So in the summer, a lot of us like to buy tickets to any music festival we can find, and then have a good time surrounded by ravers, misheard lyrics, and those cheap cups of beer. It’s a great summer experience to have, but the fact that all the festivals are crammed together whilst the sun streams overhead often means we’re sweaty, uncomfortable, and there’s no time. So why not bring the party to your own living room? For the autumn, just before Halloween rocks up and we’re lost to the spooky skeletons in our backyards, hold your own music festival to bring family and friends together for a taste of the warm summer. Here’s a few ideas how!

Use Karaoke to Good Effect
Karaoke means we can all have a good sing along with our mates, or make fun of them for picking a stupid tune or missing a particularly hard high note. Let everyone who attends get the chance to act like a real popstar and have a karaoke machine behind a curtain.

Set up a microphone and mini stage in the corner of the room by cordoning off an area usually by the windows. This can be done with some different coloured carpet, which you can get cheaply via places such as Amazon, or with some rope or wire you have in a shed. Similarly, use fairy lights to good effect and drape them over your cordoning material to give the atmosphere that real flowery aesthetic.

Try Out a Taste of the Vintage
There’s nothing like a bit of 60s crooning to remind you of the stereotypical ‘summer of love’ vibe that’s resurging recently. Why not use some vinyls to induce this feeling in your party? Literally everybody will enjoy thinking back on the top hot pop star of the period, and that David Bowie track is timeless!

Try using vinyl records to have a quiet or jazzy spell in between the big numbers you’ve got lined up. If you don’t have a record player, that’s fine! Vinyl players are more popular than ever, so check out the internet for where to buy them. When it comes to knowing what turntable you might need to invest in, as there’s quite a few differences amongst brands, you can read everything on this page as a handy guide.

Serve at Your Own Bar
Use your kitchen as the catering area of the festival, but without any of the mess. Set up your own bar with either collapsible tables or a breakfast nook if you’re lucky to have one. Them mix together whatever cocktails people like, and there’ll be plenty of drink available to sneak some in between customers.

Print out tokens the night before and hand then out to guests when they arrive, and have your own bona fide economy system! Just like an oscars themed party, but a little more fun!

Hold on to a little of that summer loving this fall season with your own music festival.

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