Hello Wonderful People!

I pray your week has been great so far!
My wife and I are taking part in a 21 day fast with our church.
We are praying and fasting, believing God for supernatural breakthroughs in our life.

One area of our life in which we consistently have on our prayer agenda is for divine health and healing.

1 Peter 2:24 (NKJV) – via YouVersion

Everyday, in our prayer time, we confess healing scriptures over our life. We confess a long life, walking in total divine health and free of all sickness and disease. We confess this over our ourselves, our family and friends, and our doggies as well. We want anyone we know and love to live a long and abundant life.

One of those scriptures which we profess each day is 1 Peter 2:24. This is a foundational scripture that everyone needs to be confessing over their life. In this scripture, we see that Jesus Christ has already bore (taken) our sickness when he went to the cross for us. When He died on the cross, our sins were forgiven and our sicknesses were healed. We just stand in faith to receive it. We know that Jesus can and will heal any sickness or disease that Satan tries to use against us. We have seen many miraculous signs of healing in our life. And we know that many more miracles are our way.

If you are needing prayer in your life for healing, please let us know in the comment section below. We will stand in agreement with you for your complete healing and total restoration of your life; In Jesus Name.

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