Healthy Shopping Habits That Could Help To Change Your Lifestyle

Shopping – you either love it or you hate it! We all need to buy groceries at some point each week. Of course, there are lots of different ways to shop, and lots of different things to buy. Whether you love it or loathe it, there are a few healthy habits you could adopt to make shopping more cost effective, time efficient, and physically beneficial. Try some of these next time you need to pop to the store:

Most of us live within a couple of miles of a store that sells many of the things we need to buy each month. Walking there and back each time can be a very healthy approach. You’ll get the fresh air and exercise you need to stay fit and sleep better at night. If you walk, you won’t want to carry much back, so it will also prevent you buying more than you need! This could be one of the most cost effective and healthy approaches to shopping you might find.

Do A Deal
Those that love living frugally will do their best to never pay full price for anything. This might be quite challenging outside of the sales season. Fortunately, there are several approaches you might take. The first is discount coupons. Sign up with your favorite stores and pick up customer loyalty cards wherever you go. You can also find vouchers for discounts online at websites like for some of the biggest brands you know. Market stalls, dealerships, and independent traders might be more willing to haggle than you think. Can you do a deal?

Image: Pexels

When You Need It
Fashion is a big weakness for lots of people. You might see a blouse in the store window and just have to have it. Unfortunately, this can easily get out of hand. If you’re regularly buying items that weren’t on your shopping list or in your budget, it’s time to change your habits. Instead, regularly clear out your closet. If you replace old for new, you’ll know you’re only buying what you need. It’s a great way to avoid clutter and excess clothing! If tech is your weakness, try the same approach. Buy when it’s broken, or sell the old one before investing in the latest model.


Food – Friend or Foe?
Food waste can be heartbreaking. Nobody likes to throw food in the trash, but most of us are guilty of it every month. Produce that has reached its sell-by date or wasn’t stored correctly can be wasted. Instead, plan your meal menus ahead of your shopping. Weigh out correct portions, so you know how much you have and how much you need. If you think it might spoil, cook in big batches and freeze for later. This can also help to encourage you to eat more fresh foods and fewer processed items.


Choosing healthier approaches to your shopping habits might save you money, time, and even help you improve your fitness. All of this can add up to a healthier lifestyle as well. You might spend less, waste less, and eat better than ever before. What will you try first?


JT Style File: The Skirt

Hello Beautiful People,

The leaves are starting to fall. Before long, the temperatures will be falling too. I can’t wait. I enjoy the cooler days and the changing of the colors.

It is about the skirt for me. When it is warm and muggy, all I want to wear is skirts with natural fibers. A skirt can be made causal, or dressy; depending what you pair it with. In the outfit below, I dressed it up a bit. The Romantic puff sleeve blouse by Ralph Lauren is a classic style that has always been a favorite of my mine. I recently found an updated version of it at Macy’s. The skirt is from B.The Collection, a local company that offered preppy, boutique styles. Unfortunately, the company went out of business earlier in the year. My wedge sandals are from Fly London. This is my first time trying this brand and I like its fun, updated style. My super fun backpack by Renwick is an unexpected accessory that finishes off the outfit.

You see Gio in background; sniffing away looking for that squirrel.

This picture is inside because it was too hot and humid for a long photo shoot.

Gio had enough of the looking for the squirrel and wanted to be in this photo.

Skirts are cool in natural fibers and make a carefree statement on those hot and muggy days.

Love Will Save The Day!

Hello Beautiful People,

It was 108 degrees this weekend in the Show Me State, but it was only 94 degrees today; so enjoying the coolness inside. Thank God, for air conditioning. When the weather is like this, it is great to wear something comfortable and breathable.

Sheryl Crow has a new line on HSN and her pieces are hip and retro. I liked the new vibes of the rocker-chic style. I purchased the jeans below because it really describes my enjoyment of music and effortless style.
I styled the jeans for a casual Monday at work.

Love Will Save The Day Style Embroidered Jeans by Sheryl Crow

Love Will Save The Day Style Embroidered Jeans by Sheryl Crow

The Missouri History Museum has a Civil Rights exhibition now, so I purchased the T-shirt at the Museum shop; so cool.

Even though I work out hard, I do not always like showing my hips. Word to the wise, body shaming has to stop so here I am in the jeans without the Tommy Hilfiger chambray shirt. On the right pocket is an embroidered star and guitar. These jeans are so unique and out of the box. I think I am singing, I am just looking at my expression. Too funny!

Love Will Save The Day by Sheryl Crow Jeans

On the left pocket of the jeans is , “Love Will Save The Day,” which is a lyric from one of her songs.

Love will save the day lyric on the pocket

Here’s more information about the lyrics

The Song, Love WIll Save The Day by Sheryl Crow.

Here’s an interview she had down earlier this year.

When I wear the jeans, it is not just about a pair of jeans but there’s a meaning behind the clothing. The Sheryl Crow embroidered jeans are on clearance on HSN for $39.95 (Good deal) and please take a look at her collection click here on Sheryl Crow Style.

JT Style File: Classic Dooney and Bourke Croco in the Summer

Hello Beautiful People,

With slightly not as hot temperatures; but thick humidity, I have been going solely natural fibers because they are breathable and don’t stick to my body. When I say natural fibers I mean, cotton, rayon, and linen blends. When going through my closet, I realized that a lot of my summer dresses are polyester. I am not going to get rid of them. I  will not wear them right now. Even though Missouri is not a southern state, it feels like it. Maybe it feels even warmer because we had a warm winter. Well when I think about 100 degrees is 100 degrees no matter the way you slice it.

Dooney and Bourke Croco Leather Satchel

Dooney and Bourke Croco Leather Satchel

I styled myself casual and cool for church.  It’s really warm outside but can be chilly in church so I have on long sleeves. My blouse is by Joan Rivers and my pants are from the brand Margaritaville that was on HSN exclusively a couple of years ago. My sandals are from Earth Origins that were purchased from DSW. My glasses were received at a discount from, and my wing necklace was purchased at

Summer Style


The picture of the flower in the upper left corner of the collage is a Crepe Myrtle that is in our backyard and  bursting with colorful flowers. Bees are getting drunk on the nectar.
The crepe myrtle and the Hibiscus flower were the inspiration for the pants.
I have been hearing that it’s chic to wear neutral colors. That’s fine if that’s what you want to wear. However, I have never been like everybody else, even when I tried to fit in I stuck out of the crowd. I realized that it’s okay being different, peculiar, and not average.

Who wants to be average?

Purchasing Elegant Eyewear From OTTICA

Hello Beautiful People,

Blessings to you, as always!

As many of you know, I wear contact lenses and glasses. I enjoy wearing contacts to make my eyes pop. When not wearing contacts, I am wearing my glasses to give my eyes a break. I want to make sure that my frames are just as stylish as my outfit and accessories. Usually with style comes an expensive price and that is even with vision insurance,so I am always looking for a good deal when it comes to eyeglasses.

My annual appointment to see the eye doctor was less than a month away when OTTICA asked to partner with our blog. OTTICA specializes in top-quality and affordability eyeglasses for men and women. To sweeten the deal, they offer first-time buyers a fifty percent savings on their first pair.

I really like how OTTICA set its standards for top-notch eyewear at a reasonable price that fits all budgets.
OTTICA says, “We don’t joke around when it comes to lenses: When you’ve crafted millions of lenses, as we have, you might say that it becomes second nature. However, just because it’s second nature doesn’t mean we take it for granted. We treat each and every lens with diligence — knowing that it provides you with the ability to see the world as it was meant to be seen; clear, in all its vivacity and in the highest definition.”

OTTICA sells its own brand of frames and offers many name brands that you are already familiar with — COACH,  Versace Tory Burch, Burberry, Ray Ban, and Michael Kors. Men’s and women’s frames are available in many fantastic designs and colors. Prescription sunglasses are also available to enhance your look. Or if you just want to wear the frames with no prescription, that is also an option.

Ordering glasses online maybe unfamiliar for some and and a few experience for others; but it shouldn’t be. The most important key is to make sure you get your annual eye checkup and get the prescription you need for glasses. You have the legal right to ask your ophthalmologist or optometrist to give you a written prescription for your new glasses.

I looked through the site and found a several pairs that I liked, including one from Coach that really intrigued me. I had to try these frames on – virtually, of course – to see how they looked on my face. With its ‘Try On’ feature, you can upload a photo of yourself to see how the frames would look on you. The photo below is of me trying on the Coach frames.

Eyeglass frames from Coach in Confetti

After I selected my frames, proceeded to check out. I uploaded my new prescription from my doctor. If you don’t have a written prescription, you can ask your doctor’s office to provide you with one. You also need to know your pupil distance (PD) for the frames to fit properly your face.  I didn’t include my PD on the order, however the average is 63 to 64. If you do not enter a PD with your order, the default number assigned to you is 63. Be sure to ask your doctor for your pupil distance when you have your annual checkup. After I uploaded my prescription, I selected my lenses package, which includes the features that I wanted to be included such as thickness of the lenses, antiglare, and UV protection. The are four options available and you select the option that works best for you.

I went through the last steps of check out and OTTICA offered half price on selected frames. I chose Burgundy June, seen below using the ‘Try On’ feature.

OTTICA kept me updated on the status of the order. I could go to the website and enter my order number to find out when my order was placed, when the glasses were in production, when it went to quality assurance for final inspection and when the glasses were shipped. It took only two week for the glasses arrive in my mailbox from the day they were ordered. Very good turn around time for two top-quality glasses with many extra features added on it.

I could not wait to open the box to see my stylish new glasses. The packaging is well done. The box included two pairs of eyeglasses with accompanying cases, a discount card good for my next purchase, and a cleaning cloth.



In a second post, I will unveil the eyeglasses and show how they look on me.

Stay tuned!

OTTICA offered a discount to make a purchase from its website. However, all opinions and statements are my own honest and without bias.

How Can You Develop A Real Sense Of Style?

A lot of women find themselves in a difficult situation. They often end up feeling as though they really want to embrace fashion and look good; they just don’t know how to go about doing it. After all, the world of fashion can be incredibly complicated. With trends constantly changing and things going in and out of style all of the time, it can be impossible to know where to start! However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t develop your own sense of style, it just takes a little bit more awareness than you might previously have given to your outfits. With that in mind, here are a few simple pieces of advice that can get you started on the road to developing a sense of style and fashion that is all your own.

Dress for the occasion
A lot of women simply have the same few outfits that they wear no matter what. This often makes it seem as though you simply don’t care what you wear and that you’re willing to throw on any old outfit without really thinking about it. If you want to start getting a better idea of how to dress more stylishly, then you need to start thinking about particular outfits for particular occasions. For example, the weather can change your style completely. You might buy sundresses for summer in order to stay cool in the sun, but during the fall you’d be better off with chunky knitwear and lots of layers. Not only do these outfits help you stay comfortable, but the way that they’re styled actually fits with the atmosphere of the season. This kind of thing is very simple, but it can start to help you understand how your style can adapt and change to what’s going on around you.    

Know your body
The other mistake that a lot of women make is that they end up dressing in a way that simply doesn’t work with their body type. Now, this is not to say that you shouldn’t be allowed to wear whatever you want because of course, you should! However, there are certain styles that just don’t work with certain body shapes. Some women who are curvy can’t pull off some dresses, but look amazing in things that tall, skinny women could never pull off. Knowing your body and being aware of it is incredibly important to understanding where your personal style fits.

Be confident
In the end, the clothes that you wear are only really half of the equation. The other half is all about how you wear it! As long as you hold yourself with confidence and you don’t care what anyone else thinks, then anything that you wear is going to look good on you. You could be wearing all of the most fashionable clothes in the world, but if you hold yourself in an apologetic way, then they’re never going to look right on you. However, raising your head up and standing tall is going to immediately make any outfit look a thousand times better!

FTC Disclaimer:
This is a collaborative post and may contain affiliate links.

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