Reigning Men: Fashion in Menswear, 1715–2015 (Exhibition at the St. Louis Art Museum)

Hello Beautiful People,

My hubby and I saw a really cool exhibit at the St. Louis Art Museum, and the last day to see it is Sunday, September 17th.

Often when you think of fashion exhibitions, you think of women’s fashion – haute couture dresses, free-flowing ballgowns and the like. However with Reigning Men, menswear takes the stage with this exhibition that was organized by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Drawing on its own collection and from generous loans from private collectors, the exhibition examines men’s fashion from 1715 to 2015, featuring more than 150 pieces including zoot suits, military uniforms, and swimming suits. I have always been fascinated by the changes in men’s fashion, I even wrote my masters thesis on the subject. When I heard that this exhibition was coming to the Gateway City, I eagerly anticipated the opportunity to see it.

Inside Exhibit, Picture taken without Flash

I had requested for press pictures to include in this review; but I never received them from the Museum. It was awesome that we could take my own photographs, as long as I didn’t use a flash.

Excerpt of Exhibit from the St. Louis Art Museum as you enter.

Picture taken without flash at SLAM

Trailer about the exhibit

One of my favorites of the exhibit is Oscar Wilde in a smoking jacket. The richness of the velvet looks regal, but comfy; and transcends the time period that he would have worn it.

Oscar Wilde in smoking jacket Picture taken without flash at SLAM

The exhibit had so much apparel to showcase, I could of stayed there for hours to read the label each label. Do you see the picture below with the traditional Tuxedo jacket with tails and the non-traditional Tuxedo that was donated by Cameron Silver (who sells Halston apparel on QVC) with the tails in the back and in the front where the cummerbund would be. It almost looks like an elaborate apron that would have been worn by a maitre’ d at a restaurant or servant working in an English country manor. To see this garment up close was quite the treat.

Dapper in Tails Picture taken without flash at SLAM

These fur coats remind me so much of photographs that I have seen of my grandfather in his sporty car in the 1950s. Wearing fur was seen as a status symbol and showed off your wealth. I can only imagine how heavy it would have been to wear one of these jackets.

Image from the Exhibit –  Picture taken without flash at SLAM


Here is another image from the exhibit – is a look at the aristocratic uniforms and clothing of the 18th Century.

PIcture from the Exhibit

My hubby and I enjoyed seeing the many styles of men’s clothing from the last three hundred years. We ended the experience with a selfie.

J & T taking selfie at the St. Louis Art Museum

If you have not had a chance to see the exhibition and you are in the St. Louis area, please stop by the St. Louis Art Museum to see Reigning Men.
The exhibit had a short run and I am glad we were able to see it before it closed. If you are unable to make it, you can also see the virtual exhibition by clicking here or purchase an exhibit catalogue which includes photographs and descriptions of each piece from the exhibition.

9 Exquisite Trends in Men’s wedding bands for 2016 Weddings

After picking a wedding ring for your bride-to-be, it is time to get your ring. You are most definitely considering the normal plain wedding band that your father, godfather, uncles and married buddies don. You don’t have to. Standing out from the rest is a key personality trait and with all the fashion trends in the market, you are also catered for. Below are some of the trends in the market:

  1. Alternative

Shopping for a silver or gold traditional wedding is so overrated. Get a sophisticated black tungsten band to match your athletic nature and the love of the outdoors. Most alternative metals are more durable and scratch resistant. A black tungsten brass feel on the band can be softened with grooved details and polished edges.

Men's wedding ring

Men’s wedding ring

  1. Wood embellishments

Being unique is a great form of expressing your personality. Pure metal can be cliché, especially with the normal silver and gold finishes. Try a titanium wedding band with wood embellishments e.g. black cherry wood. You might make your bride jealous; so ensure that what you bought for her is either as good as or better than yours.

Men’s wedding bands are no longer boring. You can also buy a titanium band with a  barrel wood. This is a purely classic expression of your feelings and preference. Other available varieties include ones with wood oak embellishment or Damascus steel with a  barrel white oak.

  1. Sandblasted wedding bands

This is a lustrous wedding band that will leave an impression. They are durable, non-shine and scratch resistant. They are also hypoallergenic and affordable. Men’s wedding bands should also have some effort put into their design. The value added is invaluable.

  1. Brushed bands

Tired of the shiny finish of gold wedding bands? You can have a brushed one with a smooth finish. This is a new trend where crafters use recycled gold- 14carat- to obtain a finish to die for. You can also find lustrous brushed titanium wedding bands.

  1. Rustic design

There is timeless beauty and timelessness in a manly rustic design. Your house could be designed in a rustic style and now you can complement this by buying a wedding band with a rustic finish. The best can be textured with silver and copper or silver, copper and brass. They are fairly priced.

  1. Modern contemporary designs

To level up with the sophisticated modern designs, men’s wedding rings have been revamped big time and an example is an oxidized sterling silver ring with a black-grey finish. They have to be re-oxidized after some time but they will retain their smoky grey look.

  1. Slim bands

Gone are the days of wearing big uncomfortable bands. Men’s wedding bands have been revolutionized through slim and sleek bands. The types of metals used vary but the most common ones are from bronze and titanium.

  1. Meteorite based

The metals we know of should not limit your options when shopping for a wedding band. Other rare metals have been used in the recent past to make classy and sleek wedding bands. An example is the rare Brenham band over titanium.

  1. Diamonds

Ladies are not the only ones meant to wear diamonds. Men’s wedding bands can also have diamonds in them. For example, using sterling silver and blue diamonds, you can have an incredible wedding band for your man.

In conclusion, once you’ve decided to walk down the aisle, make the day memorable by investing in a trendy wedding band designed with your taste and individuality in mind.

Essential Guide To Men’s Caps

Caps are an essential part of every man’s wardrobe, but it is something that many of them get wrong. A bad cap can ruin a fine outfit if it is the wrong style or fit, so make sure you run through this guide to keep on top of your man’s look. Let’s take a look at some of your options.

My hubby in Santa Fe.

My hubby wearing his cowboy hat in Santa Fe.

My hubby enjoys wearing many different styles of hats and caps. In the photo above, he is wearing one of his favorite styles, a cowboy hat. Whatever style of cap that you decide for the man in your life, you want to make it a style that he enjoys wearing and that it looks good on him. If he doesn’t like the style, it doesn’t matter how good the cap looks, he won’t enjoy it.

The snapback cap is an American classic. It’s a slang term for the baseball cap, which are a huge seller all over the world. They are cheaper than more traditional caps and have seen a resurgence with modern youth in recent years. They are made by a huge range of manufacturers. Clothing labels such as Carhartt, Nike and Vans are popular brands, and there are also specialists cap makers like New Era. You can get custom New Era hats made for your man or go with the popular designs that include baseball team logos. The key to wearing a good baseball cap is to break it in. It takes a little while before it takes on the shape of the head – a combination of heat and moisture will gradually make it happen over time.

The Flat Cap
Flat caps are very adaptable and can be worn with a wide range of outfits, from suits and dress shirts to casual. It has its origins as a working man’s hat and when made of thick wool or tweed, is often identified as countryside style. However, corduroy, felt or linen versions work well in warmer climates and can be worn anywhere, including the city. Make sure you buy the correct size for your man’s head. It doesn’t just have to fit right, it has to look right, too. Large peaks are better for big heads, for example, but can overwhelm a smaller face.

The Newsboy
The newsboy cap is also referred to as the driver’s cap or a Gatsby. It is a more casual cap then the flat cap, and can be worn with a wide range of outfits, including a good suit. A simple pair of jeans and t-shirt can be jazzed up amazingly with a newsboy. Throw on a light scarf as well, and it is a simple and effective way of turning a plain outfit into something more dapper entirely. Again, your guy’s head size and shape will have a big effect on whether they can pull of a newsboy. It can have a mushroom effect on people with thin facial structures, or emphasize a big skull. Bring someone with you when trying it on and make sure you get a second – and third – opinion before buying a newsboy for your man.

With my hubby in San Francisco at Fishermen's Wharf.

JT with my hubby wearing his newsboy’s cap while at Fishermen’s Wharf in San Francisco.

The Military Cap
Military caps are based on the designs used by the military forces. They are very popular, but should be worn with more casual clothes. It is inadvisable to wear one alongside camouflage or military-inspired clothing unless somebody wants the full-on look. Military caps are adaptable, and will look good on the majority of heads. They are a great option for when people don’t have time to spend searching for an outfit, or need some sun protection while they go out on a run or a walk with the dog. However, they should be avoided for any formal occasions.

I hope this article can give some great ideas for buying a new hat for the man in your life. The key to all of it is getting the fit right. And don’t forget that every cap will look better as it starts to take the shape of the head.

What A Man Wants … In A Dress Shirt


Hi Elegant Readers,

What a beautiful day and great weather; this past weekend was quite warm. With the constant temper changes, I am hearing in the fashion grapevine that fall fashion is coming around the corner.  I love it when I see my hubby putting on a great shirt for work, church or a special occasion.  It’s something very chic to see my hubby in a great dress shirt.

The number one factor with selecting the ultimate dress shirt depends on  fit.

Why fit?
1. If the shirt is too tight in the waist, it will make the midsection (the tummy area) appear larger than it really is.
2. If the shirt is too loose in the waist, it can be overwhelming and possibly start coming out of the pants giving off a sloppy look.

If a shirt does not fit right on my hubby, all the other options are purely aesthetic.

Paul Fredrick has done a fabulous job of illustrating the “Anatomy of a Dress Shirt“. When you take a look at this illustration, I know that you will realize the cuffs are different, the collars are different, the pockets are different, and the length is different. There are many different dress shirt options available for any occasion, making one of them right for the man in your life.

PSA_01 Anatomy of a Dress Shirt

PSA_01 Anatomy of a Dress Shirt

I am sharing some of my hot fall 2014 favorites from Paul Fredrick.

The Dress Shirt
Dress shirts are not only in white, the men in my life have tons of choices to choose from and enjoy wearing color.

 The Paul Fredrick 2 -ply Cotton Satin Burgundy with Gold stripe dress shirt details below are:

Windsor Spread Collar: Shorter collar points than the straighter collar with a wider gap.
This collar is a classic and can be worn with a bulkier tie.

Mitered French Cuff: This cuff is found in more European shirtings; the cuff is cut at a 45 degree angle.
Pattern of fabric: Burgundy with Gold Stripe pattern that will add style to any pair of dress pants or jeans.

2-ply Cotton Satin Stripe Spread collar French cuff Dress Shirt Paul Frederick

2-ply Cotton Satin Stripe Spread collar French cuff Dress Shirt
Paul Fredrick

Bright Bold Colors
Stepping out of the box with this fun and colorful 2-ply-Cotton-Fine-Line Stripe Straight Collar dress shirt adds style.
When my hubby wears a shirt like this, it says that he has his own style and character. This dress shirt looks great with a pair of dress pants, jeans or paired with a blazer.

2-ply-Cotton-Fine-Line-Stripe-Straight-Collar-Dress-Shirt Paul Frederick

Paul Fredrick

The Paul Fredrick Fine Line Stripe Straight Collar Dress Shirt below details are:

 Straight Collar: A point collar, a classic collar that flatters face shapes.

Mitered cuff:This cuff is found in more European shirtings; the cuff is cut at a 45 degree angle.

Suit Trends for Fall 2014

1. Variations in Texture draws the eye towards this velvet jacket, paisley tie, stripe patterned socks and brown pants. Patterns due not have to completely match to coordinate together.
The different patterns are very flattering and makes a man look like he took time to put this outfit together.

Variations of Colors and patterns

Variations of Colors and Patterns
Paul Fredrick

The Burgundy Gold Stripe Dress Shirt featured above and in the picture below would give even more contrast to this blazer and dress pants.
The burgundy and gold works well with the blue tones in the blazer.

Coordinating different Dress Shirts Pau Frederick

Burgundy with Gold Stripe Dress Shirt paired with outfit
Paul Fredrick

Another example of texture and color is the suit below.
This 100% Donegal weave suit with the bright colored dress shirt can be worn all year long and could be broken up into separate pieces for variety of looks.
1.The blazer paired with the dress shirt without the tie and jeans.
2. The dress pants  paired with the vest and the dress shirt without the blazer.
3. The dress shirt  paired with the dress pants or a pair of jeans  alone.

Textures and Patterns Paul Frederick

Textures and Patterns
Paul Fredrick

The Red Stripe Dress Shirt featured above and in the picture below with the paisley tie would make this suit pop.
My hubby and the other men in my life would get compliments all day long with this gem.

Coordinating Dress Shirt with Donegal Weave Suit Paul Frederick

Coordinating Fine Line Stripe Dress Shirt with Donegal Weave Suit
Paul Fredrick

If you want the man in your life to look sharp with fine quality dress shirts, take a look at what Paul Fredrick has to offer.
The multitude of styles, colors and designs are top-notch and second-to-none. You, and your man, will not be disappointed.

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The Winner of the “You & Your Dan Post Photo Contest” is…

My hubby won the boot contest. Hurrah!

Choice number 1
Here are the choices of kicking boots he gets to choose from.
Choice number 2
Choice number 3

He chose number 1, I think those are really cool!

Congratulations honey!

Now, a few words from my hubby….

“I want to say THANK YOU to everyone who voted for me in the contest. I truly appreciate that you took time out our day to vote. This means so much to me. I couldn’t have done it without you. And a special thank you to my wonderful wife who was my photographer and who helped me select which of the photos to submit in the contest. Thanks Baby!”

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