The Journey To Find Out Where We Came From

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I hope you are having a wonderful week. It’s been bitterly cold here in the Show Me State. I hope you are staying warm and enjoying a good book. I have been reading Time Management Magic by Lee Cockerell, who recently spoke at a reception at our church.

Have you ever wondered about who you are and why you are who you are? Have you ever thought about what makes you, you? If you could find out more about your parents, your grandparents and your ancestors; would you do it? If you could take a test that would tell you more about your ethnic makeup, would you be curious to find out the results?

Taking a Journey To Find Out Where We Came From

For a while now, my wife and I have been asking these questions and curious to know more about us. We wanted to know more about the wonderfully unique attributes that God used to make us. We had been hearing advertisements on TV and online about DNA tests that can help answer these questions. To be honest, I was quite skeptical of them from the beginning; but my wife wanted to take the test anyway. After asking colleagues about it, and doing some of my own research, I decided that it would be worthwhile. So, my wife and I decided to take a journey – a journey to find out where we came from.

Of the many companies out there, I decided to use the testing service from 23 and Me. From my research, 23 and Me offered the most comprehensive results and provided the most details. With this test, it will break down your DNA into ethnic percentages; telling you how much of DNA is from a specific region or area of the world. The results and reactions that I had seen from the people who took the test were amazing and made me a believer.

23 and Me uses your own saliva to analyze your DNA

Why Take The Test
For my wife and I, we have very different reasons for taking the test. Yes, we both wanted to know more about where our ancestors came from; but it was much more to it.

I previously researched my family and traced my them back to the 1850s when they migrated from Germany. Looking at the family tree, all of my ancestors from that point to now where from Germany. I wanted to know if the scientific research matched the genealogical research. I wanted to know with more certainty if this was accurate or if there were other ethnicities in this mix. I had not researched the family prior to the 1850s, so I didn’t know if other ethnicities were in the mix prior to that time. I have always said that my family was German; but now would I have to add other groups into that. Also, in my line of work as a historical researcher, I help people doing their own genealogical research. I wanted to be give my opinion of the testing if anyone would ask me.

My Wife
I just wanted to learn more about my family pure and simple.I first started looking into Ancestry. However, my hubby told me that 23 and Me had a special running during Thanksgiving so we decided to test it out. I have heard some history from family members that I had a Native American great-grandmother and a half-white, half-black Grandfather on my mother’s side, but not sure what region. I know very little about my father’s side of the family. Other than that, I have little known information about my family heritage. I am curious to see what the results will say when I get the percentages back.

We started the journey back in November. We submitted our salvia test and we should be getting the results back anytime now. When we do, we post the results and our reaction. Let us if you have taken the same test or a similar one. Were the results what you were expecting? What did you learn from it?

3 Ways To Combat Depression Naturally

Depression is a word that is being brought into the spotlight more and more everyday as we become more in tune with mental health and emotional awareness. Being depressed can make you feel like you are helpless, unworthy and unable to participate in everyday society. It’s not something that anyone can fix for you, as depression is something that blooms in different ways for different people. The important thing to know is that you are not helpless. You are not unworthy, and you are able to participate, if only you are willing to fight back against the black cloud over you.

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Trying to find remedies for depression that don’t include a cocktail of medication isn’t always easy, as medication is the go-to fix for doctors and professionals. The thing is, not everyone likes being medicated. Sure, you can feel less depressed for the tablets that you are taking, but you can also end up with side effects that are far worse than the depression that you felt in the first place. If medication is out of the question for you, then you need to consider natural remedies that will change your life. We’ve listed three natural depression remedies to help you to combat depression and give you a piece of your life back.

National Service Animal Registry. It may not have been something that you have considered before, but an emotional support animal is probably one of the best natural depression remedies there is. Getting an emotional support animal registered is important and the benefits are simply amazing. Not only can you rely on your emotional support animal for your well being, you can bring them with you wherever you go. Depression can make you feel numb, as if you cannot feel, but a dog or other pet specifically trained for your emotional health is there to help break through to those feelings while giving you a companion to rely on.

Exercise. Whether you choose to get a support dog or not, you still need to get outside and into the fresh air. Depression makes you lock into a box in your mind; you can see and hear, but you are numb and cannot connect to those around you. Being outdoors in the elements can force your body to connect with your surroundings while releasing endorphins. Those feel-good hormones have a lot to answer for and you can help to encourage your brain to rewire itself.

Sleep. Have you found that your depression makes you want to stay in bed all day? Taking advantage of that by sleeping as much as you can will help. Get yourself into a solid bedtime routine, where you would be able to help yourself relax into a decent night of shut-eye.

These are not exhaustive ways to dig yourself out of the hole of depression, there are plenty of others out there that would also help. The trick is to find out what will work for you and stick at it. Depression isn’t like a cold, where you sneeze into a tissue that can be thrown away. Give yourself time to heal and go natural with your remedies.

Movie Preview and Giveaway: Same Kind Of Different As Me

Hi Beautiful People.

It feels more like summer than fall these days, however seeing the leaves change and the mums in full bloom is a sight to behold.

Do you think we need more love and kindness in the world today? Well I don’t think so, I know our world needs it.
Do you think that people deserve to have a second chance?

God is a God of a second chance, third chance, fourth change and those chances go on and on. We all mess up and fall short. When that happens, we feel that there is no way to get up and dust ourselves off and move forward again. Many times we feel that God is mad at us and we can’t possibly be forgiven. God loves us and He is not mad at us. This movie will tug at your heart because it hits home and makes us think of the unforgiveness in our lives and in order to forgive others we have to forgive ourselves for complete reconciliation.
Do you have any unforgiveness on the inside? We can’t be totally free until we cast those cares of unforgiveness into the sea of forgetfulness. It’s not easy but we can’t quit.

Bubbling with Elegance and Grace is teaming up with LEV3L Digital introduce you to the latest movie from PureFlix — SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME. You will have a chance to win two tickets to see the movie for yourself. Here is the movie’s trailer to let you know more about it.

After that movie trailer I know I am drawing you in with captivation to go to see this movie when it opens in theaters on.

“Based on an unforgettable true story of forgiveness, friendship, family, and faith, SAME KIND OF DIFFERENT AS ME opens in theaters on October 20th. With two Academy Award® winners and two nominees, the film’s outstanding cast brings to life the New York Times bestseller that interweaves stories of international art dealer Ron Hall (Greg Kinnear), his grace-giving wife Debbie (Renée Zellweger), their unexpected friend Denver (Djimon Hounsou), and Ron’s estranged father Earl (Jon Voight).” It  is rated PG-13.”

SKDM Ministry Stills

My hubby and I have not seen the entire movie, only a five-minute clip. It was long enough to get an idea of its themes and it left me wanting to see it.

The movie touches on acts of kindness that can change the circumstances for the people who need them. A smile, opening a door for someone, or volunteering at a homeless shelter. There are many ways to pay it forward. No act of kindness showing God’s love is too small.
One theme that resonates throughout the movie is second chances. We all have at some point in our life needed a second chance. Whether it is from our spouse for mistakes we have made; or from events out of our control. This movie will have you thinking about how you can care for those who are hurting and in need of that second chance. It is not just the act of kindness, but it is something that chance a person’s life forever. Knowing that makes it a heart thing.

Thanks to LEV3L Digital and Fandango, one of our readers will receive two tickets to see the movie in the theater.

How To Enter: Leave a comment below. State why Acts of Kindness and Second Chances are important in today’s world.

Deadline: Comments must be received by Sunday, October 15th at midnight (CST).

Announcement: The winner will be announced on Monday, October 16th.

SKDM Ministry Stills

We all need more kindness and a another chance. We cannot wait to see Same Kind of Different As Me in its entirety to see how these themes changed the lives of the characters in the movie; and how we can incorporate them in our own life.

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Bubbling With Elegance And Grace did not receive any monetary payment to write this preview. However, we will receive to see the movie when it released at the theater. All opinions about the movie are our own.

Life Lessons From The Garden: Finding Your Quiet Place

Hello Wonderful People!

Have you ever noticed that the world is so noisy today? Everywhere we turn, we are faced with fake news stories, television reality shows, and viral social media videos. The list goes on and on (and on). With so much happening, it is hard to get rid of the noise. Televisions are constantly on, smart phones are at the ready and the people around you are always saying something. Have you also noticed that most of the time what we are hearing is not positive and it does us no good?

With so much going on at one time, it is important that you find that quiet place where you can have some time devoted just to you and what is important to you. It could be time spent with your spouse talking about your relationship. We need that quiet time with the Lord each an everyday. Or it could be time thinking about self-improvement. Whatever you do in your quiet time, it is important that you make the time for it. For my wife and me, we believe that it is important that we turn off the television, the computer and the smart phones about an hour before going to bed. This is time when we talk, read or listen to the Bible. This is something that we try to do each night and are working on making that happen.

Finding Your Quiet Place

Ironically, for me the place where I find the quietest place is in the yard while I am cutting the grass. Oddly enough, the roar of the lawnmower’s engine drowns out the world’s distractions and I can focus my attention on me. I am talking to God about what is going on, mediating on decisions that I have to make or thinking about how I can make adjustments to my life to improve my life. For that hour when I am cutting the grass, the outside world is a million miles away and I am at peace.

The Quiet Place

Where is your quiet place? Do you even have one? What do you do when you there? Let me know in the comments section below.

3 Less Obvious Signs It’s Time To Slow Down At Work

It’s good to be busy, but when does it become too much? We all try to fill our hours with as many things as possible and between work, family, and our social lives, we’re all at risk of doing too much. It may not seem obvious at first, but there are some subtle signs that you should look out for to help you realize when it’s time to slow down at work. Looking after your health is important and if you start to experience any of the following, it may be time for you to take a break from work and focus on your wellbeing.

You’re irrationally angry towards others
We all get irritated or angry from occasionally but if you usually have a calm and happy demeanor and start getting angry at others for no reason, you may find that you’re sleep deprived. Your crankiness may not even manifest in direct anger towards others; it could even be getting irritable at someone’s actions or talking about their faults incessantly to others. There are many health benefits of sleep, and if you find yourself regularly missing out on your recommended 8 hours, it’s time to make some changes to your lifestyle.

You’re distracted
Everyone gets distracted from time to time, but starting to forget things on a regular basis can start to be a concern. Being distracted while driving because your mind was somewhere else can be dangerous to you and others and is a sign that you have too much on your mind. Smaller distractions like forgetting things on your groceries list can be remedied through better planning and making lists, but if you do start to get concerned about your memory, you should speak to your doctor to rule out anything more serious. Sometimes a busy day at work is all it takes to help your mind to wander, so perhaps it’s time you booked a day off or took a vacation to help you de-stress and get back on track.

You’re feeling run down
When you’re overtired or stressed your immune system could take a hit, leaving you susceptible to many illnesses and viruses. If you feel like you’ve been suffering from a cold for weeks or you’re feeling a lack of energy, it may be time to slow things down. You should book an appointment with your doctor for an overall health check, in case your low immunity is caused by something else. You can also use practical tips to increase your energy levels easily. Remember that a lack of energy and persistent bouts of illness could be a sign of serious illness and you should keep an eye out for family and friends who might be suffering these sorts of symptoms.

Slowing down and getting help
If you’re starting to notice changes in your behavior or that you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, then it’s time to ask for help. It may be just a simple case of offloading your concerns to a family member or friend or speaking to work about taking a break or sharing some of your responsibilities. Find some relaxing hobbies that you can enjoy after work that will help take your mind off things – cycling is an excellent way to increase your fitness and can help you to de-stress too.

If you suspect that your condition is medically related, you should book an appointment to see a medical professional as soon as possible. Some possible illnesses can show few obvious symptoms, especially some work-related illnesses. If the worst does happen and you find yourself battling a serious illness caused by work, make sure you get the right help. By making sure that you call the right lawyer if you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma or other condition, you could ease the pressure on your finances while you take a break.

If you feel that work is the main cause of your issues and that you need to take a break, it may be time to reassess your career. Some lines of work are more stressful than others and if you’ve reached a point where it’s getting too much – there’s nothing wrong with giving something else a try.

Nothing is more important than your health, and if work is impacting yours for any reason, it’s time to make a change. Be honest with yourself and find ways of maintaining that all-important work/life balance and keeping yourself fit and healthy.

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Caring From Afar

As soon as our parents start to reach a certain age, it’s all too easy to worry about their ailing health and fragility. So, there is no wonder that most people do all that they can to care for their elderly parents. However, if you do not live close to your parents, you might find that you start worrying about not being there for them. The distance could make it very difficult for you to help and support your parents, and you might struggle to get to them if there is ever an emergency. However, there are some things you can do to care for your parents from afar. Here are some tips.

Mommy Bernice.

Discuss The Situation With Your Siblings
If some of your siblings still live close to your parents, you should have a meeting with them to discuss the situation. One of your siblings might agree to take charge of your parents’ care schedule. As long as you know that your siblings have a good handle on things, you will be able to have more peace of mind while you are living away.

Arrange For In-Home Care
If your parents are still well enough to look after themselves in their own home, you might still want to arrange for some at home care agencies to call in to see them from time to time. That way, you know that there is always someone going into their home on a regular basis to ensure that they are OK. This also means that you parents will have a regular companion who they can chat with, which is especially important if one of your parents lives on their own.

Collect Important Contact Information
Even though you don’t live close to your parents, you should still make the effort to collect all of the usual important contact details for people who can help them. This should include phone numbers for their regular doctor, caregiver, and insurance company. It’s also a good idea to have the number for a neighbor or nearby friend who can quickly check in on your parents if you ever have reason to be worried.

Keep In Touch
Just because you can’t visit your parents regularly, there is no reason not to keep in contact! Calling them every other day gives them something to look forward to, and it will also calm your mind as you will be able to hear that they are well. It’s also worth using Skype and Facetime to keep in touch so that you can see as well as hear them!

Have An Emergency Plan
You always need to have an emergency plan in case anything goes wrong. This should include the quickest way for you to travel to your parents. You might also want to start saving for an emergency fund so that you can cover expensive airfare or train travel.

As you can see, caring for your elderly parents from afar doesn’t have to be too difficult. Keep these tips handy so that you always know your best options!

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This is a collaborative post and may contain affiliate links.

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