The Unexpected Joy Of Our Canine Friends

Many of your pals probably talk to you about the joy their mutts bring to their humble abode. You might hear about their silly antics, their hilarious capers and be shown untold numbers of photos of their pooches in the most ridiculous positions every time you catch up for a coffee. Lately, you’ve been thinking that you quite fancy getting in on the action. Although you know you want a hound of sorts, you have no idea what kind and you don’t know where to start when it comes to puppy training or obedience classes. Don’t worry – that will come in time. The love and affection you will end up giving to your new four-legged friend will be repaid to you and then some. Take a look at these reasons why you should no longer put off getting a dog.


Dogs Are Good For Your Health
If you’re a bit of a couch potato, then welcoming a dog into your home could result in you becoming much more active. You will be spending your days initially chasing after a puppy with never-ending energy before taking your pooch on long leisurely walks across open fields and through beautiful countryside. While you will be walking more than ever, the fresh air and scenery will also help you to de-stress, alleviate any depression and take a break from the pressures of modern life. Some studies even suggest that owning a dog can be beneficial in lowering your blood pressure, cholesterol and your chances of developing heart problems.

Dogs Give You A New Love
Our beloved pets give us renewed purpose and a focus in life. Dogs are no different. If you’ve come in from a particularly manic and stressful day at work to be greeted by a creature ridiculously excited to see you, jumping up at your lap and licking your face, you won’t fail to smile. The stresses of your day will melt away, and you can relax with your canine pal.

Jay with Gio

Having a pet to focus your attention means that you will do your utmost to ensure they are well cared for and remain healthy. You’ll feed them the most appropriate diet and take care of their health needs. You will ensure that they have a strict monthly anti-flea regimen and encourage them to take their chewable Heartgard tablet to keep them free from worms. Soon, you’ll be caring for your mutt like you would for your firstborn.

Dogs Are Sociable
Most dogs love getting to know the other hounds in the neighbourhood. Because they are such social butterflies, you will find that your social calendar fills up more regularly than ever before. You will meet plenty of like-minded dog walkers on leisurely strolls with your canine buddy. It’s up to you to get talking, arrange some doggy play dates and enjoy spending time with your new circle of dog loving friends.

If you’re thinking of getting a new pet, you should seriously consider the humble hound. A dog will bring you untold levels of unexpected joy and will be your faithful friend through thick and thin.

3 Dog Behaviours to Watch Out For (And What They Mean)

Dogs are wonderful creatures and whether you have adopted a puppy who bounds around full of energy or you have an old dog who prefers to spend more time under his blanket, they are good communicators. They can give you a single glance and you know that they want you to ruffle their ears. Or sometimes they are even more direct than that. How many times has your dog brought you his lead as a clear instruction: you will take me for a walk now?


But sometimes, your dog isn’t just trying to get a tasty snack or persuade you to put some boots on and head out in the rain for a long walk up a muddy track. Sometimes, they are trying to tell you something much more important and you might not have recognised the signs.

There are three common symptoms that dogs display when something is wrong and while all of these symptoms can have multiple causes, if you act fast, you will be able to help treat your dog and return him to his normal self as soon as possible.

Here’s what you need to know:

Scratching = I Have Fleas!
When dogs get fleas, they feel itchy because the fleas live in their fur, lay eggs and bite. Just as we might scratch a mosquito bite, dogs are compelled to scratch flea bites. Cats and dogs share the same breed of flea, so if you see your cat scratching too, you definitely need to find a treatment soon for each pet and probably your house as well. Fleas are quite happy to bite you too.

One treatment brand, Advecta, is ideal because they don’t just make spot on treatments and shampoos for dogs, they also make sprays for indoors and in the yard to get rid of any fleas waiting to pounce. If your dog has a pale coat, you will usually be able to see flea dirt in his fur or even the brown fleas themselves. It takes a while to completely get rid of fleas, but you will be able to monitor the situation by gently combing his coat as you would comb a child’s hair for head lice.

Though every dog gets fleas once in awhile, you can also use topical preventative treatments to reduce the amount they occur. One of the best things you can do – and your dog or cat will love – is regular brushing with a flea comb. This will help to remove the odd flea and make sure it doesn’t have an opportunity to start breeding. You should also keep your home clean and vacuum regularly to suck up any fleas or eggs that may be left in the carpet. This is especially important when you know that you pets have fleas or have had them recently.


Sickness and Diarrhea = I’m Not Very Well
Cats throw up all the time to help get rid of any furballs collecting in their stomachs, but this behaviour is not so normal for dogs. When your dog is sick, you might not need to go to the vet, but you must keep any eye on him to make sure that his symptoms don’t get worse. If you know that your dog has eaten chocolate, go to the vet immediately to seek help. They will be able to make sure that all the chocolate is safely removed from his stomach (they make him more sick!) and they can also provide pills to help slow his pounding heart to a safer level.

Most of the time, though, your dog will just be a bit under the weather so let him sleep it off in his bed, letting him cover himself with a blanket if he likes. Your dog is probably best placed to know what he needs to do when he is sick, so if he doesn’t want to go for a walk, don’t make him. Just give him some time to recover quietly on his own in bed – just what you would want! Keep an eye on him and if you notice any signs that he is getting worse, or the symptoms last for longer than a day, take him to the vet for a check-up to be on the safe side.

When they are sick, dogs have a tendency to drink too much at once and this can make them sick all over again. The best thing to do is provide water little and often so that they don’t drink too much. If you are concerned about your tap water, the best idea is to boil it and then allow it to cool completely before presenting it to your dog to ensure that there is absolutely no bacteria in there.

Tiredness and Coughing = I Might Have Heartworm
There are lots of reasons for both of these symptoms, but you should always have them checked by a vet to make sure that they are not being caused by heartworm. This is a parasitic worm that lives in your dog’s heart and lungs and should be treated as soon as possible.

The good news is that you can help to prevent any instances of heartworm using a simple spot-on treatment, pill or injection. These treatments must be administered regularly, though, as they are ineffective on adult heartworms. Your vet should also carry out annual tests, just to be sure.

Your dog is really very good at telling you things and now you have a better idea of what he means, you can both be much happier together! The main thing to remember is that if you have any doubts about your dog’s health or behaviours, you should take him to see the vet, if only to settle your own worries.

Most dogs will get a bit poorly from time to time, just as we do, and it is usually nothing to worry about. Make sure you take all the usual precautions with preventative treatments for fleas and heartworm as well as the usual vaccinations. All being well, your dog will live a long and healthy life with you.

Happy Birthday Vinny 2017!

Happy Birthday Vinny!

Today we celebrate the birthday of Vincenzo “Vinny” Adonis Tiny Tuxedo! Our little Vinny has grown into a sweet and lovable collie. Back in 2007, when our collie, Israel, crossed over the rainbow bridge, our life felt incomplete. My wife had grown up with collies and she knew that she always wanted one in her life. We had wanted to bring another collie in our family, but it proved to be difficult to find one in our area. In the fall of that year, I had been searching the classified ads and found a collie breeder who had a couple of collie puppies available. After telling her we were looking for a tri-collie, she sent us a photo of “Tiny Tuxedo”, shown below. Who could resist such a cute face!

The face we fell in love with!


After deciding we had to have “Tiny Tuxedo” in our family, my wife and I travelled over four hours to meet the little guy and his family. Not to far from the Quad-Cities, we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere in northwest Illinois at a farm with collies everywhere — Lassie collies, tri-collies, short-haired collies, and blue-merle collies. It was amazing to see so many collies at one time. “Tiny Tuxedo” took to us immediately. He melted our hearts and we knew he was the right one for us. We brought him home and named him Vincenzo Adonis. Vincenzo because we have a desire to visit to Italy and Adonis because he is such a pretty boy. We call him Vinny!

He has grown into a sweet, adorable and kind dog. He loves his big brother Gio and follows him everywhere. He is loyal and devoted to his humans. He is compassionate and knows when we need some doggie love and attention. has He enjoys being outside; chasing squirrels and barking at everyone. He is not fond of thunderstorms and loud noises; but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying life and bringing joy to our life.

If you looking for a dog breed that is kind and gentle; sweet and devoted; full of life and excitement; you will want to consider a collie. Vinny is proof that you will not find a better breed. He is a dog that works well for any family



Important Care Tips For First-Time Puppy Owners

When you bring a puppy home for the first time, all you’ll want to do is shower them with affection, or just sit back and watch their funny antics. Though puppies are certainly very cute, caring for one properly is no walk in the park (pun intended!) If you’re going to be bringing a puppy home in the near future, here are some important tips for being the best owner you can be…

Vinny having fun in the backyard!

Get Housetraining Done ASAP
Puppies, unfortunately, aren’t all that receptive to wearing diapers, so housetraining should certainly be a priority once they’re part of the family. While there’s a lot of helpful advice out there for housetraining, there’s no really easy way around it. It’s going to take a lot of patience, positive reinforcement and planning. It’s also not a bad idea to stock up on carpet cleaning supplies, as there are going to be accidents here and there. Until your puppy’s been vaccinated, it’s best to find a spot outdoors that’s inaccessible, or near enough, for other animals. This will help to reduce the chances of any viruses and diseased spreading. When they do their business outside, be sure to give a lot of positive reinforcement, and try to refrain from scolding him or her when they have any accidents indoors. This isn’t as helpful as it was once believed.

Feed Them Right
Like a child, your puppy’s body is going to be developing in some very important ways in these early years, which is why it’s important to pick out food that’s made especially for them. Start reading up on the nutritional requirements for your puppy, and checking the packaging to make sure you’re getting the best food for them. The best treats for puppies can also be very useful for reinforcing good behavior! While small and medium sized breeds of dog can start eating adult food after they’re roughly a year old, larger ones should generally stick to junior food until they reach the age of 2. You also need to be feeding them more frequently than you would a grown dog when they’re younger. From 6 to 12 weeks, puppies should eat 4 meals per day. From 3 to 6 months, this should go down to 3, and finally to 2 when they’re roughly a year old.

Teach Them Obedience
As cute as puppies can be, they’re also very naughty! If you don’t make a point to teach them obedience when the dog is still young, you’ll only be leaving space for more serious obedience problems in the future. Teach them good manners now, on the other hand, and you’ll ensure a lifetime of great social interaction. Furthermore, going through the rhythms of obedience training will bring you and your puppy closer together, and form a stronger bond, which is especially important when they’re young. Getting your puppy to sit, lie down, etc. on command will not only be a lot of fun, but will also help to keep the dog safe and under control in situations where they need it.

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Common Summertime Issues Affecting Dogs

All pet owners will want to make sure their animals spend as much time as possible outside this summer. The hot weather has arrived, and most of us humans are melting in the heat. Just imagine how uncomfortable you would feel wearing a fur coat right now. It doesn’t bear thinking about, does it? Well, your dog is dressed in a jacket of that nature all the time. So, you need to ensure you don’t leave it cooped up inside the house. That just isn’t fair. However, there are many issues you could face if you allow your canine to spend most of their time outside. I’m going to discuss some of the most common ones in this article so you can prepare. Don’t worry about anything. There is always a solution.

Dogs become too hot in the sun
As I have just explained, it makes sense that your dog is going to feel too hot if they spend a lot of time outside. Shaving their coat isn’t a reasonable option, so you have to use your head. If you plan to leave your dog in the garden for any length of time, you have to ensure there is a shaded area. If you don’t have any trees your friend can hide underneath, just try to create something. Hanging washing on your line could solve the problem in most instances. Whatever you decide, just create an area in which your dog can get themselves out of direct sunlight. If you do that, you shouldn’t have too many problems.

Dogs can become dehydrated
Massive increases in body temperature can make a dog dehydrated. When that happens, they can become ill fast. So, you need to ensure there is always water available for your pooch. It’s sensible to place their bowl in the shaded area you’ve created. That way, you will help to point the dog in the right direction. If you think your dog has become ill due to a lack of water, you need to encourage them to drink as much as possible. That is the case, even if it means pouring the liquid into their mouth. You can usually tell if your dog needs a drink by touching his or her nose. If it’s wet, they’re probably okay.

Dogs can pick up ticks and other infestations
During the summertime, it’s sensible to keep some tick medicine for dogs at home. That is because your animal might spend time rolling around in the long grass. When they do that, it’s possible they will attract unwanted insects and bugs. An infestation can start from a single tick, and so it’s not worth taking the risk. If you know your dog has spent hours lying on the grass, you should give them some medication as a precaution. It’s relatively safe, and so you shouldn’t have any issues. If you do have any concerns, just consult your vet and ask for advice.

Hopefully, the information on this page will help to guarantee your dog remains a happy chap this summer. At the end of the day, you just have to use some common sense. You wouldn’t leave a child outside in the sun without shade and enough water. So, make sure you apply the same logic to your animals. They are living creatures too, and you don’t want them to become ill.


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Practical Gifts For Dog Lovers That Make Ownership Easier

What’s the best gift for a dog lover? That’s a very open-ended question because it matters what the dog’s personality is and what kind lifestyle the owner leads. It can be overwhelming because the market is full of so many different products, all with various designs, functions and price tags. There are thousands and thousands of gifts that could benefit your pooch’s life, but many items are superficial. The best gifts to give a dog lover are some things that will last, work in the real-world, make the lives of both dog and owner easier and stress-free. One thing to keep in mind is that a product that is unique is unique to a situation and not every gift that’s good for one dog is going to be best for someone else’s. If you take a broad aim and answer some questions that could pinpoint a practical solution, that in itself will personalize the gift.

Nitey leash
People have jobs that require them to stay behind and work beyond normal working hours to reach a deadline or fix something that’s malfunctioned. However, dogs need walks regularly, and if they miss their daily strut, they can become agitated, restless and frustrated. Life isn’t perfect, and you arrive home late after the sun has set, the darkness outside will offset any enthusiasm for a walk. A nitey leash is like any other normal leash materially, but inside there are LED lights that light up the leash. This means there’s less chance for your dog to get hit by a car if they wander off while they’re sniffing around. Thus, you can get your daily walk in and not be held back by the lack of light to keep you both safe.

Image by – Silke Dalle-Grave

Snuggles and dreams
Some dogs cherish a children’s soft toy. They carry it around with them, play with them, swing them around, and sleep with them too. A soft toy can console a dog when they’re hurt, tired and feel sad. The toy becomes their possession, and just like humans who attach a personality to an inanimate object, dogs get emotionally attached to their toys sometimes. A cute, soft toy would be a great gift that replaces a blanket for a dog who wants to snuggle with something at bedtime.

The bed or cushion they sleep on is also important. A leather dog pillow bed is a luxurious addition to their life and large enough to allow them to stretch while yawning and not have their limbs hang off the edge. Made from ethically sourced buffalo leather and upholstery fabric, the bed is cozy and pleasant for dogs with different types of fur.

Source – majorvols

Chewing treats
Dogs can suffer from the periodontal disease just like human being, and it’s not something that owners can ignore. If a dog is suffering from inflamed gums, it can lead to the loss of appetite, and it even damages other parts of their body internally if bacteria enters their bloodstream through infected gums. Dental treats provide a source of food that is delicious yet healthy, and the more the dog chews, the more oral benefits are reaped. Buying a pack of treats as a gift will give an outcome of a happier dog and gums that have been cleaned thoroughly.


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