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Thank you for visiting Bubbling with Elegance and Grace, a life and style blog.
If you are interested in forming an advertisement partnership,
please refer to the following details.

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Product Reviews
In accordance with FTC requirements, we will disclose that we received the product at no cost or at a discounted price. We will disclose if any monetary compensation was received and we will give our honest opinion.

Sponsored Posts
A sponsored post includes links to a secondary website. For inclusion on our blog, we must need the following conditions be met.
* We reserve the right to review and edit the article to ensure that it is written in our voice.
* All articles must be 100% unique to our blog and not be shared with any other website or blog.
* The topic of the article must be related to the topics that we write about on the blog.
* All articles must include “promotional content” or a mutually agreed upon phrase at the end of the article.
Please email us for current rates.

Banner / Sidebar Advertisements
All advertisements must be related to the blog’s topics and content.Please email us for current rates.

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