment to improving its products, I give Apple high marks. One of the noticeable upgrades for the iPhone 7 over previous version is the inclusion of 3D Touch, which allows the user to touch the screen at different intensities for different results. For example, I could touch the screen to open an app, and if I touch lightly, I would open list of menu options for that app — a shortcut into the app’s most used features, for quicker access. As you can see in the photo below, I touch the icon for the Systems features and I was given a list of options to go to. This upgrade from previous versions of the iPhone makes my experience quicker and more productive. I have not seen this on any other smart phone on the market. The advance upgrades make Apple the leader in the industry.

    Using the 3D Touch feature on the iPhone 7

  2. Syncs with iCloud
    Since Apple makes a variety of products, you can use iCloud to make sure all of your these products work together and talk to each other. We already have a MacBook Pro computer and an iPad at home that use iCloud. When I would take a photo with the iPhone, it would instantly show in my iCloud photo library, which was then immediately available to be viewed on the computer and our iPad. All of the these technologies work together seamlessly with iCloud. Being able to go to makes me more organized and lets us be able to know where are photos are in one place.
  3. Photo and video quality
    We all want to capture those special moments of life with a photo or video, but your camera is nowhere near you. Chances are that your phone is in your pocket or in your purse. My experiences with smart phone cameras has been less than positive. The photo looks grainy if it is enlarged even a small amount, or the photo just doesn’t come out well in the first place. But with the iPhone, Apple uses a higher camera components and the outcome is sharper and clearer picture that can be enlarged with less distortion.
  4. Battery life
    One of the greatest features that the iPhone is its long-lasting battery. I could unplug the phone from the charger as I am leaving for work. And by the end of the work day, the battery would be at 87% charged or 92% charged, even with using the phone throughout the day for text messages, phone calls or checking Facebook. Not having to keep the phone attached to a charger while at work or in the vehicle is such a great thing. It truly makes a wireless phone a reality. My current phone and other ones in the past drain the battery so fast, and that is even if I am not using the phone that much.Apple provides an overall superior product that other companies are trying to catch up to. I owned several brands for my personal use and have reviewed several for this blog, but Apple is the industry leader. If you have never tried an iPhone and you are needing to upgrade your current phone, I would recommend switching to the iPhone. You will be amazed at the difference and you will not be disappointed.
    FTC Disclaimer:
    Verizon Wireless provided Bubbling and Elegance and Grace with the iPhone 7 for thirty days to write this review. At the end of the thirty days, we returned the phone back to Verizon. We did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. All opinions are our own.

Five Reasons To Try The Samsung Gear Fit2

Hello Wonderful people!

It is my prayer that you had a wonderful and prosperous week. The temperatures hovered around 70 degrees most of week. We actually have our daffodils blooming in the backyard, and it is only February. I have to remind myself that it is technically still winter and the weather can quickly change and we could still see snow before Spring actually arrives.

Even during the Winter months, it is important that you keep your fitness goals on your mind. One of the easiest ways to make sure that you don’t loose sight of the goals is with a personal fitness tracking device. These devices have surged in popularity in the last couple of years, as more options have come on the market at various price points. Thanks to our partnership with Verizon Wireless, we demoed one of Samsung’s fitness tracker — the Gear Fit2. We have reviewed other devices in the past, but this was our first time trying a Samsung device. After using the Gear Fit2 for thirty days, I am convinced that it’s one of the best devices on the market and it competes with the other more well-known companies. Here are four reasons why I would recommend this device.

The Samsung Gear Fit2 contours to the shape of the wrist for a comfortable fit.

#1 ) The Samsung GearFit2 fits better and is more comfortable than the other devices that I have used in the past. As you can see in the photo above, the device has a curved face, allowing it to contour the shape of your wrist. It does not sit on top of the wrist, it curves around the wrist. Since you will be wearing this device almost all the time, you do not want it to feel like uncomfortable.

  Samsung Gear Fit2

#2) The device comes in two sizes, with detachable bands that can be changed out with different colors, designs and fabrics. You can pick any color in the spectrum and  have it in leather, stainless steel or plastic. If you want the band to coordinate with your outfit, you are sure to find the right one. Another benefit of interchangeable bands is that the technology of the device is kept in the face itself, so if a band were to get torn or ripped, you do not have purchase an entirely new device.

#3) The Super AMOLED screen, measuring at 1.5 inches, is the largest that I have seen on any fitness tracker. Using the same technology as smart phones, you can navigate the multi-colored screen with the touch of a finger. The screen moves up and down to reveal more detailed information. You can be also navigate to the left or right for new categories of information. The additional screens track your total number of steps for the day, your heartbeat, calorie and water intake.

#4) With the large and navigable screen, you can see detailed fitness logs for the current day and previous days.Not only can you see the number of steps for today, but also the number of steps for the previous two weeks. This is the first fitness tracker that I have used where I was not dependent on my smart phone to provide those details.

#5) The device also syncs with your smart phone to provide notifications of incoming phone calls, text messages, Facebook and other apps. Many times I do not have my phone close at hand, so it great to do know that I have call coming in and need to get my phone.

With any fitness tracker, you will need to regularly charge its battery. I found that the Samsung Gear Fit2 needed a charge every three days, which is more often than most devices. Despite having to keep the charger close at hand, I would recommend it to anyone who wants purchase their first tracking device, or for someone who wants to upgrade their current device with one that has more features. The device retails for $179.99; but is currently priced at $99.99 on Verizon’s website.

FTC Disclaimer:
Verizon Wireless provided Bubbling With Elegance And Grace with the Samsung Gear Fit 2 personal tracker for thirty days. At the end of 30 days, the tracker was returned to Verizon. We did not receive any monetary compensation to write this review. All opinions expressed on this review are our own.

Last Minute Holiday Gift Goodies From Verizon

Hi Beautiful People,

Christmas is right around the corner. It’s countdown time.
Are you still pondering what to get that mother-in-law and father-in-law who has everything? Do you not know what to get your niece who is in college?
Well let JTwisdom and Jay, with the help of Verizon Wireless, find the perfect gift. You do not need to know anyone’s ring or shoe size.

Do they like to listen to music? Do they want to feel like they are the only person in the room while they are listening to music?

My top gift selection of the season is the Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones. I have to get myself a pair. They are that good. You have to experience the superb sound quality and the comfort to believe it.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones

The Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones are perfect for listening to your favorite tunes or inspirational messages. The range of the wireless connection was great. You could go from one room to the other without any sound interruption.

  • Superior noise-cancelling technology for better audio, enhanced sound blocking
  • Connect easily to wireless devices via Bluetooth® and NFC pairing
  • Up to 20 hours of wireless listening per charge

*Disclaimer:The Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones were out of stock on Verizon’s website when I demoed them. Hopefully they will be in stock soon. You could check to see if the headphones are available in a Verizon store near you.

My second top gift selection is the Pixel, the Google phone teamed with the Daydream View.

The Pixel is the first phone created by Google and is causing quite a stir in the tech community and for good reasons.
To name a few:

  • Slick Design and comes in Quite Black, Very Silver or Really Blue
  • Storage 32GB or 128GB capacity. This phone has smart storage so you will never have a message that says your storage is full.  Once you set it up you Smart storage it will let Pixel know when you need to free up space for extra storage.
  • Google Assistant -Ask to a question or tell it to do things for you. Reminds me of Siri that you would use on your iPhone.
  • The photo images taken with the phone are very clear and video quality is nice.
  • Charge phone for 15 minutes and it gives 7 hours of battery life only if it’s plugged into the wall outlet.
  • Setup for Daydream view

Pixel, Phone By Google

Daydream view VR
Which is a higher technology marvel and makes the View finder of yesterday really look like a child’s toy.

Daydream View

Hubby really enjoyed the Daydream View which is a headset and remote controller by Google that takes you virtually into museum art galleries, go swimming with the dolphins, jump from a helicopter, learn how to surf a wave, and visit the Taj Majal, and go 360 degree journeys around the world. Jumping from the helicopter was a doozy. You really have to make sure you sit down at all times you are using this device. You can even play a few games, the collections are growing and you can watch Youtube videos or movies.

I don’t know if its my head, wearing glasses or what, but when I would first put on the headset it felt fine. However after a few minutes I would feel the viewer sliding down the front of my face.  I would hold the front of the viewer to be able to see clearly through it. Once I took the viewer off and adjusted it again I was okay. I could only play for 45 minutes because the headset would get heavy on me and the phone would get hot, and battery would go from fully charged to 40 percent. I needed to stop and let it cool down and recharge it.

If you do not have a Daydream ready-phone, it will not work with the Viewer. If you don’t have the Pixel, Phone by Google, please see the full list of compatible phones here.  *Daydream-ready phones are built for VR with high-resolution displays, ultra-smooth graphics and high-fidelity sensors for precise head tracking.

The Boise QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones, Pixel, Phone by Google, and the Daydream View VR would be wonderful gifts for the techy person on your list for gift giving this Christmas or however you celebrate the holidays this season.

FTC Disclaimer:
Verizon Wireless provided us with these items to demo and write a review. We did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. All opinions are our own.

Girl Gadget: LG V20 Smartphone

Hi Beautiful People,

It has been a little brisk outside the last couple of days. With temperatures hovering in the 40s and 50s, the weather has turned considerably cooler than last week, but it feels great. Fall and Winter are my favorite time of the year. Can’t wait for that first snow of the season. I spent some time in my backyard with my hubby and my doggies, enjoying the cool breeze and bundled up in quilted corduroy jacket.

When outside, I wanted to capture the last of my summer flowers before they fell victim to the frost.


A closeup of the marigolds



The miniature roses.

Do you think I captures these photographs with the latest DSLR on the market?
No, I actually snapped these photos with the LG V20 smartphone, available exclusively at Verizon Wireless.The petals look like you could touch them. The colors are rich and vibrant and appear to be jumping on the screen. I recently had the opportunity to try the phone, courtesy of Verizon Wireless. The picture above of the rose in my backyard looks like a professional image. The rose has been brought to the forefront with the background slightly blurred for intensity.  I didn’t blur the background the camera on the LG V20 did it on its on.  Amazing!

The smartphone retails on Verizon’s website for $672.00 and features

  • Steady record 2.0. No video shakiness.
  • Enjoy crisp, full sound with amazing detail. Hi-Fi Quad DAC playback reduces noise by up to 50 percent and lets you hear audio just the way you recorded it.
  • Wide angle capabilities to have more sharper shots to capture all of the scenic views and include more friends.
  • Record studio-quality audio on the go. Three sensitive AOP microphones capture higher quality sound with a wider dynamic frequency range. Record with lossless audio formats supported by professional camcorders. The Studio Mode allows for mixing vocals over recorded or instrumental music.

My hubby and I are not the only ones who enjoy being outside when the weather turns cooler. Vinny, our trip-collie, enjoys running through the yard and playing with his stick. The video below, captured with the LG V20 Smartphone, shows my hubby playing with Vinny.

The excellent image and sound quality rivals that of any DSLR camera or HD camcorder that I have used. Vinny’s bark is clear and you can hear the stick hitting the concrete far off in the distance.

One the same day we were out enjoying the coolness, the Super Moon rose over the Earth. My hubby and I wanted to see how well the camera would do. It is hard for even the hi-tech cameras to capture quality images at night and especially the moon.
The photo below is pretty good, the LG V20 actually captured the glow around the moon.

Super moon

Super moon

If having a quality camera and video recorder is a top priority when selecting a new smartphone; then you need to consider purchasing the LG V20 from Verizon Wireless. The image and video quality exceeded our expectations. Most people think you would need to carry with you the clunky DSLR camera or weighty camcorder to get these high quality results. Instead, it is all within reach of your smartphone. Your all-in-one media package is now complete with the LG V20 smartphone.


FTC Disclaimer:
Bubbling With Elegance And Grace received the LG V20 Smartphone from Verizon Wireless in order to write this review. We received no monetary compensation for this review and all opinions are our own. After the demo time period was over, the smartphone was returned back to Verizon Wireless.


RoadTripping with JT: Capturing the Beauty of Moab

Looking for a outdoor adventure for you next road trip?
Maybe taking an adventurous hike through the mountains? Maybe getting an adrenalin rush from an off-roading adventure in a 4×4 vehicle is more your speed? Or maybe a peaceful drive, looking at the panoramic vistas of the rock formations is the way you want to spend an afternoon. But if all three adventures sound great to you, than I suggest that you discover the greatness of Moab, Utah.

Each year, millions of people ascend to this small town of just over 5,000 people in eastern Utah to experience nature at its finest. Moab is jumping off point for two national parks, a state park, and the Colorado River. If you want a vacation where you stay inside all the time, then Moab is not the place for you. But if being outside and experiencing the beauty of God’s amazing creation, then it time set packing and head to Moab and find out what it has to offer you.

My wife and I experienced Moab for four days in early September. We celebrated our 17th anniversary with several hikes, an off-road adventure in Jeep, a jet-boat cruise on the Colorado River and a trip to an outdoor dinosaur museum. I will write in more detail about our experiences in future posts. But today, I want to show you the beauty of Moab and that you must capture in photographs and through videos.

Capturing great the beauty of Moab is essential for any roadtripper. We carried our DSLR camera to capture the panoramic shots. Moab is home to countless majestic mountains, overpowering rock formations and intricate stone arches, with the most famous one being Delicate Arch in Arches National Park. A trip to Moab would not be complete without the three mile hike to see it. A DSLR camera is a must if you need to zoom in and to take a photograph of a landmark that is far off in the distance. A DSLR camera will provide you with greater detail in the photograph that a cell phone or point-and-shoot camera cannot give you.

Delicate Arch in Arches National Park

Delicate Arch in Arches National Park

Stone arches can be found throughout the Moab region with the highest concentration being in Arches National Park. Some arches are close to the roadway and it it easy to get to them. Other ones, like Eye of the Whale Arch, are more secluded in the backcountry and requires an off-road 4×4 vehicle to get you close to them. Where the road ends, you must hike the rest of the way. For our hike to the Eye of the Whale Arch, I used a GoPro Hero 4 video recorder strapped to my chest with the GoPro Chesty. I wanted to use the GoPro camera and accessories, courtesy of Verizon Wireless, to capture the hike because sometimes taking a photograph does not always show the full scope of your adventure.

The video shows my wife and I with our guide Chip and our tour buddies Peter and JY. With the GoPro attached to my chest, it allowed to keep my hands free to get to my water bottle and to keep the camera close by if I wanted a photograph. The GoPro captures stunning high-quality continuous videos at 780p up to 4K and time-lapse videos. The GoPro can also we used as a standard camera, with 12MP photographs captured in single-frame mode or burst mode (multiple images at one time). With other accessories (which I did not use during this demo), the GoPro can be attached to the handlebars on your bicycle; to your the forehead or your vehicle’s dashboard. It is amazing that a device so small and so compact can deliver so much at a great price. Other devices on the market will cost more and will do only one thing well. The GoPro does it all well and exceeded my expectations. I recommend the GoPro to anyone who wants save that memory but needs it to be done in a non-traditional method. Don’t forget the extra memory cards and batteries if you are out and about for a full day adventure.

Have you roadtripped to Moab to experience its beauty? Let me know about your visit? What was your favorite hiking trail? What was your favorite arch? What would you recommend to others planning a visit? Let me know in the comments section down below.

FTC Disclaimer:
Bubbling with Elegance and Grace received the GoPro Hero 4, the GoPro Chesty and the SD Memory Card from Verizon Wireless in order to write this review. We received no monetary compensation and all opinions are strictly our own. After the demo period, we returned the products to Verizon Wireless.

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