ME Chic Permanent Hair Reduction Device

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Today was the cool day of the week on the weather report. But with the temperature topping out at 90 degrees and a heat index of 97, still still hot! But I am not complaining.

I have been looking for a hair removal device for my underarms. As soon as I shave under my arms, the hair comes right back in only two to three days.

I did not want to try waxing (OUCH!) and the epilator that I had tried before was not that great of quality (DOUBLE OUCH!!). I had seen other devices on the market, but they were not for people with darker skin tones; which I never quite understood completely. And in addition, some of these devices cost up to three hundred dollars or more. I saw a demonstration for the ME Chic. I considered this device as a great one to try because it works on all skin tones and hair colors; is FDA approved, it cost under two hundred dollars and came with an unconditional 90 day return policy to see if you like it.

ME Chic Permanent Hair Reduction device

Not much hair grows on my legs or on my arms; so the main area that I wanted to test was under the arms.

Below is a video on how to use it. It seems pretty simple. Just turn it on and every time the light blinks; I move to a different location. The company claims that it will take about seven weeks to see a noticeable difference, thus the reason for the 90 day trial.

After ninety days, I will be back with a full review.


Wave Bye-Bye to Breakouts

Breakouts. Nobody likes them, but unless you’re one of the lucky few who seem to have been blessed with perfect genes, they’re a part of life or are they? Although there is no 100 percent guaranteed way to ensure that you never get a breakout again, it’s fair to say that health and diet play a huge part in skin health and getting them under control could see you wave bye-bye to breakouts once and for all!

Sound good? Here are some simple things you can do to (hopefully) banish breakouts from your life:

Cleanse Gently
We all know that cleansing is a vital part of maintaining healthy, clear skin, but it’s important that you implement a gentle cleansing routine if you want to avoid breakouts. In fact, if you can, cleanse with natural ingredients like honey, water, and coconut oil to avoid damaging your skin. You should also aim to cleanse no more than twice a day because doing so any more than that could cause your skin to produce too much oil resulting in pimples.

Tone with Vinegar
Toning with apple cider vinegar every morning and just before bed will help your skin to maintain its natural pH levels, which means that it will be much healthier and less likely to suffer from breakouts. This works because apple cider vinegar is filled with potassium, magnesium and a number of other ingredients which fight bacteria on the skin.

Take L-Lysine
If you want to avoid breakouts, promote healthy glowing skin and stop cold sores from forming (if you’re susceptible to them) using l-lysine daily, in supplement form will really help you out. Studies have shown that the supplement is fantastic for curing and reducing the recurrence of cold sores rapidly and great at fighting acne. Some studies even suggest taking it regularly could reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, although more research needs to be done in that area.

Eat Healthy

As I mentioned earlier, healthy skin, at least in part, comes down to our diet. So, if you want to banish breakouts for good, you may need to clean up your diet. If you’re eating a lot of fatty junk foods and sugary snacks, these will be causing your insulin levels to spike, which really isn’t good for your skin. By cutting down on these foods and upping your intake of fresh fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens, you should notice your skin becoming brighter and clearer in a matter of weeks. Keep eating healthy, and it will stay that way.

Hydrate with Healing Face Masks
Hydration is very important to the skin, so as well as drinking plenty of water each day, you should ideally apply a healing face mask at least twice a week. If you can, making your own from natural ingredients like yogurt, avocados, and honey will get you the best results, but buying a store bought mask is better than not applying a mask at all.

Gentle Exfoliation
If you want to avoid blackheads and zits, then getting rid of your dead skin is a must. Exfoliating regularly will clear out your pores and expose your fresh, radiant skin, but you need to do it gently and not too often if you don’t want to damage your skin. Making your own exfoliator with brown sugar and coconut oil is a good way to minimize the impact of exfoliating, while maximizing its benefits. Unless you have very bad skin, exfoliating 2-3 times a week should be more than enough.

Treat with Tea Tree Oil
If, despite your best efforts, a spot does appear on your otherwise perfect skin, treating it with a few drops of tea tree oil mixed with a teaspoon of coconut or jojoba oil should see an instant improvement and get rid of the problem as quickly as possible.

Banish Bacteria with Basil

Basil Oil — Image source

Both sweet and holy basil essential oils have been found to be effective at fighting acne that is caused by bacteria on the skin. In fact, it is better than most of the products you’ll find in the store. So, taking herbal basil tea daily, and perhaps even adding a few drops of the oil to your moisturizer (and you should moisturize twice daily for best results), might be enough to help you wave goodbye to your acne once and for all.

I hope some of these breakouts banishing tips work for you. Do let me know how effective they were if you try any of them for yourself.

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Essential Tips to Get a Healthy and Younger Looking Skin

Can any of you find a single woman who does not want a glowing skin? Of course, this is going to be the daunting challenge as, somehow, all women on this planet hunt for attaining a flawless skin. But, why getting a radiant skin texture sometimes seems too much to ask for? Trying to take care of the skin is like a never-ending battle as dark circles, zits, pigmentation, dermatitis, warts, pimples, and blackheads etc. are quite common these days. So, before it’s too late, take proper care of your skin.

Taking care of your skin does not always mean that you have to include different synthetic products in your beauty regime. The truth is that you neither have to spend an exorbitant amount on products nor you need to change your way of life completely to have a healthy and clear complexion. What you need are some little changes in your everyday schedule which will surely help you to achieve that perfect skin which you’ve always envisioned for.

Simple Ways to Get a Clear & Glowing Skin

Though, there are hundreds of ways for resolving the skin problems. Here, we are glad to introduce you with some of the specific and most effective solutions which are ideal for attaining a healthy and glowing skin. Let’s find them out…

Start Intake of Nutritious and Fiber Rich Diet:

There is a popular saying that everything healthy begins from your eating routine. Stomach related problems also result in skin impurities which mean that eating routine is truly essential for attaining a healthy skin texture. Taking micronutrients and essential vitamins is proven to be highly beneficial for a clearer skin. Sustenance for shining skin should be precisely chosen natural protein foods such as fish, nuts and white meat, grains like buckwheat, brown rice and quinoa, vegetables like broccoli, tomato and beets.

Drink Plenty Of Water:

As we all know that there are numerous health benefits of drinking water. Gleaming skin tips are incomplete without the incorporation of this essential point. One of the best advantages of drinking water is to help your skin to sanitize the impurities. Water cleanses the body and wipes out the harmful toxins and waste. It hydrates the body and evacuates excess oils and dirt.

Try Argan Oil

The highly fascinating Argan Oil has the ability to restore and revitalize the damaged skin. It heals, repairs and leaves a radiant skin. Argan oil is enriched with potent antioxidant properties which are proven helpful in demolishing the free radicals. It penetrates your skin to the deep for replacing the dead skin cells with the new ones which offers a radiant skin tone, a more healthy looking texture, and a subtle glow.

Get Your Every Day Measurements of Vitamin C:

For attaining flawless skin texture, vitamins are quite important, especially vitamin C, which is the key to attain a shining and even complexion skin texture. So, consume as much vitamin C as you can. The reason is that it will not only help you to render an even skin complexion but it will also eliminate various skin problems.

So, these are some of the essential tips which you need to consider upon for attaining a flawless skin texture. However, it is advisable to buy Argan Oil from an authentic online store to make the most of this oil. Now, which way you will go to attain a young-looking and healthy skin. Let us know in the comment section.


Author Bio

Abhinav Kumar Singh is a renowned aromatherapist and essential oil educator with 8 years of professional expertise. His passion is to help others by sharing crucial information about aromatherapy, information, usage and tips from essential oils and allied natural extracts. He has been advocating about the benefits of natural essential oils through writing and speeches to reach out thousands of persons through his blogs, articles, and speeches. Find more of his works at Apart from this, he loves travelling to new places and spending time in his backyard.

Tackle Your Teeth: Because You Deserve To Smile

Smiling is one of life’s pleasures. If you’re feeling down, a smile can lift your mood. If you’re already happy, it can elevate you. Not to mention that it shows people your shining personality! We all warm more to someone when they’re smiling. Of course, some people don’t have smiley dispositions, and that’s fine. If you want to smile, but don’t, there may be an underlying problem. That’s right – we’re talking teeth! We all want to feel great about our appearance. But, many factors can stop us achieving that goal. Insecurity about our teeth is one of them. So, how can you overcome the fear and start smiling again?

Picture Credit

When there’s something we don’t like about our bodies, we can spend a lot of time avoiding it. But, if you don’t recognize what is you don’t like about your teeth, you won’t know how to fix them. When you’re home alone,stand in front of a mirror and give yourself a grin. Look carefully at your teeth. This may seem strange if you’ve never done it, but it’s important. Acknowledge your initial reaction. How do you feel about what you see? What is it that most puts you off about your teeth? Doing this also has the benefit of getting you used to seeing your teeth. With a bit of luck, you’ll realize they aren’t so bad after all. If you still can’t stand the sight of them, it’s time to take action.


Picture Credit

Dental work isn’t cheap. Even simple work can set you back a fair bit. That’s why it’s important you don’t jump into anything. Yes, you need to book an appointment with your dentist. But, don’t follow what they suggest straight out. Listen to what they have to say, then talk about payment plans. It’s also worth looking into individual dental plans. These could make a huge difference. If none of this appeals, you could discuss pacing the work. Bear in mind, though, that it could be a while before you have a winning smile that way.

Whether you have work done straight away or not, it’s time to lose the shame you feel about your gnashers. If you’re having work incrementally, practice smiling anyway. You can rest easy that your teeth will be the way you want them soon. But, there’s no time like the present for perfecting your smile. Even if you’ve had all necessary work, you may find it hard to smile! Practice smiling in the mirror. Grow used to your teeth. Acknowledge, too, that no one will be as hard on your teeth as you!

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All that work will go to waste if you don’t stay on top of your dental hygiene. Get yourself a high-quality toothbrush, and make sure you brush at least twice a day. Invest, too, in flossing equipment. Food caught between teeth often causes problems! Keeping on top of things will avoid staining and further problems!

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Feel Beautiful! How To Feel Great About Your Appearance

Sometimes when you look at yourself in the mirror, it’s hard to feel enthusiastic about the person who’s looking back at you. It’s strange to see ourselves gaining weight and wrinkles as we age – we still feel seventeen inside, so what’s up with our reflections telling us something completely different? The truth is that as our appearances change as we get older, we have to develop new and healthier relationships with ourselves. Here are some tips on how to achieve that…

Invest In A New Wardrobe

Image source

One of the best things about getting older is that you’ll almost invariably be earning more money. No one’s saying that you should go out and blow an entire month’s salary on a new dress, but at the same time, if you haven’t invested in clothes for a while then what’s stopping you? There are new rules to remember as you get older, though. Firstly, focus more on classic pieces than you used to. That doesn’t mean old lady clothes – on the contrary, look out for clothes that fit you well and that are high quality. You want to spend a little more and invest in clothes that will last for a long time. Above all else, you need a great coat that will carry you through the whole winter – go for a navy overcoat. Good quality leather boots and handbags will also get you through any social occasion.

Discover The World Of Skincare And Beauty

Image source

If you’ve never been into makeup and skincare, then chances are it seems like a completely baffling and possibly pointless world to you. Some people will never be into eyeliner – and that’s absolutely okay. But if you are, it’s time to get a richer moisturizer with a high SPF to put on underneath your makeup to protect your delicate skin from the sun. Make sure you moisturize your neck, your hands and your décolletage as well as your face. Go for more neutral makeup – get a good quality eye-shadow palette in shades of brown that you can wear every day. You want a few good matte shades along with a couple of shimmers for extra sparkle in the evenings.

Get Fit And Healthy

Image source

There’s nothing that makes you feel younger and better than being in good shape. As you age, your metabolism changes and a lot of us find that we end up gaining weight if we eat the same amount of junk at thirty that we did at twenty. Ditch the mac and cheese, and go for home cooked meals instead, containing plenty of lean protein and leafy greens. Ditch the store bought sauces with their high levels of sugar, and make your own after thoroughly investigating recipes online and the state of your spice rack. If you’ve never done any exercise, now is absolutely the time to start! Get going by walking around the block a couple of times a day, and gradually progress to running. If you’ve got a bit of spare cash, go to the gym and ask a personal trainer for advice.


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Get a Fresh Look

Exhaustion starts showing on our faces after a while. And in today’s hectic lives, it is no wonder that we see so many dull and tired faces around. Making your body feel and look better is a great way to make your mental health better too. So here are ways to keep you looking fresh and glowing all day long:

  1. Use sunscreen – This point cannot be stressed on enough. Sunscreen protects your skin from sun damage and keeps it looking young.
  1. Take shorter showers – Long hot showers can strip your skin of its natural oils, so make sure you take warm showers of shorter duration every day instead .
  1. Eat healthy – A healthy diet is essential for healthy skin. Eat foods rich in antioxidants to keep your skin soft and supple. Eat foods like tomatoes, spinach, berries, tangerines and apricots.
  1. Sleep – A healthy adult needs 7-8 hours of sleep in a day. If you have slept just four hours in the past 24 hours, you are bound to look sleep deprived. Get enough sleep; it’s called ‘beauty sleep’ for a reason after all!

    A good pillow will help you get a good night’s sleep.

  1. Carry a compact – A compact will make your skin appear clearer and prevent oils from showing on your skin. Compacts are great for achieving a clear bright glow.
  1. Stay relaxed – If you work too much, it will start showing on your face. Take some time off from your busy schedule for yourself. Try to make it as enjoyable and interesting as possible. A great way to do it is to play bingo online.

With the days getting busier, looking our best gets hard. But keep these tips in mind and it will become a lot easier.

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