The engagement is an important component to marriage as it signifies the intentions of both parties to the proposed union by marriage. Traditionally, rings are exchanged for the engagement, and designs are many, yet the antique look is always there or thereabouts, and with single stone arrangements, greens and blues are very popular in 2017. Here is a brief overview of some of the more popular antique designs with engagement rings this summer.

  • Edwardian Style – Bathed in intricacy and elegance, an Edwardian engagement ring uses many tiny coloured gemstones, and if you are looking for such a design, you can purchase quality antique diamond rings at Kalmar Antiques, the leading online antique engagement ring retailer, and with so many to choose from, your unique selection will reflect the occasion perfectly. Platinum and, of course, diamonds are used extensively in Edwardian designs, and with oval or heart shapes, the ring has a real look of elegance about it.
  • The Art Deco Era – The 1920 -30 period saw a radical change in ring shape, with the newer designs reflecting the smart, compact architecture of that period, and geometric shapes with the clever use of black diamonds. Clean cut lines and varying stone sizes make this era a popular choice with modern women, and with opals and onyx, colours can be abound. If you would like to browse some trendy engagement ring designs that are to be seen this year, there are useful lists of fashionable ring designs you can find online.
  • Post-Depression Engagement Rings – The glamour and grandeur of the early 20th century designs gave way to more practical concepts, with less expensive stones being favoured, and although the trend was still for clean lines, dreamy ovals and pear shaped amber clusters made for a colourful and romantic design.
  • The Post War Era – This was the time when the angular geometric shapes were left behind, to be replaced by circular and oval clusters, with rubies making a comeback. Modern solutions take the effort from selecting an engagement ring, and rather than spending a weekend scouring the jewellery stores, a few hours of Internet browsing is a far nicer alternative, and with online retailers, you can find lower than retail prices for top quality pieces.
  • The Swinging Sixties – The 1950 – 60 period saw the arrival of stacked engagement rings, made famous by Audrey Hepburn, and this was the time for gold and entwined rings, reflecting the dramatic changes in fashion that transformed a traditional society in one of rebellion. Diamonds were still fashionable, and with tiny stone sizes and creative clusters, the trend moved towards individuality and uniqueness.

Engagement rings come in many shapes and designs, and with the current trend staying with the elegant periods of the pre-war years, there are many exciting and unique rings to be found with online suppliers, and with your partner, you can browse in the comfort of your own home before selecting something ideal for this very special occasion.

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