Techy Girl Gadgets: Moto Z Droid…The Mods

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I thought that my iPhone was all I needed in a phone until I had the opportunity to try the Moto Z Droid and the Mod accessories; all are exclusively sold by Verizon Wireless.  When I first looked at it, I noticed that it was ultra thin and the snap-on modules transforms a regular phone into must-have technology.

The Moto Z Droid Phone:
– Very thin
-The phone has a water repellent coating to protect against against light splashes or getting a little water on it.
-32GB internal memory
-13MP camera, which rivals many point-and-shoot camera on the market
– All-day battery life — You can watch videos and Internet browsers without worrying about draining the battery.
– TheTurboPower charger gives you a quick boost of power in a short amount of time.
– The has a Ultra efficient Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 820 processor with a 5.5 inch Quad HD AMOLED display
-Faster data transfer with the latest USB-C connectivity so your regular USB will not connect to this phone.

I demoed the Moto Z Droid black/Lunar, the phone also comes in Grey and White/Fine Gold. It was fun to see how the interchangeable modules transformed the phone into various different uses. I actually miss using the versatility of this phone. Here is an overview of the different modules that are work with the Moto Z Droid.

The Interchangeable Mods really transforms this phone to elite status. Please note that the modules and the carrying case are not a part of the phone’s standard package. Each piece must be purchased separately.

1. Kate Spade new york Design Wireless Charging Battery Pack Moto Mod

Kate Spade new york Design Wireless Charging Battery Pack Moto Mod

By simply snapping on the Wireless Charger to the phone can provide an almost full charge in only 15 minutes. Another option with this charger is maintaining the phone’s charge at either 100% or 80%. It is a versatile charger that can provide a couple options that best suit your needs.

The  Kate Spade new york Wireless charging Battery Pack Moto Mod supports approximately 22 hours. Wireless means you can charge without having to attach a cord. Hands raised! I can still make calls on the phone and search through my applications while the phone is charging. The charger needs to be charged just like your phone needs to be charged, so don’t forget to pull it up on a regular basis.

2. JBL SoundBoost Moto Mod

 This is my favorite Mod out of the whole bundle that I tried. Not only was the sound great, but I really like the kickstand in the back of the JBL SoundBoost Mod. I enjoyed listening to the  YouVersion Bible App and my audiobooks at night, I would set the Moto Mod on my dresser and it would play all night. The phone can be an alarm as well. I could set it up in my work office and have classical or other music with no words playing softly in the background.

The kickstand is in the back see in the image below.

JBL SoundBoost Mod

JBL SoundBoost Mod

3. Moto Snap on Case

If you want to use the phone case you can snap that on as well. This case looks like a grey engineered wood.

Moto Z Droid Snap on Mod Case

4. Hasselblad True Zoom Camera Mod

Like all smart phones on the market, the Moto Z Droid includes a camera. However, if you want to take it to another level the Hasselblad True Zoom Camera Mod. It has a 10x optical zoom, physical shutter and Xenon flash. This Mod simply snaps on the back and I was ready to start taking pictures. The phone literally morphed into a camera.

In the picture is the Hasselblad True Zoom Camera Mod and the Moto Z Droid. They simply snap together and it’s a camera/phone.

Hasselblad True Zoom Camera Mod

Hasselblad True Zoom Camera Mod

Here are some pictures taken with the phone.

Projector Mod

5. Motorola Insta-Share Projector
The Motorola Insta-Share Projector great mod piece if you do presentations and you do not necessarily take a heavy load of equipment with you. I could see Teachers, Professors, students using this mod because it’s so portable.
I projected the image of my Youtube channel on a wall. You can adjust the focus to the level you want and its very simple.  The projector mod snaps onto the phone and the screen comes on and ready to go.  There’s a slider for focus and the back flip out stand. I highly recommend this projector mod.

Here’s a more close up look at the crispness.

And you know there has be a case to put the mods in. The case is a separate cost, the mods fit snug as a rug and makes the pieces portable.

The Moto Z Droid phones and mods gives many options to enjoy and the ways you can use the phone with the mods are endless. The mods and the case do not come with the phone so if you do not want all of the pieces there are options to choose which mods you want. The prices vary depending on the mod you want.

FTC Disclaimer:
Verizon Wireless provided us with these items to demo and write a review. Bubbling with Elegance and Grace did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. All opinions are our own.

Last Minute Holiday Gift Goodies From Verizon

Hi Beautiful People,

Christmas is right around the corner. It’s countdown time.
Are you still pondering what to get that mother-in-law and father-in-law who has everything? Do you not know what to get your niece who is in college?
Well let JTwisdom and Jay, with the help of Verizon Wireless, find the perfect gift. You do not need to know anyone’s ring or shoe size.

Do they like to listen to music? Do they want to feel like they are the only person in the room while they are listening to music?

My top gift selection of the season is the Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones. I have to get myself a pair. They are that good. You have to experience the superb sound quality and the comfort to believe it.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones

The Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones are perfect for listening to your favorite tunes or inspirational messages. The range of the wireless connection was great. You could go from one room to the other without any sound interruption.

  • Superior noise-cancelling technology for better audio, enhanced sound blocking
  • Connect easily to wireless devices via Bluetooth® and NFC pairing
  • Up to 20 hours of wireless listening per charge

*Disclaimer:The Bose QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones were out of stock on Verizon’s website when I demoed them. Hopefully they will be in stock soon. You could check to see if the headphones are available in a Verizon store near you.

My second top gift selection is the Pixel, the Google phone teamed with the Daydream View.

The Pixel is the first phone created by Google and is causing quite a stir in the tech community and for good reasons.
To name a few:

  • Slick Design and comes in Quite Black, Very Silver or Really Blue
  • Storage 32GB or 128GB capacity. This phone has smart storage so you will never have a message that says your storage is full.  Once you set it up you Smart storage it will let Pixel know when you need to free up space for extra storage.
  • Google Assistant -Ask to a question or tell it to do things for you. Reminds me of Siri that you would use on your iPhone.
  • The photo images taken with the phone are very clear and video quality is nice.
  • Charge phone for 15 minutes and it gives 7 hours of battery life only if it’s plugged into the wall outlet.
  • Setup for Daydream view

Pixel, Phone By Google

Daydream view VR
Which is a higher technology marvel and makes the View finder of yesterday really look like a child’s toy.

Daydream View

Hubby really enjoyed the Daydream View which is a headset and remote controller by Google that takes you virtually into museum art galleries, go swimming with the dolphins, jump from a helicopter, learn how to surf a wave, and visit the Taj Majal, and go 360 degree journeys around the world. Jumping from the helicopter was a doozy. You really have to make sure you sit down at all times you are using this device. You can even play a few games, the collections are growing and you can watch Youtube videos or movies.

I don’t know if its my head, wearing glasses or what, but when I would first put on the headset it felt fine. However after a few minutes I would feel the viewer sliding down the front of my face.  I would hold the front of the viewer to be able to see clearly through it. Once I took the viewer off and adjusted it again I was okay. I could only play for 45 minutes because the headset would get heavy on me and the phone would get hot, and battery would go from fully charged to 40 percent. I needed to stop and let it cool down and recharge it.

If you do not have a Daydream ready-phone, it will not work with the Viewer. If you don’t have the Pixel, Phone by Google, please see the full list of compatible phones here.  *Daydream-ready phones are built for VR with high-resolution displays, ultra-smooth graphics and high-fidelity sensors for precise head tracking.

The Boise QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones, Pixel, Phone by Google, and the Daydream View VR would be wonderful gifts for the techy person on your list for gift giving this Christmas or however you celebrate the holidays this season.

FTC Disclaimer:
Verizon Wireless provided us with these items to demo and write a review. We did not receive any monetary compensation for this review. All opinions are our own.


Hi Beautiful People,

I was invited to attend a #MOTOZFASHIONNIGHT BY #VERIZON, at Laurie Solet. The Laurie Solet store was closed to the public for this special event. I found out more about the new New Moto Z Device and accessories; available exclusively to Verizon Wireless. I also was able to learn about Verizon’s Hopeline program.

It was an awesome night and I had the privilege of meeting the Verizon representatives in person, and seeing some familiar faces and a great group of bloggers who blog about various genres from Fashion to mom-hood.


Motorola Droid Z

The Moto Z Droid Phone is one of the thinnest phones I have seen and very lightweight. Verizon representative, Megan gave a demonstration of how to use the phone. The Moto Z has a battery that can last a full day and includes the turbo drive charge that can charge your phone for eight hours of use in only fifteen minutes.  The snap on interchangeable Moto Mods that attach to convert the phone into a projector and speaker.

Moto Droid Z

Moto Droid Z

I was amazed how the Moto Droid Z projected the image onto the screen up to 70 feet. I can envision friends and family showing photo galleries at get-togethers. It could also be used for presentations at work if the presentation was downloaded on your phone.If I get the opportunity to try out the phone and the snap mods I will do an in-depth detailed review on my blog.



 The night included some great shopping, I and the other bloggers received a Laurie Solet gift card. The store has beautiful women’s apparel and jewelry that are perfect for fall and winter. The designs are from local designers and the styles are relaxed and laid back.



What I thought was most important was learning more about Verizon’s Hopeline program. Megan gave a presentation that shared some of the Hopeline facts. If you have old cell phones or devices, Verizon will collect them and either give them to people in need or recycle them an a environmental manner.


Did you see in the chart that 1 in 4 Women, 1 in 9 men, and more than 3 million children are affected by domestic violence in the USA.

Please watch William Gay’s story.

The color purple represents Domestic Violence Awareness month. In the gift bags were the Mophie power station charger and a pair of LG Tone Pro headphones.


On each box of a Verizon purple product for Domestic Violence Awareness Month reads:



“Support victims and survivors of domestic violence by going purple. For every purple product purchased for Domestic Violence Awareness Month , Verizon- through its HopeLine program will make a $3 donation to Camp Hope America. Your purple purchase will help victims and their children gain access to valuable services to help them heal, survive and thrive.”

Thank you Verizon for inviting me to this event. Great opportunity to learn and support Domestic Awareness Month.

JTwisdom signature

JTwisdom received a Laurie Solet gift card for attending the event; and a Mophie Powerstation and the LG TonePRO in the gift bag in exchange for writing about the Hopeline Program. This blog is my honest and heartfelt review of the event.

Is the iPad Pro (9.7 inch) Right For You?

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Blessings to you!
Recently, I was leisurely spending a Saturday afternoon reading an e-book on my iPad2, when suddenly a pop-up window comes up saying that my storage was full. Super Big Bummer! When that menu appears, I have to do an overview of what I have on my iPad, from the apps, to music and photos. I have to look through everything and delete what is taking up too much space, or delete apps that I don’t need or use any more. Why do you have to do that you say?  Glad you asked! Because my iPad2 has only 16GB of storage and anything over 12GB is too much if I have to do an update on the operating system. Unfortunately, that is my only option I have at the moment.

For about three weeks, Verizon Wireless provided me with an opportunity to demo the new iPad Pro (9.7 inch) with 32GB of memory. I wanted to demo a iPad with at least 32GB to see if made a difference and that I wouldn’t be seeing that annoying pop-up menu and more.

The moment I took the new iPad Pro out of the box, I noticed a difference. The iPad Pro 9.7″ is thinner and slightly smaller than my iPad 2. It is almost light as a feather, weighing at just one pound on our scale; while officially Apple notes that the weight is 15.36 ounces – about the same. The iPad Pro 9.7″, protected in a case, will easily fit into a medium to large purse or tote. There is no concern that this tablet will weigh you down.

iPAD PRO jpg

Weighing in at just one pound, this iPad Pro delivers a powerful punch.

I really enjoy the iPad Pro. Can’t you tell from my expression on my face? Can you see that the iPad Pro is smaller than the case my iPad2 fit in? Again, lighter and thinner, simply genius.

JT not wanting to give the iPAD Pro back after the demo period had ended.

With 32GB of memory, I have sufficient storage to keep all the apps that I want on the tablet, without having to delete any of them when a new update is needed to the operating system. I added several more new apps and still had enough storage to add my music and photos. In addition to the fun things that the iPad can do (music, Siri, photos, and videos), I also have my brain apps to challenge my mind. When my hubby and I bought the iPad2, we thought that 16GB would be enough storage; but we soon found out that this was not the case. And now, the new iPad Pro doesn’t even come in a 16GB option. I guess Apple knows that 16GB is way too little since the operating system continually eats away at the storage amount.

Brain Games on the iPad Pro. It’s not all fun and games for me.

It amazes me that a device so small and so lightweight can deliver with such powerful capabilities. If you have never experience the joy of using an iPad, I recommend that you give this one a try. From the 12MP built in camera,  to the 10 hour battery, to the  newest Retina Display,  to Garageband already installed this iPad does not disappoint. But I was a little (okay a lot) disappointed when I had to return the iPad Pro back to Verizon. I definitely will be in the market to purchase the new iPad Pro with the 32GB or more storage space. And then I won’t have to be struggling with my current iPad and seeing which app I need to delete when the new updates are ready to be installed.

JTwisdom signature

Verizon Wireless provided <> with an iPad Pro (9.7 inches) to demo for 21 days in order to write this review. I did not receive any monetary compensation to write this review or gifted an iPad Pro. All opinions stated in this review are strictly my own and not that of Apple or Verizon Wireless.

STLFW Spring 2015 Runway Shows At Union Station

Yigal Azrouël, Tess Giberson & Timo Weiland Runway Shows At Saint Louis Union Station
for Saint Louis Fashion Week

This Fashion Show at St. Louis Union Station featured a multitude of fashion lovers coming out to support designers showcasing their latest designs.
The models looked very young and the size range maybe a double-zero to four.  Hopefully, in the future, we can see models who represent women who are a variety of sizes and shapes.

The designers showed a variety of designs that were edgy, yet fun and elegant at the same time.

 Yigal Azrouël

This design of the dress below is fresh. I could wear itt to church, work, or out on the town with my hubby. This look is feminine and rocker at the same time.

Photo by Mark Schwigen for ALIVE Magazine.

Photo by Mark Schwigen for ALIVE Magazine.

This look can go from runway to everyday by adding a black tank or rayon/silk turtleneck underneath and adding a leather or corduroy jacket. Add tights and boots for a cool and fresh look.

Photo by Mark Schwigen for ALIVE Magazine.

Photo by Mark Schwigen for ALIVE Magazine.

Spring 2015  Yigal Azrouël Video

Tess Giberson

Feminine and glamorous at the same time.


Photo by Mark Schwigen for ALIVE Magazine.

The dress below is a very pretty look. It would be flattering on women of all shapes and sizes. A belt could be added to cinch in the waist and would give a completely different vibe to the outfit.

Photo by Mark Schwigen for ALIVE Magazine.

Photo by Mark Schwigen for ALIVE Magazine.

Timo Weiland

The designer and DJ made a splash with color blocking and bold prints, creating sharp looks. I can see putting a blouse underneath the crop top and adding a blue or khaki blazer.


Photo by Mark Schwigen for ALIVE Magazine.

Bold color blocking for men with stripe-print paints.

Photo by Mark Schwigen for ALIVE Magazine.

Photo by Mark Schwigen for ALIVE Magazine.

The night was awesome and everyone came out to support fashion in Saint Louis. They announced that over 1,000 people attended the show. Wow! What great support from the Fashion Community.



I felt a little self-conscious because I did not know what to expect. This was my first runway show / fashion show. I decided to wear a pink, blue and white color-block dress. I choose red ballerina wedges because it coordinated with the dress and was an unexpected choice.

JT in colorblocking

JT in colorblocking Dress

JTwisdom signature

STLFW: 2014 Midwest Fashion Conference

JT at Fashion Conference in front of Steinberg Hall

JT at Fashion Conference in front of Steinberg Hall attended the Midwest Fashion Conference on Saturday. This informative conference gave fresh perspectives on how Saint Louis can become a fashion destination.  My hubby and I work near Washington University, where the conference was going on. So, we decided to walk from our job’s parking lot to the University. When we arrived, we were trying to get in — literally looking in the door — and could not get in the glass doors. No one got up and opened the doors to let us in. We had to walk back to ask the greeter how to get in. She said that we would have to knock for them to let us in.
When we all walked up the steps, someone opened the door for us to let get in. It turns out that we were trying to get in the back doors of the hall. The entrance was actually on the other side of the building; but still when we stood at the doors with everyone looking at us; but no one got up to open the doors for us.

It is ironic this happened because Fern Mallis, creator of NYC Fashion Week, spoke to people who want to break into the fashion industry. Her number one suggestion was “Be nice!” because you will encounter and have to work with various different people from all walks of life.

The first session of the day was Saint Louis Fashion Fund Presents: Fashion as a Civic Agenda

The panelists included Fern Mallis  (Creator of NYFW), Stan Herman (Renowned Fashion Designer and Former President of CFDA), Gary Wassener (CEO, Hilldun Corporation), Derek Blasberg (Editor-at-Large, Harper’s Bazaar), and Timo Weiland (Designer).

Fern Mallis

Fern Mallis

Fern Mallis, Founder of NYC Fashion Week, introduced the panel.


Panelists (Left to Right): Stan Herman, Gary Wassner, Derek Blasberg, Timo Weiland, Fern Mallis

It was so interesting to hear in person from Stan Herman and Fern Mallis how NYC Fashion Week started and what it took to raise the funds for this event. I have seen videos with Stan Herman talk about how NYC Fashion Week started, so it really means a lot to hear him in this forum.  To hear Fern Mallis talk about how she had to get on the phone and call Anna Wintour and other corporations to get  NYC Fashion Week started.  Reaping the knowledge of Gary Wassner who has worked with Betsy Johnson for years discuss how he helps designers regarding financing.

Can St. Louis have a better focus on Fashion?

The focus for St. Louis is to keep the local talent here where they will not want to get their break in NYC they want to stay here. One of the key factors was to engage the local financial community such as the banks.

Bring Production Back to The US!

Fashion Designer, Timo Weiland, discussed how he has been able to bring his production back to NYC from Asia.You can have a tighter handle on quality control in NYC. Gary Wassner discussed how by having your production in the US it gives designers an upper handle on having their designs to be first on the floor of a store and not last.

On a side note I have seen Stan Herman on QVC selling his designs of lounge sleepwear, I have a leopard robe of his, and he’s working in collaboration with Carol Hoffman amongst the major provider for uniforms. It was such a treat to see him.  I was this close.


Tie Designer w Fern Mallis and Stan Herman

TAO Designer with Fern Mallis and Stan Herman

BUTIK Vendors were showing a wide array of designs.


Fern Mallis’s main point was to BE NICE! Make friends and be sincere, have passion – and work hard. Talk about fashion in St. Louis locally and get noticed nationally.  The profile will raise as the industry raises. St. Louis had been a fashion destination with the Garment District downtown, but if everyone gets involved and puts a plan in place, it can make steps to grow fashion in the area.

Ideas of creating tag-lines and posting images downtown to start branding are all great ideas but we have to start somewhere.

Is St. Louis Ready to be the next Fashion Destination?

Fashion a Community In St. Louis

Fashion a Community In St. Louis

A town-hall discussion featuring above local civic and cultural leaders, moderated by Jill McGuire (Executive Director, Regional Arts Commission). Panelists include Jerry Schlicheter, president of Arch Grants; Kitty Ratcliffe, president of the St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission (CVC) and Mobin Kahn, director of economic development and research at the Downtown St. Louis Partnership.

The beginning got pretty hot because Ms. Ratcliffe said that not everyone in New York is not fashionable; but it’s still considered a fashion city.  Why did she say that? Fern Mallis corrected her and said that NYC is the Fashion Capital of the World. Ms. Ratcliffe than said she didn’t mean that and that she meant more like Brooklyn (paraphrasing).  Stop now.  Fern Mallis said Brooklyn has become one of the most expensive places to live now. Kitty said okay I will give you that one and the session started moving on.

The focus of this session discussed the creation of a Fashion Incubator in Saint Louis that helps designers get their start, have a business mentor, show them how to create a business plan and get their business off of the ground.

The key is to keep the momentum growing and create that marketing PR campaign and create a steering committee.

The audience was heavily involved in both discussions and are very pro-active that Fashion is St. Louis.

After lunch, three sessions were geared to Professional Development.

— The Art of Storytelling in Fashion: A look at impactful styling, photography and narration for brands and blogs.
— Brand Smart: Brainy Solutions for Creating Your Marketing Plan
— The Business of Fashion: A Look at Entrepreneurship in the Fashion & Lifestyle Space.

The panelists in these sessions discussed a wide range of topics, including blogging tips, how to create your niche, how stick with it, how to take quality photographs and how to be true to being you because your followers/readers can tell.

Professional Development

The Art of Storytelling in Fashion

The sessions in the afternoon made me think about my blog and how to focus more on social media presence.


The Business of Fashion

JTwisdom signature

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