2 Things You Need To Think About Before Weight Loss

Losing weight has never been chalked down to one sure-fire method, has it? We all hear about some magic method, or we hear about the importance of healthy eating at every turn. And yes, it really is all about your diet, but with the word “diet” it implies a temporary fix. Going on a diet to lose some weight means that once you’ve lost the weight, you can go back to eating what you did before, but this isn’t the best way to keep weight off because you’ll put it back on again eventually. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you need to think about the following:

The Act Of Detox



Yes, detox has had its fair share of supporters and detractors in the past, but the act of detox is something that our body does in one way or another anyway. Some of us are lacking in key minerals so you may need to have help in this department by taking iron supplements, or having some additional 5-HTP as you age. Detoxing is confusing because there are plenty of detox diets and juicing diets that don’t encourage you to eat, but you need to listen to your body.  You can help your body speed up its detoxification process by eating the right foods and drinking herbal teas, but the goal is to give your body what it needs, and that is different for all of us. There is a handy list of detox tea reviews if you need to give your body that head-start, but you can also help yourself to understand what is good for your body and what isn’t. For example, gluten is something that people aren’t aware of how it affects them until they’ve cut it out of their diet for a couple of weeks and they’ve found that they’re less tired and can think clearer. So, try a detox in one way or another and see how it affects you.

The Mindset Of Exercise


We all think of exercise as an hour or two in the gym, pushing yourself until you can’t move, when the major flaw with this type of approach to working out is that it has become a mountain in your mind before you’ve even begun! And it may prompt you to give up after one session. Instead, the real way of getting yourself to exercise is to establish a baseline of fitness and increase it from there. So, if you are really out of shape, then you don’t want to say to yourself that you’re going to run 5-miles today when you haven’t done so before! A realistic approach is to do 5 press-ups. Once you’ve done that, and it was hard, you’ve done enough to push yourself a little bit, so the next day, do it again, and the next day, and do this until you can do 5 easily, you then ramp it up a bit more, and go for 10. The trick is to increase that baseline of fitness every time. So once you’re in a position to do so, you can do an hour’s workout, or that 5-mile run, because it will push you just enough so you won’t give up. Exercise is all about mindset!

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Where Do You Find The Strength To Be Beautiful?

Feeling positive about your appearance is difficult for everyone. Do you often look in the mirror and love what you see? Don’t worry if you don’t. Nobody does. Investing in a new wardrobe, to find your style and to emphasize your curves, is always a great way of falling back in love with yourself. At the heart of how you feel about your appearance is how much you care for yourself. Making yourself a fashion gift can boost your mental, or giving your skin a full spa treatment can transform your feeling. But there’s something else that can define how beautiful you feel. It’s your strength; it’s the energy you are ready to invest in feeling beautiful, whether it is mentally, physically or even from a health-related perspective.

JT and Vinny

Give your body the energy it needs to function
For most individuals, when they think about beauty, they think about weight loss. In reality, beauty is not specifically about losing weight, but it is about giving your body the energy it needs to function. As a result, you naturally develop easy ways to make healthier meals and to stick to the appropriate calories intake. As much as you might love doughnuts, you are not without knowing that they don’t provide any nutrient to your body. Consequently, your healthy diet relies on understanding the right balance of nutrients – fat, proteins, vegetables, etc. – and addressing your needs with the appropriate recipe.

Give your mind the energy it needs to be motivated
Whether you want to become healthier or fitter, you need to stick to a positive mindset. Too many people give up t the first negative thought. Feeling beautiful in your body means that you need to stay motivated, at least long enough to see the first changes. These transformations don’t have to weight-related. They can be linked to improving your health or reducing your stress levels. Whatever keeps you from feeling beautiful will not disappear easily. Therefore you need to focus your efforts on keeping a positive mindset.

Give yourself the right to be imperfect
You are not perfect. You are perfectly imperfect. But guess what? Nobody is perfect. Nothing in nature is perfect either. The idea of perfection is based on having all the desirable elements and qualities, yet you are left to decide what is desirable and to recognize what is possible too. In other words, it’s important to accept that, while you may not be flawless, you may just be as good as it is possible for you to be at any given time. Is there anything wrong with imperfection anyway?

Give your body the time to improve
As hinted above, most transformations take time, whether you are trying to change your mindset or your physical appearance. If you are trying to lose weight, for instance, you need to be aware that you need to get rid of 3,500 calories to lose 1 pound of weight. To put it in other words, it’s the equivalent of cutting your calories consumption by 500 every single day of the week. While this can be achieved with a mix of diet and exercising, you need to know that you will not drop a dress size within a week. Giving yourself the time to improve is key to rediscover your beauty. Don’t rush it.

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The Signs Of Stress You Shouldn’t Ignore

Stress is a mental health issue that has been receiving more and more attention. Not only can it lead to behavioral changes, but it can also lead to physical problems. Employers are increasingly under pressure to ensure their workforce are not placed under undue stress. Recognizing the symptoms of stress is important for them as well as sufferers so action can be taken to resolve the problems.

Exercise the stress away!

In Your Head
Headaches are one of the most common symptoms of stress. They might come on because of tension in the neck and shoulders or grinding of the teeth. Most of us hold or touch our foreheads when we’re struggling with a headache or stress. Of course, we’re busy people so we usually just get on with our day, missing the opportunity to deal with the problem.

In Your Stomach
Have you ever noticed that butterflies in the tummy feeling when you have a big meeting or a job interview? Nerves can cause knots in your stomach that are noticeable. Stress can go a step further and cause all the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. While it might be easy to find an irritable bowel treatment, it’s not always easy to understand why it’s happening. Of course, the stress of having those symptoms will compound the problem too.

In Your Work
Do you keep making mistakes when you’re stressed? Simple arithmetic can suddenly be impossible to solve. You might struggle to spell words correctly or remember what you went into the room for. Distraction is a big part of stress, but the fight-or-flight response of stress could be the problem here. It can prevent the higher brain function of problem-solving. Adrenaline and the stress hormone cortisol have enormous effects on your body and mind. And none of it feels good.

In Your Muscles
When we are stressed, we tend to suffer pain. While pain might cause stress, it can commonly occur the other way around. This might be due to an increase in blood pressure and the extra tension in muscles. It’s easier to strain muscles when they’re tense too. Remember all those muscle massages you do after a good workout? Now is the time to practice them some more. You can also try a massage therapist to see if different types of massage technique can offer more relief.

In Your Diet
Reaching for the comfort foods is a common habit when we’re under pressure. We feel like we need more energy to cope so we go for the high calorie, high sugar snacks that we ordinarily wouldn’t touch. Unfortunately, this can exacerbate the problem. The excess sugar can make you feel ill, and the extra guilt will make you feel emotionally vulnerable too. If you find yourself binge eating, chances are you’re under a lot of stress. There are better ways to deal with it.

Stress can be relieved in a number of ways. First, try some exercise. This will help eliminate the extra adrenaline from the flight-or-fight response. Try relaxing massages and quiet time. Getting away from the source of the stress can often help relieve it. Finally, try talking to someone about your feelings. Counseling and friendship can be very beneficial here.

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Feel Beautiful! How To Feel Great About Your Appearance

Sometimes when you look at yourself in the mirror, it’s hard to feel enthusiastic about the person who’s looking back at you. It’s strange to see ourselves gaining weight and wrinkles as we age – we still feel seventeen inside, so what’s up with our reflections telling us something completely different? The truth is that as our appearances change as we get older, we have to develop new and healthier relationships with ourselves. Here are some tips on how to achieve that…

Invest In A New Wardrobe

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One of the best things about getting older is that you’ll almost invariably be earning more money. No one’s saying that you should go out and blow an entire month’s salary on a new dress, but at the same time, if you haven’t invested in clothes for a while then what’s stopping you? There are new rules to remember as you get older, though. Firstly, focus more on classic pieces than you used to. That doesn’t mean old lady clothes – on the contrary, look out for clothes that fit you well and that are high quality. You want to spend a little more and invest in clothes that will last for a long time. Above all else, you need a great coat that will carry you through the whole winter – go for a navy overcoat. Good quality leather boots and handbags will also get you through any social occasion.

Discover The World Of Skincare And Beauty

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If you’ve never been into makeup and skincare, then chances are it seems like a completely baffling and possibly pointless world to you. Some people will never be into eyeliner – and that’s absolutely okay. But if you are, it’s time to get a richer moisturizer with a high SPF to put on underneath your makeup to protect your delicate skin from the sun. Make sure you moisturize your neck, your hands and your décolletage as well as your face. Go for more neutral makeup – get a good quality eye-shadow palette in shades of brown that you can wear every day. You want a few good matte shades along with a couple of shimmers for extra sparkle in the evenings.

Get Fit And Healthy

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There’s nothing that makes you feel younger and better than being in good shape. As you age, your metabolism changes and a lot of us find that we end up gaining weight if we eat the same amount of junk at thirty that we did at twenty. Ditch the mac and cheese, and go for home cooked meals instead, containing plenty of lean protein and leafy greens. Ditch the store bought sauces with their high levels of sugar, and make your own after thoroughly investigating recipes online and the state of your spice rack. If you’ve never done any exercise, now is absolutely the time to start! Get going by walking around the block a couple of times a day, and gradually progress to running. If you’ve got a bit of spare cash, go to the gym and ask a personal trainer for advice.


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Three Simple Steps To Have A More Effective Workout

Going to the gym is easy; however, pushing yourself to go harder is not. No matter what is keeping you from performing at a higher level, if you want to have a more efficient workout, you need to focus.

The staff of Biddulph, Huntsman & Dalling, a team of Idaho Falls orthopedic surgeons, suggests following these three simple steps to have a more effective workout:

  1. Have a Plan
  2. Bring a Friend
  3. Listen to Music

    Have a Plan
    Some people exercise to maintain their appearance, and others work out to improve their health or increase their energy. If you want to have a successful workout, you must prepare in advance. By planning your workout routine, you might see improvements almost immediately. The first step is creating a written plan. The plan should include the number of sets, reps and amount of time you will spend on each activity. By listing out each exercise, you will feel more comfortable and focus on the real reason you are at the gym.

Bring a Friend
Working out alone can be boring. To fight the boredom, try bringing a friend. Teaming up with someone you trust will help you stay productive, and it will also allow you to motivate one another to do better. When no one is there to cheer you on, it might be easier to give up. If you have a supporter, it is simpler to improve your performance. Be sure to share your written workout plan with your friend so you can be on the same page while at the gym. It is helpful to have a partner to push you and to spot you while you perform exercises.

Listen to Music
Though it might seem like a no-brainer, listening to music is a great way to keep your energy level high. It will help motivate you to keep pushing during your workout. Studies show listening to music helps people perform better and leave feeling more satisfied.The best songs will distract you from fatigue, help you keep pace, improve your mood and keep you focused. Create an upbeat playlist that motivates you and keeps your morale high.

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Is Your ‘Dream Figure’ Really Achievable

Most of us have an image in our heads of our ‘dream figure’- how we would ultimately love to look. Perhaps it’s how we used to look when we were younger, or maybe we aspire to achieve a celebrities enviable shape. This can be useful in motivating you in your diet and exercise regimes. However, it’s important not to get hung up on a shape that’s not actually achievable for you personally. Here are some of the things to consider when working towards your dream body.

Have You Considered Your Bone Structure?
If the ‘dream figure’ you have in your head is tall and petite, and you’re five foot nothing with naturally wide hips, then you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment. It doesn’t mean to say you won’t look incredible at your goal weight. But all of the diet and exercise in the world isn’t going to change your bone structure. It’s the reason why the ‘thigh gap’ trend and other similar fads are so dangerous. Not all women are naturally built in a way where this will ever be possible at a healthy weight. Focus on looking like the best version of yourself, rather than a celebrity or model that’s built completely differently.

Will You Be Losing a Lot of Weight?
Losing weight if you are above a healthy BMI is of course fantastic for health, as well as confidence reasons. But sometimes after losing weight, the body doesn’t ‘spring back’ to the smaller shape it once was. Some people can find loose skin or pockets of stubborn fat an issue. These kinds of things can be treated successfully with plastic surgery, but it’s worth knowing that this may be a hurdle to cross when reaching your dream figure. You could check out a cosmetic surgeon such as belredcosmeticsurgery.com to find out the different procedures available. Alternatively, you could look into non- surgical body sculpting methods such as fat freezing and laser fat removal.


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Have You Had Children?
The miracle of pregnancy and childbirth is of course incredible. The only problem is pregnancy can permanently change some areas of your body. For example carrying a baby can make your ribcage expand meaning you look wider in this area regardless of how much weight you lose. This is why even if you’re looking at an old picture of yourself as your ‘dream figure’ inspiration, it’s not necessarily possible to get back to exactly that. Hormones change during pregnancy as well as from just natural ageing. This means you’re likely to carry any excess weight differently to when you were younger.. So something to bear in mind when trying to slim down to your pre-pregnancy body.


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It’s always good to have a goal and something to aim for (providing it’s a healthy goal). It’s just important to be aware that ‘perfect’ doesn’t exist, and aiming to be the best version of yourself is the best way to look at things.

Are you working towards your ‘Dream Figure’?


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