Feel Beautiful! How To Feel Great About Your Appearance

Sometimes when you look at yourself in the mirror, it’s hard to feel enthusiastic about the person who’s looking back at you. It’s strange to see ourselves gaining weight and wrinkles as we age – we still feel seventeen inside, so what’s up with our reflections telling us something completely different? The truth is that as our appearances change as we get older, we have to develop new and healthier relationships with ourselves. Here are some tips on how to achieve that…

Invest In A New Wardrobe

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One of the best things about getting older is that you’ll almost invariably be earning more money. No one’s saying that you should go out and blow an entire month’s salary on a new dress, but at the same time, if you haven’t invested in clothes for a while then what’s stopping you? There are new rules to remember as you get older, though. Firstly, focus more on classic pieces than you used to. That doesn’t mean old lady clothes – on the contrary, look out for clothes that fit you well and that are high quality. You want to spend a little more and invest in clothes that will last for a long time. Above all else, you need a great coat that will carry you through the whole winter – go for a navy overcoat. Good quality leather boots and handbags will also get you through any social occasion.

Discover The World Of Skincare And Beauty

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If you’ve never been into makeup and skincare, then chances are it seems like a completely baffling and possibly pointless world to you. Some people will never be into eyeliner – and that’s absolutely okay. But if you are, it’s time to get a richer moisturizer with a high SPF to put on underneath your makeup to protect your delicate skin from the sun. Make sure you moisturize your neck, your hands and your décolletage as well as your face. Go for more neutral makeup – get a good quality eye-shadow palette in shades of brown that you can wear every day. You want a few good matte shades along with a couple of shimmers for extra sparkle in the evenings.

Get Fit And Healthy

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There’s nothing that makes you feel younger and better than being in good shape. As you age, your metabolism changes and a lot of us find that we end up gaining weight if we eat the same amount of junk at thirty that we did at twenty. Ditch the mac and cheese, and go for home cooked meals instead, containing plenty of lean protein and leafy greens. Ditch the store bought sauces with their high levels of sugar, and make your own after thoroughly investigating recipes online and the state of your spice rack. If you’ve never done any exercise, now is absolutely the time to start! Get going by walking around the block a couple of times a day, and gradually progress to running. If you’ve got a bit of spare cash, go to the gym and ask a personal trainer for advice.


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Three Simple Steps To Have A More Effective Workout

Going to the gym is easy; however, pushing yourself to go harder is not. No matter what is keeping you from performing at a higher level, if you want to have a more efficient workout, you need to focus.

The staff of Biddulph, Huntsman & Dalling, a team of Idaho Falls orthopedic surgeons, suggests following these three simple steps to have a more effective workout:

  1. Have a Plan
  2. Bring a Friend
  3. Listen to Music

    Have a Plan
    Some people exercise to maintain their appearance, and others work out to improve their health or increase their energy. If you want to have a successful workout, you must prepare in advance. By planning your workout routine, you might see improvements almost immediately. The first step is creating a written plan. The plan should include the number of sets, reps and amount of time you will spend on each activity. By listing out each exercise, you will feel more comfortable and focus on the real reason you are at the gym.

Bring a Friend
Working out alone can be boring. To fight the boredom, try bringing a friend. Teaming up with someone you trust will help you stay productive, and it will also allow you to motivate one another to do better. When no one is there to cheer you on, it might be easier to give up. If you have a supporter, it is simpler to improve your performance. Be sure to share your written workout plan with your friend so you can be on the same page while at the gym. It is helpful to have a partner to push you and to spot you while you perform exercises.

Listen to Music
Though it might seem like a no-brainer, listening to music is a great way to keep your energy level high. It will help motivate you to keep pushing during your workout. Studies show listening to music helps people perform better and leave feeling more satisfied.The best songs will distract you from fatigue, help you keep pace, improve your mood and keep you focused. Create an upbeat playlist that motivates you and keeps your morale high.

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Is Your ‘Dream Figure’ Really Achievable

Most of us have an image in our heads of our ‘dream figure’- how we would ultimately love to look. Perhaps it’s how we used to look when we were younger, or maybe we aspire to achieve a celebrities enviable shape. This can be useful in motivating you in your diet and exercise regimes. However, it’s important not to get hung up on a shape that’s not actually achievable for you personally. Here are some of the things to consider when working towards your dream body.

Have You Considered Your Bone Structure?
If the ‘dream figure’ you have in your head is tall and petite, and you’re five foot nothing with naturally wide hips, then you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment. It doesn’t mean to say you won’t look incredible at your goal weight. But all of the diet and exercise in the world isn’t going to change your bone structure. It’s the reason why the ‘thigh gap’ trend and other similar fads are so dangerous. Not all women are naturally built in a way where this will ever be possible at a healthy weight. Focus on looking like the best version of yourself, rather than a celebrity or model that’s built completely differently.

Will You Be Losing a Lot of Weight?
Losing weight if you are above a healthy BMI is of course fantastic for health, as well as confidence reasons. But sometimes after losing weight, the body doesn’t ‘spring back’ to the smaller shape it once was. Some people can find loose skin or pockets of stubborn fat an issue. These kinds of things can be treated successfully with plastic surgery, but it’s worth knowing that this may be a hurdle to cross when reaching your dream figure. You could check out a cosmetic surgeon such as belredcosmeticsurgery.com to find out the different procedures available. Alternatively, you could look into non- surgical body sculpting methods such as fat freezing and laser fat removal.


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Have You Had Children?
The miracle of pregnancy and childbirth is of course incredible. The only problem is pregnancy can permanently change some areas of your body. For example carrying a baby can make your ribcage expand meaning you look wider in this area regardless of how much weight you lose. This is why even if you’re looking at an old picture of yourself as your ‘dream figure’ inspiration, it’s not necessarily possible to get back to exactly that. Hormones change during pregnancy as well as from just natural ageing. This means you’re likely to carry any excess weight differently to when you were younger.. So something to bear in mind when trying to slim down to your pre-pregnancy body.


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It’s always good to have a goal and something to aim for (providing it’s a healthy goal). It’s just important to be aware that ‘perfect’ doesn’t exist, and aiming to be the best version of yourself is the best way to look at things.

Are you working towards your ‘Dream Figure’?


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Exercise: How To Relieve Symptoms Of Digestive Health Issues

Exercise in any form is almost always beneficial for our bodies. It can improve all sorts of things, from heart health to eliminating joint pain! In the case of those who suffer from digestion issues, exercise can come to the rescue once again! It might not be the only thing you need to consider in order to improve digestion, but it’s certainly one of the most important!. Here’s what you need to do.

Exercise is the key a healthy life

Exercise is the key a healthy life

Get Active
So, the first thing you need to focus on is getting out there and benefiting from exercise. It doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as you have the motivation to do it! Why not go hiking up a hill, or join the local gym? Spend time with friends, play sports together and go on adventures. A regular exercise routine is important to ensure you don’t fall out of the habit. Create a schedule for yourself to manage it effectively.

Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard
While it is commonly believed that exercise is fantastic for digestive issues, that isn’t the case when you push yourself too hard. In fact, an over-abundance of exercise could lead to more problems for those with digestive issues. There isn’t a whole lot of scientific evidence to back this up, but excess exercise is believed to cause stress on your colon.

Merge Relaxation Techniques With Exercise
The type of exercise you choose to undertake is totally up to you. Anything is better than spending all day locked away in a house on the couch! Still, there are a few things you could do to try and ease the issue even further. If you have a feeling that stress is a factor when it comes to your digestive issues, try something like yoga. This not only keeps you active and fit, but it should help to calm your mind.

Eat The Right Foods
Regular exercise is nothing without a healthy lifestyle to match. You need to be willing to eat the right foods in order to get the most out of your new lifestyle. Of course, digestive health is impacted greatly by what you eat. It’s important to talk to your doctor and do research about the types of things you should be consuming. This is crucial if you want to protect your digestive system going into the future.

Seek Advice If You Are Concerned
I’m going to guess that by this point, you’ve already talked to a doctor about your issues. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?! They’ll be able to figure out what’s wrong and try and alleviate the symptoms. You should never let something like this fester, or it could turn into something much worse over time. Get that all-important advice, and you’ll be able to manage your condition a whole lot easier.

We’ve gone a little off track here, so let’s sum this up. Exercise is an incredibly beneficial remedy for so many illnesses. Start changing your lifestyle and getting the right amount, and you should notice a difference!

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Revealed: Top Tips That Will Help You Finally Stick To Healthy Eating

I know, I know. You’ve tried and failed a million times before, so why should this time be any different?

Seriously, the importance of eating a healthy balanced diet cannot be emphasized enough. If you’re going to make a change for the better, the most important thing is that you ensure that those habits stick. Otherwise, it’ll just be another waste of time and effort. Follow these simple yet effective tricks, and you’ll have far greater hopes of staying on track.

Make Cooking Easy
The easiest way to employ a healthy eating plan is to start cooking yourself. This will instantly make it easier to monitor what you’re consuming. Moreover, you can be sure that you’re staying clear of harmful additives. We haven’t all got hours to waste in the kitchen. Likewise, not all of us have the skills of a restaurant chef. Finding simple recipes like my chili will ensure that you give your taste buds a healthy treat without wasting your entire day to do so. Of course, Crockpots and other kitchen accessories can go a long way to removing some of the stress too. Ahh, perfect.

Reduce The Costs
Alongside the time, you’ll also have a keen eye on the costs. There’s a common misconception that healthy eating has to be expensive. It can be. But only if you let it. The first step is to reduce your grocery bill with smarter decisions. Healthier sunflower oil for cooking is cost-effective while ensuring that your waistline won’t expand. Meanwhile, using coupons and special deals can make a telling difference too.We all enter the new diet with positive intentions. But you won’t keep it up if those new choices start burning a hole in your pocket. Keep it cheap, and you will be more likely to maintain it.

Stop Eating Out
Eating out on a regular basis can get expensive. Moreover, you’re more likely to ditch your healthy living when you’re out. So why not stop eating out? After all, you can have just as much fun at home. Organizing a summer BBQ for your family and friends is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening together. You’ll get all the benefits of eating out, only in a far more enjoyable environment. Furthermore, you can maintain your healthy eating while still allowing guests to eat whatever they want. Besides, any excuse to get out in the backyard is a bonus.

Eating out should be for special occasions, like a birthday or anniversary

Eating out should be for special occasions, like a birthday or anniversary

Don’t Be Too Strict
Even if you don’t enjoy your eating habits,  sticking to them for a few weeks isn’t overly difficult. But nobody should stop enjoying their life. Cutting out the things you enjoy entirely is not a long-term solution. The key is to enjoy things in moderation. If you love pizza, for example, you can make it healthier by making a stone baked version from scratch. It will leave you feeling less guilty while still giving you something to look forward to. This piece of motivation can become your secret weapon. So embrace it.

Homemade cookies are a great treat, but must be eaten in moderation.

Homemade cookies are a great treat, but must be eaten in moderation.

Ultimately, healthy eating is designed to enhance your life. It won’t do if it feels like a constant struggle. And if you do slip up with a few bad days, dust yourself off and carry on.

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Number One Way To Massage Your Muscles After A Workout

Hello Beautiful People,

Do your muscles feel a little tight after an intense workout?

I work out regularly, usually three to five times a week. My routines include Zumba, Daily Burn, The Firm, and free weights. With the intensity that I work out, my muscles can get sore and tight. Sometimes I don’t even know that I am tight until the next day or if I use a massage stick on my muscles. I have been looking to purchase a foam roller but I selected the BYCFITness Muscle Roller Stick. This muscle stick has nine spindles that work independently as I roll it up and down the muscle area that I want more stretch. However, the stick can be used for so much more. The stick is plastic and measures 18 inches long and when I roll the stick there’s a good rubber grip on each end. This product has 168 five stars and retails for $19.99 on Amazon.

JT stretching

JT stretching out her thigh with the stick

The BYCFItness Muscle Roller stick details on Amazon.com

    • PEAK FITNESS AND THERAPY TOOL – Highly Recommended by Professional and Amateur Athletes (Marathon Runner, Swimmer, Cyclist, Gymnast, Ballerina…),Personal Trainers,Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Yoga Instructors, Pilates Instructors, and more.
    • DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE to Release Muscle Tension & Tightness, Reduce Work-out Pain & Soreness, and Increase Circulation- Improving Your Overall Flexibility and Mobility.
    • FINALLY RELIEVE PAIN in those Hard-To-Reach Areas in Your Back, Legs, Hamstrings, Calves, Feet, IT Bands, Shoulders, etc. Also Helps Relieve Sciatica, Plantar Fasciitis, Trigger Points, Cramps, and more.
    • SUPERIOR QUALITY AND DESIGN: Nine Individual Pressure-Sensitive Rollers Wrapped Around a Solid Steel Core Create a Durable, Easy-to-Use, Lightweight Tool That’s Perfect for Both Home Use and Travel. Toss in Your Gym Bag and Go!
    • EXTRAS: Free E-Book Included with Purchase – Learn Proper Techniques to Maximize Efficiency and Prevent Mis-Use. *100% Satisfaction Guaranteed* – Backed By Our Free Lifetime Warranty. Save Yourself the Time and Hassle of Going Through Cheap, Flimsy Imitators – Buy Now with Confidence
      JT using roller after Zumba

      JT using roller after Zumba


      When purchasing a muscle stick, you will receive a free e-book that shows you exactly how to use the stick correctly. I highly recommend this product if you regularly exercise with weights or do high-intense cardio workouts. Your muscles are bound to be sore or tight. Your muscles will thank you for it. If you have any questions about your exercise routines or if the stick is right for you, please consult with your doctor first.

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Bubblingwitheleganceandgrace.com received the BYCFItness Muscles Roller Stick at a discounted price in order to write this review. We received no monetary compensation to write this review. All opinions are strictly our mine.

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