Be Encouraged with Lisa Bevere and ‘Without Rival’

Without Rival by Lisa Bevere

Hello Beautiful People,

Do you keep your emotions locked up on the inside? Do you feel like a failure every time you make a mistake?

With Lisa Bevere’s new book, Without Rival, she speaks to these issues that have trapped women for a long time. In her book, Bevere serves as an advocate for women. Through her encouraging words, she inspires women to be all that they can be by stretching them to do more and be more. Bevere herself reads the ChristianAudio version of the book. I enjoy an audiobook the most when the author reads the book because it provides a deeper and more personal connection to the author.

One quote from Lisa resonates with me — “The fact that if you failed doesn’t make you a failure.”

Matthew 25:13:30
“Not about our pace but about how we win the race.”

I agree that, as women, we have to remember we are not too old, too young, too experienced or too inexperienced. We have to watch what we say about ourselves because it is so easy to get caught in to that what everyone else says trap.

There are so many nuggets and even study questions after each chapter. I had to pause and repeat and pause again to get the questions all written down. I advise you to get a notebook so you can write down the questions and notes of what speaks to you.

It was also good to hear her speak about examples of how she is working on herself and talked about her personal struggles.

For example, whatever you do, don’t compare yourself with other people. It’s so easy to wish what someone else has or does for a living. You have heard this before, but the grass is not always greener on the other side. There may be some potholes in that yard.

“Comparison = refuge for the cowardly.”
“Comparison is the thief of joy.” Theodore Roosevelt

Lisa gives scriptural back up in this book, so it is not just your regular self-help handbook.

Another nugget from Lisa:
“Fame is not what makes someone a king.”

This book is full and deep with spiritual revelation. I recommend this book because it is just you and God working through these processes of really, looking at yourself. Each chapter is a Bible Study. This book makes you think and take a look at what really matters.

“Without God, we are nothing; but as we seek him, we find him.”

FTC Disclaimer:
ChristianAudio provided us with this audiobook as a free downloaded in exchange for writing this review. We received no monetary compensation for this review and all opinions and comments are our own.

Daffodils in February!

Hello Lovely People,

Hope your day has been an awesome one!
February has come to end and the weather has been crazy to say the least. Temperatures have peaked out in the 70s in the middle of winter. Not just a day here and there. Most of the month has been abnormally above normal with regular high temperatures in the 60s and 70s. With temperatures like this, it leads to finds like this.

Yes, the daffodils are blooming the backyard. These springtime flowers are common in late March and early April, about the time of Easter Sunday. But the warm weather has caused a premature blooming season, even before the Easter (and Lenten) season even has begun. Hopefully this is not a sign of how spring and summer will be. I, for one, would like to see some snow. Our family, the doggies included, enjoy playing out in the snow, making snowmen and throwing snowballs. It is our hope that we will get at least one good snow fall before Spring actually arrives.

Do You Know Your Thanksgiving History?

Happy Thanksgiving, Beautiful People!

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

Thanking my Lord and Savior for everlasting life. Thankful for being surrounded by my hubby and my family.

“I thank you from my heart, and I will never stop singing your praises, my Lord and my God.” Ps. 30:12 (CEV)

Thanksgiving Day is a time to reflect back on what I am thankful for. Thank God each and everyday for health, family, abundance of prosperity, and much more.

What about creating a list?
It’s so good to sit down and make a list.  When you make of list of what you are thankful for, you can always go back to it for encouragement and even add more to it.

Thanksgiving is about the food, right?

No, it’s not just about the food. A lot is going on in America and the World right now, and we have so much on our prayer agendas to put before the Lord. I was searching for more information about the protest over the Dakota pipeline, and adding that on my prayer list. Praying for the Indian nation.

With today being Thanksgiving and thinking about the origins of the holiday, I remembered back to what I was taught in history class about the Pilgrims and the Indians. I didn’t know it was the Wampanoags nation, nor did I know much about these encounters. It is a shame that the history books then did not more provide the students with the full story. As a child I would read about that first thanksgiving and would watch cartoons during the holiday that depicted peace and unity.

However, I was not taught that the peace agreement between the Wampanoag nation and the Pilgrims did not last very long. On the Manataka American Indian Council website I read, “The Real Story of Thanksgiving,” the relationship between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag  nation turned from peace to hatred.  There was once peace but it didn’t even last 50 years. the The Pilgrims looked at the Wampanoag nation as teachers who taught them how to sustain the land they came to on the Mayflower, In contrast shortly after the peace agreement the relationship deteriorated in a downward spiral.

As a person of color researching her ancestry, I am disheartened because the story of Thanksgiving is not an entirely happy as some may have thought. Most of the time we only read one side of the story, but it is important that we take the time to read and study the whole story from all viewpoints.

I recently watched an American Experience (PBS) documentary about the Puritans. I don’t want to spoil it for you and give you all the highlights.However, I found it very interesting and thought-provoking. It made me want to learn more. The documentary is an hour and fifty four minutes so grab a cup of tea and let me know what you think afterwards.

Knowledge is power. Thanksgiving is not just another day.

A resource I plan to read:
“Invasion of American” by Francis Jennings on

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving and remember that if you are not with your loved ones or friends remember that Jesus loves you and you are special to Him and to us here at


Happy Birthday Gio!

Happy Birthday Gio!

It is hard to believe that it has been ten years since our favorite beagle came running into our life. Back in November 2006; a runaway beagle had been rescued by a friend of a colleague from work. However, the friend and her family could not keep him because they already had three beagles of their own who didn’t like the new addition to their family. The friend was desperate to find a new home for him. She contacted her neighbors, her family and her friends, one of which was our colleague. Our colleague talked let us know that he was available because at the time, we wanted to have a second dog in the family. Not sure how it would go, we met the lady and her family and the beagle. But once we meet him, we knew we wanted to add him to our  family.

On November 15, 2006; Giovanni David – “GIO” – came home with us. Needless to say, our life has never been the same since. Nor has it been quite either.

Happy Birthday Gio!

The many faces of Gio!

The early days with Gio were touch and go. He was a runaway dog from the streets that needed to learn how to love and how to be discipled. He could not be trusted in the house by himself. He would scratch up the walls, he would leave us presents in odd places and he would bark all the time. We recruited the help of a trainer to see what could be done. After she spent only 90 minutes with him, he was now staying in a crate when were gone, he stopped leaving the presents and he started to show us love. Through tough love and discipline, he is now a sweet and lovable; but still very loud beagle. And we would not have it any other way.

True to his beagle nature, Gio is called to the wild and wants to be outside any opportunity he can. No, he is not chasing rabbits, instead he is often in hot pursuit of the squirrels who call our backyard home. Gio is chasing them up the tree, across the yard and any which way he came. He is doing all he can to catch one of them. And I know with his determination that he just might do it.

If being outside is Gio’s number one love, then eating would be a close second. Gio is always ready for food. He often reminds us when it is time to eat. We see him looking at his Snoopy watch; getting ready for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And my goodness, don’t be a minute late from the regularly scheduled meal; he will let you know. He will bark at you, he will nudge you and will not leave you alone until you give him the food. He is also the King of Treats in the house. Once we finish our dinner, he is ready for his treats. It could be one of his biscuits, or it could be baby carrots (yes, carrots) or even nuts. Oh don’t forget the cheese. He loves him some cheese. It doesn’t matter the kind – hard cheese or shredded, Italian or Colby Jack. He will eat it all. He can hear the crinkling of the plastic wrapper in the refrigerator and he will come running.


Gio waiting for a treat (or two, or possibly even three or four).

Gio is a super-excited beagle and has a strong attitude at times. Okay, all the time. When we come home from work or church and we let him out of his crate; it is a barking fest until he gets outside and takes care of his business. He is also in hot pursuit of those squirrels to make sure they get out of his backyard. Then when we come back inside, he knows it is time to eat. And he won’t stop the barking until you give him the food. Sometimes I wonder who is in charge of this household.

Trying to get Gio to focus

Trying to get Gio to focus

Just as much as Gio loves to play hard and also sleeps hard too. When his squirrel chasing duties are done for the day; he will snuggle in bed, cover up in his blankets and snore l louder than any human that I know. It is also so sweet to know, when we go to the living room and read our Bible Chapter; GIo will come up there, laying on the carpet right next to us. And when we finish, he is ready to go back on his own bed.

Gio laying next to us while we are ready our daily Bible chapter.

Gio laying next to us while we are ready our daily Bible chapter.

 Please join with me in wishing Gio a very happy birthday.

Saturday Morning Breakfast With My Hubby

Hello Beautiful People!

I pray your week has been great. February is upon us and during this month of Valentine’s Day; I wanted to write a few posts that focus on marriage. My hubby and I have been married for sixteen and a half years; and while we do not claim to be marriage experts, we wanted to share some of our moments that make our marriage special.

Saturday morning breakfast is one of those special times for us. We start our weekend with great breakfast and great conversation. We typically stay up late on Friday night, so we sleep a little later than usual. By the time we get up, we are ready to eat and start our day.

My hubby is the chef in the house and he makes the breakfast for us. Depending on our cravings and how hungry we are, we may have a mushroom and spinach omelet and a bagel with peanut butter; or possibly a bowl of granola and fresh fruit; or even a mixed berry smoothie with protein powder. While we are eating, we start to plan our weekend. My hubby may be off to work or off to get his hair cut and run a few errands. Either way, we want to make sure we start the day together. If he is not heading off to work or getting his hair cut, breakfast can last for an hour or more. We talk about what we want to accomplish for the day; whether it is cleaning the house, completing other around-the-house tasks, or exercising.We also want to plan time to read from our Bible Reading Plan; practice the piano, or if we are planning to go church in the evening. The conversation is not just about completing these tasks. We talk about what is on our mind. It may be related to our jobs, or the message that our pastor is teaching on at Church; or the current book we are reading. Sometimes the conversation is light-hearted and filled with many laughs, while other times it is serious and filled with a cry or two. Either way, it is a great opportunity for us to enjoy some quiet time with each other; without any distractions from the outside world. In a world that can be hectic at times, it is wonderful to have this time together so that we can draw closer and enjoy each other. I cherish this time we have together.

All the while we are eating, planning, talking, laughing and / or crying, I am having a cup of hot tea. Hot tea has been a part of my life for a long while. Before my hubby and I were married, my daddy would bring a cup of tea before I went to bed at night. And now, my hubby has carried on that tradition. I will have a cup before bed, but I will also get a cup in the morning with my breakfast. At night, I enjoy tea that will help me relax and unwind. But in the morning, I will go for a tea that will energize my day; like Japanese Matcha Green Tea by Matcha Organics. This tea taste very soft and smooth and provides so many health benefits. It will give me a boost if I am planning to exercise or will help me stay mentally sharp if I am planning to finish some house work. It is filled with so many antioxidants that I like drinking it for all that it does for my body.

JT enjoying a cup of Japanese Matcha Green Tea while having breakfast with her hubby.

JT enjoying a cup of Japanese Matcha Green Tea while having breakfast with her hubby.

No breakfast would be complete without our puppies joining us. Gio and Vinny are close at hand whenever we are eating. They have their specific spot. Gio is under the table, while Vinny is next to the table. Gio is a smaller dog that acts like he is a big dog. And Vinny is a big dog that acts like he is a smaller dog. If my hubby and I are eating early, they will be getting breakfast after we finish ours. So here, they are trying to remain patient as we finish our meal.

Gio (the Beagle) and Vinny (the Collie) waiting for their breakfast, as we enjoy our breakfast.

Gio (the Beagle) and Vinny (the Collie) waiting for their breakfast, as we eat, talk, plan and enjoy the company of each other.

Saturday morning breakfast is a special time for my hubby and I because it allows us to connect and draw closer together. Every married couple needs a time like this in order for their marriage to flourish and prosper. If you and your spouse have a time like this, tell us what it is in the comments section below. We would love to hear about it.


Bubbling With Elegance And Grace purchased the Japanese Matcha Green Tea at a discounted price in order to write this review. We received no monetary compensation and all opinions are strictly our own.

An Open Letter To The Retail Industry About Martin Luther King Day

This is an open letter to the Retail Industry
of the United States!

Today we, as Americans, honor the life and remember the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It is a solemn day because Dr. King lived his life to fight the oppression and the racism that plagued America during the 1950s and 1960s. He gave speeches, lead marches and even went to prison in an effort to break this curse that had a stronghold on the American culture from the beginning of slavery. He had a dream where people of all colors and backgrounds would come together and live in peace and harmony. Unfortunately, King’s life ended prematurely by an assassin’s bullet in April 1968 while he was in Memphis, fighting for the rights of striking sanitation workers.

Room 306: The room where Martin Luther King stayed and the balcony where he was assassinated.

Room 306: The room where Martin Luther King stayed and the balcony where he was assassinated.

Today is not a day when you, as the retailers of America, need to have specials deals and sales in your stores. It is not a day for a “Holiday Sale!” You do not need to mail fliers that are labeled as “Martin Luther King Day Specials.” You do not need to send emails with “Martin Luther King Day Coupons.” I don’t need another excuse to save 50 percent on that winter coat that you could not sale over Christmas, or during the New Year’s clearance sale.

With the racism and oppression that is so deeply rooted in American culture, it is a mockery to King’s Dream and his fight to encourage people to head to the mall to find the latest deals. We, as Americans, do not need to be shopping. We need to come together to break these strongholds and find a way where Dr. King’s Dream is no longer a dream, but a reality.

We need to be going to Libraries, Museums or other Cultural Institutions where King celebrations are being held. if people of all colors and backgrounds could sit down and find the thread that binds us together as Americans. It is a day to come together in peace and not finding the pair of shoes at a rock-bottom price.

The future of America is dependent on working and living together as one America, not how much we can save on flannel bed sheets.

Hey Retailers, save the specials and sales for another day. What about Groundhog’s Day? How about that day?
If the Groundhog says we are having six more weeks of winter, put the winter coats on sale. If the Groundhog says spring is on the way, the put the garden supplies on sale.

But not today! Not Martin Luther King Day! His life and his legacy is much too important to be used with a clearance event at your store.

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