Photo Friday: Best Friends

Hello Wonderful People!

Welcome to a new feature on our blog. We call it Photo Friday. In these posts, we will select one photo (maybe more) and talk about what it means to us. The first photo that we feature is one that includes our favorite four-legged furry friends – Gio and Vinny!

Gio and Vinny!


If you have been following our blog for a while, you will know that we are big dog-lovers. We both grew up with dogs and love the joy that they bring to our life. Our family is blessed to have two amazing dogs, who just happen to be best friends. Gio is a beagle who was rescued off of the streets when he was only a year (or two) old. We don’t know his exact story of where he came from and how he has ended up on the streets. Vinny was born on a collie farm in northwest Illinois and came to our family after our other collie Israel passed away. Coming from opposite backgrounds and breed types, we were not sure how well they would get a long. But after being together for almost ten years, we can say that they are truly best friends. Gio is a little dog who thinks he is a big dog; while Vinny is a big dog who thinks he is a small dog. If you believe that opposite attract, Gio and Vinny would fit that description. Gio is the loud and boisterous one, while Vinny is quite and mellow one. Gio is always hunger and ready for treats; but Vinny is cool no matter when he gets to eat. But through it all, they are always together. Whether they are outside chasing squirrels or sleeping at night, they are never too far away from each other. Vinny is always looking up to his big little brother and wants to be with all the time. When we come from work, Gio is in his crate and Vinny is usually right next to him. They will fuss and bark at each other, but they have never fought with each other. Truly what it means to be Best Friends.

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